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All possible care must be taken, that we hold that faith which has been believed everywhere, always, by all.
However, the phrase persists in being most often used in the contemporary debate over LGBT inclusion in various church traditions. There’s myriad problems with this scenario (see previous article, main points below).
First, claiming “historic Christianity” is not an easily definable task. Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and Protestants are far apart on a great many issues, both in their history and today. Second, referring to the dissenting voices from the majority opinion as “a re-imagined church” is a ridiculous claim from a historical perspective. And yet it is troublesome to this argument that, at times, Jesus did seem to care more about morality and right action than right belief. Maybe our call today is to draw out the historic Christian teachings of hospitality, charity, love for God and neighbor, and the ever-widening circle of God’s love for people of all genders, identities, orientations, ethnicities, and other markers of the human condition. A Christian can be committed to historic Christian beliefs found in the Councils and Creeds AND be supportive of women’s ordination and LGBT inclusion. As a practical matter, whenever you encounter that buzzword in the wild or in conversation, it’s important to ask the person what their sources are for historic Christian teaching. The strength of your argument relies upon the assumption that we have never made a significant doctrinal shift without also experiencing major fracture. Remember that time Paul wrote to the Romans about how the Law was awesome except for the part that it never actually worked in saving people?
Hacking Christianity is a community that engages in conversations about faith using the lenses of progressive theology, technology, and geek culture.

Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR buecher.de-Gutschein! Can one support historic Christian teaching and be inclusive of LGBT persons and female clergy? It took Seven Ecumenical Councils over 700 years after Jesus Christ to come to some consensus on doctrine–and even that consensus is rejected by Eastern churches. The three main Creeds were solidified 300-500 years after Jesus Christ, with some tweaks since then. Even if you throw in the whole of the Patristics and Church Fathers, one only finds a handful of statements related to homosexuality.
What we actually have is a group (however imperfectly) which is committed to historic Christianity. In Tennent’s list of dissenting voices in Christian history, he neglects to include those that are staggeringly important to the history of the church, such as “the dissenting Fathers that stayed after the Great Schism, each “traditional” side of Great the Awakenings, the Counter-Reformation, and many other issues.” Many of these that Tennent would categorize as heterodox were, in fact, firmly rooted in attempts to serve the ailments of contemporary society by means of scriptural Christian dissent. For many of the above groups and movements in our Christian history that Tennent calls a “re-imagined church,” they were in fact living lives devoted to the heart of their connection with God as they see it upheld by Scripture, and only in retrospect are we able to vindicate or vilify them. He talked more about excluding people from God through purity, money, inhospitality, judgementalism, blasphemy, and other myriad sins that he said plenty about. That is the real Christian tradition, sometimes forgotten, sometimes outright violated, but a tradition worthy of Christ nonetheless. And then to inquire whether they apply those sources evenly, or perhaps if what is in them is even relevant.
Jeremy Smith is a United Methodist clergyperson who blogs about faith, young clergy issues, technology, internet theory, and geeky topics.

Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary, who wrote an article about his denomination’s struggles with having progressive and conservative voices on LGBT inclusion.
One does not separate from the deep apostolic well of Christian tradition by affirming such things, no matter what a Twitter troll may say.
There was 1500 years of history and expressed warnings from Paul in the way and yet our courageous sisters pressed forward to have their gifts and callings recognized by the church they loved. One, however flawed, is committed to the recovery and defense of historic Christian orthodoxy. That courageous new move prompted by the Holy Spirit is not just Christian tradition, it's essentially biblical. The other, however nice and erudite, has not demonstrated a robust commitment to historic Christian orthodoxy.
We must not forget that the ordination of women was seen as a moral issue for our predecessors and not a social one. It is essentially Biblical to turn orthodoxy on its head at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. When orthodoxy is used as a means of denial and dismissal, it loses its holiness and simply becomes another avenue of domination.

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