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This is SUPER important to have if running any business online ESPECIALLY if you are an online only business with a shop, etc.
All Law For Websites documents are drafted by Australian lawyers who understand the complexities of online businesses. Looking For Something More Specific?Get a 100% bespoke solution, tailored specifically to your business and situation.
As an online merchant, having affiliate marketing connections can be pretty useful when it comes to attracting traffic and actually earning money. If you’ve been in the e-commerce domain recently, attending to your online store and dealing with your affiliate marketers can be challenging. The Internet may be a more fitting subject for the description “a place that never sleeps,” but it doesn’t mean you should leave to it all the work.
While there is value in writing reviews about the products you are selling, it is also quite predictable.
A cardinal rule among e-commerce sites is that they should be easy to navigate just like the way customers would want the aisles in the supermarket. When it comes to actual stores, among the many nightmares shoppers can have is not having that particular item in this specific size and color. If, for example, you are selling different kinds of shoes, make sure that your cart provides specific details such as size, color, availability. It may not sound surprising at all that the tried-and-tested way of advertising (putting up banner ads) is also effective on the Internet. For instance, the Yuletide season is usually the busiest for a lot of people so why not offer something that can make your customers shopping easier? It is only logical and wise that you ensure that your e-commerce site’s architecture is optimized, just like how you’d expect an actual store to be built on a solid foundation. To have a better idea on how you should revamp your site’s structure, you can study how the websites of industry and niche bloggers function. This process can be tedious but you also have to know that optimized pages can drive traffic to your site. The proliferation of smartphones raised the demand for many websites to launch a mobile version. It goes without saying that your products and services should have well-written descriptions with a healthy dose of keywords. Guest Author Ava Adair-AllenAva Adair-Allen uses her experience in managing e-commerce sites to write about practical tips that will help entrepreneurs who want to achieve financial success online. As you’ve probably heard over and over again, Instagram changed their terms and conditions a week ago, giving themselves the option to use and sell user content as they see fit. Last week, they changed their terms and conditions, adding in a few clauses that looked as though they were saying “we own your photos, and we can sell them if we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. The real problem seems to be due to the legal language that is used in the Terms and Conditions.
Systrom thought he was making a minor change to the Terms of Service, or at least one that would go by unnoticed. Just imagine that your customers wander into your online store, and apart from buying clothes, they can also sign up for a newsletter.
Again, don’t get us wrong – we aren’t against change, nor does free stuff remain free forever. If the additions to the Terms and Services had been laid out in a clear fashion, if the changes would have been explained in a blog post beforehand, if any number of actions had been taken before the change, Instagram would have won over a lot of public opinion. Even if they didn’t intend to sell user photos – the reaction is now ‘Instagram WANTED to sell our photos, but we made them back down’.

It will be interesting to see how Instagram takes this matter further – will the changes in the Terms and Services stand, or will they revert back to what they were? About Patrick Speijers (6 Posts)Patrick Speijers (1974) is co-founder and CEO of Robin, the social and web customer service app for online retailers.
The good thing is that there are a number of affiliate marketing guides you can use to make sure you’re on the right track. Here are some suggestions you can use for promoting e-commerce businesses and improving the performance of your online store.
Make shopping in your site a lot easier by including shopping widgets such search boxes, a shopping cart, and calculators.
This lapse can be the bane of your e-commerce site’s existence since customers can’t browse an actual store—they would just have to live with whatever is on your site, unless they go as far as making personal inquiries. The usual banner ad consisting of your brand name and logo is a must, but to make this more appealing and successful, you need to make your ads relevant to your customers and the seasons. Whether it’s gift-wrapping, personal shopping, or seasonal delivery services, make your latest offerings known by coming up with creative and powerful ads. Here are some search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you can use to make your website more customer and revenue-friendly.
Having good site architecture allows for easier navigation, and it also helps search engines find and rank your site better. Check the products that have the most ratings and popularity and see how far their links go. In a nutshell, on-page optimization refers to the enhancing of the elements that make up your website so that search engines will be able to index it properly and identify which part of results page your site ends up. Having a version of your site that is friendly to mobile devices enables your customers to shop conveniently wherever they want, whenever they want. However, it would be more advantageous for your e-commerce site to have a blog where you can post more pieces of content such as related articles, comprehensive reviews, infographics, video tutorials, and then some.
Ava is a proud mother and supports her family through her blogging and affiliate marketing efforts. Tools that help users download all their photos from Instagram so they can shut down their account are struggling to cope with the flood of traffic they are getting. Only a few days after the terms of service were updated, Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO posted an apology on their blog, along with an explanation of what the changes really meant. Legal language is not easily understood by laymen (which are the majority of the users), and it adds in a lot of clauses which confuse matters even more. He just changed a few words here, added a clause there – I mean, it was perfectly obvious (to him) what he wanted to say. They didn’t understand, and the increasing number of scary headlines to the tune of ‘Instagram is stealing your photos’ didn’t help.
All those millions of users don’t actually pay anything to enjoy Instagram’s services, and so they should not be able to complain when those services change. It is how you carry out these changes that can keep the customers on your side, or turn them away for good. If you have to charge for shipping in addition to the cost of the shoes that your customers buy, make it clear and simple that (a) they need to pay more for shipping and (b) that it is for shipping purposes.
Robin is a multi channel customer service app, supporting communication through online contact form, e-mail and twitter.
You should not upload the downloaded source files on your server and redistribute or resell them either in part or in whole. At the end of the day, your revenue still depends on your site’s performance once the customer forwards their orders.

Your target customers will not hear about your e-commerce site unless you drive them to it. Get in touch with them through e-mail or social media and work on building a relationship by introducing yourself and what you do.
You can also enhance your site’s promotion by adding social media buttons in your site so that customers won’t have any trouble telling their friends about your store. By giving your customers everything they need at their fingertips, they are likely to have a more pleasant shopping experience in your site. Then, examine how their techniques can be applied to your own site or whether there’s a need for it at all.
This process basically covers site architecture but apart from that, you also need to optimize your keywords, links, social media features, and your overall content e.g. And while they can simply go to your website using their device’s browser, 61% of customers are found to visit your competitor’s site if yours doesn’t load on their devices properly and quickly.
You can also make use of internal linking so you can direct your readers to more content that is related to what they wish to purchase.
Try these tips and to make sure that your site does its job — gains more customers for you, earns you more money, and becomes the successful brand you’ve always wanted.
They were bought up by Facebook a while ago, and are looking for ways to monetize themselves. You can’t jerk the rug out from under millions of people, changing the terms of service completely, just because you want to, even if they don’t pay you a dime. After more than 200 people sign up, you suddenly start charging them money for receiving the newsletter, just like fashion magazines. Instagram failed to follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid, and it cost the company in users who abandoned the service, and bad rep. Don’t add mysterious charges to their PayPal account that will cause them to cancel the sale and ask for a refund, as well as complain about your methods to all their friends.
It has a handcrafted, beautifully designed, powerfull GUI for external communication, internal collaboration supported by an adaptive customerpanel. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies. Then, ask them if they would be willing to accept products from your shop and, in turn, write a review about their opinion of it. This is also why it’s important that you provide them a satisfactory shopping experience so that when they share their story, they’ll have something pleasant to talk about. If you have the resources to pay for ad space on popular sites, then by all means pay and post! Keep in mind though that your online store’s mobile version also needs optimization and a well-designed site structure. And today, when every service (yes, even Instagram) has competition that customers can go to just by clicking an ad, or doing a quick search on Google, one of the main reasons your customers remain loyal to you is your integrity and certainly your willingness to be upfront about changes that you’re making. Even Facebook couldn’t do it with Beacon, and they have a little more marketing leverage than Instagram.
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