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Presentation on theme: "1 Creating and Sustaining a Comprehensive School-Wide Vocabulary Program Michael F. Mike Graves, Univ of Minn5 The Vocabulary Learning Task The vocabulary learning task is huge. Mike Graves, Univ of Minn6 Vocabulary Deficits Many children of poverty and English learners enter school with debilitating vocabulary deficits, vocabularies about half the size of those of their middle-class, native-English speaking counterparts.
Mike Graves, Univ of Minn7 Helping Students Build Strong Vocabularies Helping average students achieve vocabularies of 50,000 words is a very substantial task. Mike Graves, Univ of Minn19 Major Points Acquiring a sophisticated vocabulary is both a very important task and a very large task. Download "1 Creating and Sustaining a Comprehensive School-Wide Vocabulary Program Michael F. Mike Graves, Univ of Minn1 Teaching 50,000 Words and Erasing a 30,000 Million Word Deficit Michael F.
What Would It Really Take To Improve the Vocabularies of Students' Who Enter School with Very Small Vocabularies? MODULE 4– COMPREHENSION ENGAGING STUDENTS IN EXTENDED TEXT DISCUSSION Welcome back, NGCARPD Cohort 2 Please sign in.
1 Cultural Considerations with Response to Intervention (RTI) Models and Literacy Instruction Janette Klingner Michael Orosco University of Colorado at. Developing Usable Vocabulary Knowledge Developing Usable Vocabulary Knowledge William Nagy January 2008. Rethinking Equity of Teaching English Language Learners (RETELL) Session 6: Vocabulary for ELLs I Face-to-Face Session.

Maine Department of Education 2006 Maine Reading First Course Session #13 Vocabulary Research and Assessment. Our Goal For Our Students All students will read at or above grade level by the end of the third grade.
Vocabulary Instruction and the Common Core Illinois State Board of Education English Language Arts Content Specialists Hosted by Kathi Rhodus, June, 2012. Leaving Fewer Children Behind in Reading: Requirements at the Classroom and School level Dr. Vocabulary Instruction and the Common Core Illinois State Board of Education English Language Arts Content Specialists Content contained is licensed under. Promising Research-based Practices in Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners Ani C.
Vocabulary Instruction WV Title I Directors Conference March 10-12, 2009 Presented by Jane Massi. Vocabulary knowledge in kindergarten and first grade is a significant predictor or reading comprehension in the middle and secondary grades (Cunningham & Stanovich, 2005; Scarborough, 1998).
Once in school, these children continue to learn words at about half the rate of their peers, and this increasing gap put them at severe risk of failing in school. Helping students with small vocabularies catch up with their peers is an even more substantial task. With younger and less proficient readers, there is more discussion and listening and more teacher-led work.
Designing and implementing a school wide program to assist students in acquiring a sophisticated vocabulary is also a very important and very challenge task.
Not to be distributed without CDE permission.Preschool English Learners Training Manual – Chapter 8 California Department of Education.

Vocabulary is the primary factor influencing the readability of text (Chall & Dale, 1995; Klare, 1984).
With older and more proficient readers, there is more reading and writing and more independent work. To acquire this extensive vocabulary, he or she has learned something like 3,500 words a year. Implementation would continue into the second and third years and of course hopefully beyond that.
Improving achievement for English Learners: Conclusions from recent reviews and emerging research. Bumping into spicy, tasty words that catch your tongue: A formative experiment in vocabulary instruction. The effects of long-term vocabulary instruction on lexical access and reading comprehension. Teaching reading and language to the disadvantaged What we have learned from field research. Beyond the pages of a book: Interactive book reading and language development in preschool classrooms. Closing the gap: Addressing the vocabulary needs of English-language learners in bilingual and mainstream classes. Early identification of children at risk for reading disabilities: Phonological awareness and some other promising predictors.

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