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This set can be used in many ways and will make a wonderful addition to your classroom resources. This product is protected by copyright law and is for the sole use of the purchaser, to be used within their classroom environment and for their own personal use ONLY. Here are a few of the doors created by our teachers that I saw as I strolled through the hallway. Who doesn’t love owls for a fall door?  I love how this teacher used the children’s faces on the owl! This door is simple, but so colorful and again uses a 3D effect with silk leaves gathered into a fall leaf pile. Last but not least, this adorable animal door is on our cradle roll class.  Really cute and totally age appropriate! If you have any bulletin boards or door decorations that you think are super cute, please send them to me.  I’d love to have and share your ideas! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
When it comes to reading a novel, many students shrug off the reading and just watch the movie version instead. The easiest way to incorporate movies in the ELA classroom is simply to have students watch the movie version of the novel or short story they are reading. If students watch the movie before they read the book, chances are they will notice that the movie version failed to include many details they find in the book and will begin to make comparisons between the two.
Help Teaching also offers worksheets to help you quiz students on popular novels that have been turned into movies. Teachers may also choose to use movies to introduce themes or introduce students to various literary concepts. Incorporating movies in the curriculum also helps when teaching students about specific elements of literature or writing and teachers don’t always have to show an entire movie to do it.

Teachers who need help getting started incorporating movies in their classroom can find a wealth of ideas through Teach With Movies, which offers lesson plans, and lists of movies and the skills they cover.
Watch Help Teaching’s literature section for more worksheets aligned to movies as they come out.
24 question cards in total and a additional set of blank cards for you to make your own questions. While many teachers typically show the movie version after students read, others choose to show the movie before they read. To ensure students actually read the book, teachers should pay attention to the differences between the book and movie, not only giving students a chance to compare and contrast, but also testing their knowledge on facts and details they know were not included in the movie version.
Many of our worksheets can be used with either the book or the movie, particularly those that focus on characters because they can lead to discussions about how well the movie portrayed the characters in the book. After watching a movie, students can still answer many of the same questions they’d be expected to answer after reading a book. For example, when teaching about the hero’s journey, teachers can have students watch the movie Hercules to familiarize themselves with what the different stages look like before tackling a book such as The Odyssey.
Want to help students understand the importance of public speaking or how to write a great speech?
For more information on how often to include movies in the classroom, also check out How to Use Movies in the Social Studies Classroom.
Select a word for the weather (or season) and let the child dress the character with appropriate clothing. Teachers can give students a little of what they want by incorporating the movie versions of books into their discussion and activities, but that’s not the only way movies play a role in the ELA classroom. This may be particularly helpful when it comes to reading more difficult texts such as Shakespearean plays or ancient texts such as The Iliad and The Odyssey. Help Teaching’s Comparing a Book and Movie Worksheet can give you an activity to start with.

In fact, Help Teaching’s General Movie Analysis worksheet has students analyze the theme, characters, and other literary elements found within a movie. Instead of having students read a book about a particular period in history, teachers could have them watch multiple movies that tackle the subject.
While it is not focused on the English classroom, it may provide English teachers and teachers in other classrooms with ideas about how to get started showing movies in their own classrooms.
Each time they answer a question correctly from the question cards they receive a part of their house to build. A movie is just another type of text and it can be analyzed just as easily as a novel, a short story, or a poem. Watching the movie first provides students with a context and general overview of the book, making it easier to understand and recognize key details as they read.
The same can be done with the General Documentary Analysis worksheet to help students analyze documentaries and other informational films. For example, when studying The Holocaust, instead of reading The Diary of Anne Frank, students could watch Au Revoir Les Enfants, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and a movie version of the popular diary, comparing how they portray that specific event. Movie clips can be used to teach about characterization, conflict, setting, symbolism, and other key elements of literature. A fifth grade student may not feel the connection with cute baby animals that a two year old would.

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