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To make your job search a little easier, we’ve taken one critical step in the process for you: finding reputable teaching job sites. This site enables job seekers to take a proactive approach to searching for a teaching position. The National Associate of Special Education Teachers’ (NASET) Career Center is a great tool for teachers hoping to enter into special education.
Italy is a popular destination for TEFL teachers and English teachers are always in demand. Despite the headline advertising, many language schools in Italy employ native speakers without ESL certification provided they 'feel' right. A quick google search will uncover hundreds, maybe thousands of language schools across the country. EU nationals don't need a visa to live or work in Italy, though you must register as resident within 3 months of arriving. Newcomers quickly get used to seeing people wearing sunglasses in bars in the evening or whilst on underground trains. Italian cities are very expensive places to live, and salaries are amongst the lowest on offer in Europe. Teaching English is largely an enjoyable and rewarding experience, with students who are committed and know the importance of English as a second language. Teaching English in Saudi Arabia offers you the chance to live in one of the world's wealthiest countries, in the centre of the Middle East.
Over the years, Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to the western world, especially in terms of business, and this has resulted in an influx of English teachers as companies and indivuduals try to develop themselves further. However, there is is generally less support offered to teachers than elsewhere and so you need to be quite strong and independent if you want to succeeed as an ESL teacher in Saudi. If you are a confident teacher and can ignore the media scare stories, you may well find you love living and working in Saudi Arabia.
To get a good job you will require a degree and TEFL certification, and a visa is obligatory.
On Sunday two articles in separate publications painted contradictory portraits of the state of American teaching jobs. Slideshow: What is the most important thing that the Obama administration could do to improve education in public schools? When we first encountered Gaijinpot well over a decade ago it was an interesting free newsletter with perhaps half a dozen vacancies across Japan advertised in each issue.
Finally sporting a coherent website, this is Japan’s official programme for hiring English language classroom assistants, and a great way for foreigners to find work in the country. About UsThe Working Travellers are Shane Donovan and Deirdre Higgins, who travel the world cheaply and look for ways you can too. Check out the top 100 and beyond to stay up to date on what people are talking about in the education space.
The site includes information concerning career preparation and development, financial aid and incentives, licensing and certification, and information about individual states and school districts.
In addition to being able to search for available teaching positions (some of which are posted directly by schools), the site enables users to post resumes and view job fair listings after completing a short registration process. The site also lets teachers, administrators, speech pathologists and other education professionals post resumes. Guest visitors to the site can view selected featured listings, but for a more in-depth search, users must register with the site. In addition to searching for job postings, NASET members have access to professional development courses and information on attaining their Board Certification in Special Education.
The Council for American Private Education (CAPE) not only provides in-depth information about the private school community, it also provides a job bank for educators seeking work in the private school sector.

With thousands of new jobs posted each month and thousands of employer members, the site can help those searching for elementary teaching jobs get noticed.
The site features the typical search fields — location, subject, school type --- but also provides a long list of useful resources and links for aspiring teachers. It provides state specific information on how to become a teacher, teacher salaries, teaching credentials, teacher certification tests, alternative teacher certification, and much more.
Interested candidates can get application forms from school office and official website of the institute. Candidates with strong English communication skills should come for walk in interviews from 14th April, 2014 along with CV and testimonials. Private students are most often individuals who want lessons, but many companies prefer to hand-pick private teachers rather than pay for teachers chosen by a school. One of the best ways of finding a job is to email schools directly, but many advertise locally.
To some, Italy can seem like a nation of politically-niave fashion victims, to others a museum, to others an elegant, cultured piazza. It isn't too expensive to rent an apartment in the south, but most of the work is in the north where prices are much higher. There's something for everybody to love, and something to drive you crazy, no matter who you are. Teachers can enjoy a comfortable standard of living, the culture is fascinating, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious. Most of your students will be studying English to get a good-paying job in a multinational company or the tourism industry.
To qualify for a work permit you must a university degree and TEFL certification, plus a clean bill of health and a criminal record check.
The culture of the middle east is radically different to anything the average westerner has experienced and can be at the same time compelling and daunting. Schools, universities and companies all employ teachers to fulfil their needs and large recruitment campaigns are quite common. This is largely due to the different culture, fear of punishments under sharia law and a wide range of generally inaccurate preconceptions. Students were looking to several public service oriented fields: science, public policy, community organizing and teaching.
In New York City, the prospect of teacher layoffs is up in the air.A  Mayor Bloomberg said in late March that he would do his best to preserve teaching positions despite possibly having to make serious cuts to the citya€™s budget once the state budget gets approved. In addition to job loss, another major worry that comes out of this predicament is that Obama may not have enough funds for the educational reforms hea€™s promised. Most of the thousand participants who take part in the scheme each year end up in a classroom in one of Japan’s public schools, but work assisting local government offices in international exchange activities is possible for those with functional Japanese. More on gap years, career breaks and working abroad can be found via our sites below or from our main site, PAYAway. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While there are a plethora of websites targeted to educators in search of work, not all of these sites are equal. Teach.org enables job seekers to search positions by job title, grade level, category, location.
This enables them to conduct full searches and post their resume for employer members to view. The information is then used to quickly customize an unlimited number of applications, so job seekers can quickly apply to all of the jobs they’re considering. The organization has relationships with school districts throughout the country and allows these districts to post open positions on the site so that members have access to the latest job posting.

After a free, five-minute registration process, members can upload resumes and use the site’s Premium Resume Blast service to send them to prospective employers.
Users must register on the site to conduct searches, but registration is free, as are the supplemental tools offered. Our aim is to provide all the information necessary to become a teacher no matter where you live. For further details about eligibility criteria read the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Despite the current recession in Italy, the worst for decades, the demand for English teachers remains strong.
Language schools pay anywhere between 900 and 1500 euros a month for a 'full-time' teacher. However, new arrivals will struggle to find private work and, to be a successful private ESL teacher you need to have at least a reasonable understanding of Italian. In these cases, apply for a visa from your own country, to save time, money and immense frustration. Rented accommodation is freely available but the standard rental contract is 4 years, though you can bale out after a year if you pay the inevitable penalty. The city is in a state of constant development and new buildings are cropping everywhere as more and more foreign investment arrives. Places such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Bahrain are becoming more westernised and have quite large expat communities. Salaries can be very attractive, and even an averagely-paid TEFL teacher can save money easily.
The article mentioned that one Harvard senior, who had initially planned to work as an investment banker, was now looking to Teach for America as his post-graduation plan.
Additionally, Teach for America will reduce its number of New York City teaching positions from 500 to 350 next year.
And then the even bigger worry is that all that money slated for reforming education could be spent plugging leaks in school districts in need of serious overhauls. Since its founding by skint foreigners unable to find much in the way of information for working in Japan, Gaijinpot has bought up by the Fuji Media group and become part of the English language media establishment in Japan.
Site administrators thoroughly search for and research each position that is posted on the site to provide job seekers with the most current leads and information needed to land various positions, so job seekers are essentially paying for a comprehensive view of applicable job openings without the hassle of visiting multiple sites. The site also lists information to help teachers locate job fairs, learn more about required certifications, look up salary statistics and find other teaching resources.
The site’s Search Agent feature, which is also only available to registered members (registration is free), keeps members abreast of new job posting that match previously selected criteria. It is very rare these days to see a job advertisment which does not specify that applicants must have at least intermediate English. Contracts are normally for 9-10 months, meaning you don't have sick or holiday pay entitlements.
If that isn't enough, tax rates, gas, electricity, fuel and insurance costs are the highest in Europe. One thing is for sure: even in Saudi Arabia, which is quite well developed, you will still experience cultural shock when you first arrive.
300,000 people monthly use the site for information on living in Japan, to find jobs or arrange a place to live.
This means that even if you can't find work with a school, there is always private work available.

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