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The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is committed to provide a guidance tool for the trade on the subject of silver and gold precious metal articles. New combinations and alloys of gold, silver and gold and other gold plated products are being developed for use in jewelry in this increasingly technological world. The information and guidance contained in this publication is not meant to be any form of legal advice. The legal standards that apply to the manufacture, sale and advertising of jewelry made of silver or gold are contained in three government regulations. The Federal Trade Commission Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metal and Pewter Industries was published in its current form in 1996. The guidance contained in this publication is based on JVCa€™s interpretation of three regulatory systems as they act in combination: The National Gold and Silver Stamping Act, the FTCGuides and the Voluntary Product Standard PS 68-76. Many people in the jewelry industry believe that fineness of precious metal must be stamped on a jewelry item made of gold or silver. If you do choose to quality stamp the jewelry item made of gold or silver, the law requires that you place a federally registered trademark in close proximity to the quality stamp. Sellers of items composed of gold alloys must identify the karat quality of the gold in the item. When the electroplating meets the minimum fineness stated above and a minimum thickness equivalent to 2 . An article of jewelry is described as a€?vermeila€? when there is a coating of gold over sterling silver, that is of substantial thickness.
Jewelry made of gold and silver will be marked differently depending on whether the gold and silver are visibly distinguishable.
Sellers of silver objects can use the terms a€?solid silvera€? or a€?sterling silvera€? when they contain at least 925 PPT (parts per thousand) pure silver. Silver coated or silver-plated objects must be so coated with silver as to provide a durable covering of the base metal on which it has been affixed. Stainless Steel, titanium and tungsten are not precious metals a€“ However, when such a product has been fully covered by any process, with a plating of gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, the FTCrules for plating apply.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! General E-Business Security Issues ? Any E-Business needs to be concerned about network security. Network and Web Site Security ? An entire glossary of words and phrases identifies network and Web security risks, such as hacker, cracker, Trojan horse, and more.
Denial of Service Attacks? Designed to disable a Web site by flooding it with useless traffic or activity.
Web Site Defacement? Occurs when a hacker penetrates the system and replaces text or graphics with “other” material.
Electronic Industrial Espionage ? A very serious problem, especially considering that “professional” hackers may be involved. Credit Card Fraud & Data Theft? E-Business is at risk from credit card fraud from stolen data. E-Business Security ? An important issue that is often overlooked or given a lower priority in the face of startup activity.
Network and Web Site Security ? Tools such as passwords, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and virus scanning software should be used to protect an E-Business’s network and Web site.
Transaction Security and Data Protection ? Use a predefined key to encrypt and decrypt the data during transmission. Transaction Security and Data Protection – internal? Remove all files and data from storage devices including disk drives and tapes before getting rid of the devices. Security Audits and Penetration Testing ? Can provide an overall assessment of the firm’s current exposure and vulnerabilities.
Security Providers and Products? There are many security consultants.? Many commercial products are available. Risk Management Problems ? The list of potential risks is long and includes: ? Business interruptions caused by Web site defacement or denial of service attacks ? Litigation and settlement costs over employees’ inappropriate use of e-mail and the Internet ? Product or service claims against items advertised and sold via a Web site.
Here are a few hot ideas to help you maximise your summer campaigns, and to make sure the sun is shining on your sales figures for these next few months. It’s important to know where you fall on this spectrum, and align your goals accordingly. Summer needn’t be any different to any other season so long as you have reasonable expectations, and contingency plans in place for the rest of the year. Physical stores have always known how important it is that the look and feel of a shopfront ties into the campaign being pushed. Your online shopfront is no different – the style and the trimmings need to match the theme you’re focusing on.
There’s no point pushing a #shareyoursummersnaps campaign with the goal of driving visitors to your plain old site – there needs to be a summer skin on your site, or at least a landing page that looks summery, so when your visitors arrive, they know they’ve arrived in the right place. A few summer design tips – Bright colours, sunglasses, sun, swimming pools, beaches, sandcastles ice creams (summer staples, basically) – all go a long way to indicating that this is a site that’s been transformed for summer.
If in July you’re thinking about getting your site into its summer suit, it’s already too late. Though minimal compared to a physical store, it will still cost money, or time, to get your site how you want it, and the later into a season you do this, the less value it has. Hopefully, if you have plans for summer, they’re well underway now – or already in action. Planning and goal-setting is just as important as creating and implementing a campaign, and all of this needs to be factored into time considerations. We all know by now how essential and ubiquitous mobile has become to marketing, and that social is playing a fundamental role in this rise. When designing your summer campaigns, you really ought to be taking a mobile and social-first approach – the ideas you have here can feed into how your website is designed, what landing pages you need, the content you create and even how and where your products are placed.

At the more costly end of the scale, summer events like product launches and parties can produce great marketing collateral. Think big, bright and happy,  tie it all together with mobile and social, and you could be on to a summer scorcher. While summer social campaigns often target the younger market as described above, there’s also plenty of room for family-focused campaigns that make the most of school holiday spending. If your business has something to offer families in the summer, most pertinently a way to keep the kids entertained(!) then you really ought to be making this a clear part of your marketing message.
School holiday surges can provide a well-needed boost in sales if campaigns are set up well – think back to when you were a kid, what did you pester your parents for during school holidays? From an SEO and search perspective, seasonal terms can sometimes get forgotten, but there can be a real benefit to having a seasonal keyword strategy.
Consider how your audiences interests change during the summer months. Appending summer and ‘summery’ words to existing terms can yield some interesting results. It could even feed into product development – if there’s search traffic around a product you offer but with summer keywords attached, maybe you could create a whole new range. Taking this approach to seasonal keywords makes them part of your process, rather than an afterthought. SiteVisibility is an internet marketing agency in Brighton and London offering social media, PPC and SEO services. Here are five effective Facebook advertising strategies that every e-commerce marketer should have in their toolkit. In addition, Website Custom Audiences also allows you to exclude people that visited a specific URL by indicating that a specific user has already made a purchase, for example, through a website that contains the URL string “receipt”. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences, an offshoot of its Custom Audiences ad solution, enables advertisers to reach new users who are likely interested in your business because they are similar to a customer list already cultivated.
You can take the Lookalike Audiences tool to the next level by building specific audience segments based on people who have already made a purchase. Dive into your CRM, extract the list of customers by a relevant identifier (email address, phone number, Facebook ID or mobile user ID), upload the list to your Facebook account as a data file Custom Audience, and target with a relevant creative and offer. Measuring which product categories people are buying from your Facebook ads will ensure you have the right information and data to make an informed decision about how much to spend on your Facebook advertising.
Marketing spend should be considered on a granular level in proportion to the revenue it generates.
Going cheap on your creative is a quick way to ruin a good e-commerce campaign on Facebook.
The ongoing strategy for any e-commerce campaign on Facebook should be to utilize ads that are set up to drive a broad audience of entirely new potential consumers to the site. David Serfaty is Director of Social Advertising at Matomy Media Group, a global digital performance-based advertising company. The laws and regulations that govern the manufacture and sale of industry products made with silver and gold are well established. The application of the law to these products is essential to ensure consumer confidence in these products.
These standards described in this brochure do not apply to products made of metals that are used in the manufacture of costume jewelry. First, The National Gold and Silver Stamping Act is a federal law that was enacted in 1905. These guidelines establish the standards the FTC will apply to claims and representations at all levels of the trade about a€?industry productsa€? (jewelry and other objects) regarding any material aspect of the product. This standard was published by the US Department of Commerce, and reflects the accepted trade practice in the marking of articles made only of silver in combination with gold, either visually distinguishable or not, and includes articles where the gold fully covers the base. This has the effect of providing assurance to the purchaser that the itema€™s precious metal quality is guaranteed by the entity that stamps the item.
To use the word a€?Golda€? without qualification means the product is 24-karat gold throughout.
When the electroplating meets minimum fineness but not the minimum thickness stated above, identify the product as a€?Gold Flasheda€? or a€?Gold Washeda€?. Indistinguishable: If gold and silver are used in one article (alloyed or not), and are not visually distinguishable, you must disclose the amount of gold used.
Distinguishable: When the two precious metals can be distinguished (yellow and white) the two metals can be marked similarly. For karat gold articles, you need not include in the assay for quality posts and nuts or metallic parts that are completely and permanently encased in a non-metallic covering a€“ i.e. For gold filled and plated articles, you need not include in your assay for quality joints, catches, screws, pin stems, etc.
Optical articles such as gold glasses can exclude for assay the hinges, washers, bushings and nuts of screw assemblies, the pads, the springs, etc. Therefore, if the item assays at 892 parts per thousand pure silver, it cannot be called coin silver. Because various objects are subject to different degrees of wear, the thickness of the coating on these objects (or parts of objects) does not have to be uniform. It would be a violation of accepted legal standards to use words to market jewelry made of these metals that imply that they are made of precious metals.
If you interesting in "E-Commerce Security Issues" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. E-retailers are uniquely placed to make the most of the seasons changing – the overheads involved with changing up a physical store are minimised, and it only takes a bit of code as a opposed to a team of employees, to get your site and online brand beach-body ready. For some, like theme parks, outdoor businesses and last-minute travel companies, summer is when the money starts rolling in.
If for the last 3 years you’ve seen a month-on-month drop in traffic in June of 20%, don’t set a target to beat your May traffic in June this year. If you went to H&M in June and saw dark colours and heavy coats everywhere, you’d be a bit confused.

Remember to check Analytics data for the previous year so that you can remind yourself of any tactics that previously worked. It’s become a cultural meme that millennials love sharing their travel pics and ‘hotdog legs’ snaps on Instagram, and clever marketers have been tapping into this trend for a while now. As the days get longer and more and more people spend their evenings outside enjoying the weather, you might want to think about extending those PPC campaigns and test increases of spend at later times on the day.
Short, shareable video clips that link your brand with summer – (this from M&S is a great example of using summer themes without going off-brand). Make your product or service something that kids want and that parents can provide, and you’ll be set. No doubt about it, your work is highly competitive, fraught with constant concerns over SEO and search engine rankings, not to mention dealing with a continuous stream of competitors all nipping at your heels. And that light is coming from, of all places, Facebook, which once shunned e-commerce advertisers for fear of upsetting its users. Website Custom Audiences allows you to place a pixel in the header of your website that automatically allows Facebook to build a history of people who visited specific pages within your site. These audiences update dynamically every three hours, so by combining the aforementioned product targeting with the purchaser exclusion, your live ads will always be served to a revolving door of people that have very high purchase intent and have not yet followed through on that.
The segmentation can be done intelligently from your CRM, allowing you to target any user that bought a specific amount or a specific product or service from your company during a specific time period. You may extrapolate from your own business data that a customer who bought a TV in the last three months is X percent more likely to purchase a speaker system. As basic as this statement may seem, it’s easy to allow your Facebook ad campaign to begin to unravel if you’re not measuring the right thing. Make sure you are using a platform solution that enables you to measure ROI back to an ad level in real time. That’s because Facebook is increasingly rewarding advertisers that utilize smart, engaging and custom creative to sell their products and services. If you are using Website Custom Audiences to target people that have looked at new TVs, don’t show them a general creative for the website.
In unison, run ongoing, constantly updated Custom Audience ads that capitalize on the intention of consumers that browse various products from your site in order to push them over the edge to make a purchase. It just requires smart creative, tailored targeting and a long-term view of how to engage, acquire and retain new and existing customers.
This publication can be used as a guide to achieve a greater understanding of the legal requirements for identifying, marking and marketing these products. Violations of this law carry sanctions that include forfeiture, civil and criminal monetary penalties, and even jail! This includes labeling, promotional material, and all other forms of marketing, including advertising.
But in the US, you are required to identify the fineness of the quality of the precious metal, but you do not need to stamp it on the item itself.
The manufacturera€™s duly registered trademark is usually stamped on the product - or the retailer can apply a registered stamp. The quality mark must state a€?sterling silver + 10Kgolda€? preceded by a fraction representing the proportion of the weight of the gold to the entire weight of the metal in the article.
If the silver in the alloy assayed at 914 parts per thousand, it would not qualify to be called sterling silver. Further, it would be a deceptive trade practice to mislead consumers to believe that jewelry made of stainless steel, titanium or tungsten consists of precious metal.
For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. Be realistic – there’s no reason you can’t mitigate some of that June drop, but to reverse the trend completely in one year is just not going to happen.
With some simple planning and adjustments, you’ll be bathing in the glow of a summer sales streak. Facebook has developed a number of unique and effective ways for e-commerce advertisers to engage new and existing customers and turn them into actual sales. You can use that information to build audiences based on specific criteria, then serve those audiences with an ad that matches their profile and viewing history.
The Lookalike Audiences tool will find similar consumers across Facebook, allowing you to target a new set of potential customers based on those consumers having similar purchasing habits and preferences to a list you have already cultivated.
The intention of this brochure is to ensure a greater understanding of these laws so that they can be properly applied to the trade practice in this area and, therefore, provide clear, accurate consumer information. This statue addresses standards for fineness of gold and silver, rules pertaining to the making and marking of gold and silver objects and provides for law suits that can be brought by competitors and jewelry trade associations for violations of its provisions.
Violations of these standards can lead to a FTC civil enforcement action that can impose both fines and injunctive relief. You can identify it on the invoice, on a hangtag, or on other descriptive material accompanying the piece. Anything that is less than 10 karat gold cannot be described as gold, even with the karat designation a€“ it is a pretty yellow metal a€“ but it is not gold!
You’ll want to check this using tools like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Followerwonk to make sure you capitalise on these change in trends over summer. For example, an electronics retailer can target a specific group of people who viewed a specific model of TV and immediately present them with a tailored creative directly on their Newsfeed, representing that same TV, and perhaps even a special offer.

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