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The Media Standards Trust (MST) and two members of the public objected to the ad, maintaining that there were a number of elements in the Leveson report that IPSO would not deliver. The Free Speech Network said the ad stated that the board of IPSO would have a majority of independent members and an independent chair, chosen in a transparent and open process, and that in any event IPSO met the standards of independence proposed by Lord Justice Leveson in his report.
The ASA did not uphold the second complaint, saying that readers would infer from the ad's claims that the members of the IPSO board, or those involved in establishing IPSO, were expected to be impartial in the work they carried out. The Free Speech Network was launched with the backing of newspaper and magazine publishers in 2012 to argue against state regulation of the press. The template consists of two adorable blue birds on each end holding a string clothesline with little baby things hanging gracefully on it.
The butterfly drift nearby as this gorgeous illustrations fits the subtle polka dot backdrop. And there's certainly never been a dull moment in Detroit."Anger's last day at the Free Press will be May 15. He addressed a staff gathering in the newsroom this afternoon.Anger, who will turn 66 next week, was named editor and vice president after Gannett purchased the Free Press in 2005.

Under his leadership, the Free Press has won many of journalism's highest honors, and served as a catalyst for change and reform in our community. That's the fulfillment of a journalist's dream."But beyond that, Paul has regarded the Free Press staff as a big family that supports each other. The Free Press is made up of talented people who take their work seriously, and they're reverent about it. It's kept me coming back."Anger was named the National Press Foundation's Benjamin Bradlee Editor of the Year for 2008.
In accepting the award, he reminded the audience that "there is nobody else who does what trained journalists do -- dig up credible information critical to an honest democracy. He's president of Free Press Charities, has served on the United Way for Southeast Michigan cabinet and is a board member of New Detroit and the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition.
Detroit and Michigan will be well served."He will continue to be involved with Reading Works and will be in Detroit on a regular basis to support the organization.
He said he feels a deep connection to the city, where he's lived for a year downtown after moving from Milford."We love this area.

It's a special place with people who show resilience and determination and who are so welcoming," Anger said. Mom had a clue -- she said, "Lawyer!"Then one night, Dad bought a beer at a bowling alley for the sports editor of the newspaper.
He told Dad he was looking for a part-timer, and Dad said, ''Well, I have a son who plays baseball, and he's good in English -- how's that?"So … I got started in newspapers -- took bowling scores over the telephone, covered high school football. I think they're the same ones so many of you journalists here stick with it.I want to read you something. On the same day the mayor of Detroit was convicted of three felonies, Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor Stephen Henderson received a letter with an enclosure, and we weren't sure what to do with it.
I think that letter sums up why we're in this business, this craft, this calling, and why we will be here for a long time to come.

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