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Many of Thailand's annual events are determined by the lunar calendar, so dates change from year to year, this is particularly true of religious holidays.
Thailand is nestled between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. While politeness is in style all over the world, there are a few guidelines you can follow that your Thai hosts will appreciate.
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a metropolis where one can find both old and new, East and West, traditional and fashionable, blended together in a harmonious way. From elegant old Siam to the bustling yet easy going Thailand of today, this peace-loving country has come through a tumultuous and fascinating history.

There are big differences between a Thai woman living overseas and her twin sister living back home in Thailand but they both want to be loved. In general, if she marries a westerner, she can expect to be treated as a desirable woman with important thoughts and feelings.
She won't be expected to cook every meal or wash every dish and she can even hope for some romance after she marries you! For many Thai women these are powerful enough reasons to leave everything that they know and start over with you. There are several magnificent Buddhist Temples inside the city and well-known attractions on its outskirts.

In general the longer the adventurous sister lives in the west the more liberal she becomes. In their childhoods they picked up the crazy idea that their husbands deserve a certain amount of attention.
Relax on white sand beaches, hike through vast areas of tropical forest, or live it up in the humming capital of Bangkok.

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