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In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Trading is one of most important features in the game which will allow you to gather some additional coins and consequently build up a better squad. In this guide, I’ll share some basic trading tips that will help you make small investments and make hefty profits.
During this one hour, you’ll be able to get pretty decent players for a very low price-point.
You should always search for players that you want and then buy the ones with the lowest prices. Most players tend to neglect the offline tournaments, but these tournaments not only allow you to test out the chemistry among your team and check out your decided formations, but you’ll also receive tons of coins. In addition to this, you’ll also come across tournaments which will award you with bronze, silver, and even gold packs.

After you have started trading, don’t be greedy and stick to earning smaller profits. This process is definitely slow, but you’ll be making heaps of coins within a period of a week or so. Those of you who are unaware, on this day a tournament occurs which requires teams to have only Irish players.
The day is on March 17, so make sure to mark this on your calendars and begin stocking up on Irish players from at least 3-4 weeks before the tournament and you’ll make heaps of profits during this time.
Try and keep them until the game is around for 3-4 weeks and then put them up on sale for higher profits. There are a lot of ways to quickly stack up the coins, but once you get the hang of trading, you’ll start making heaps of coins in no time. To get started, you need to start the Transfer Market and begin searching to the last 10 minutes.

You can bid on a couple of these players and will eventually get some of them on cheaper prices. Due to this fact, prices of some of the Irish player skyrocket and smart players benefit from this to earn some hefty profits.
Another reason to do this is that at the beginning, there are not many players with access to loads of coins; therefore, you need to wait for everyone to get their hands on extra coins.
If you bought a player for 600 coins, put it out on sale for 800 coins and you’ll sell it in no time. Once you have done that, select the buy now price underneath the average price and head over to the transfer market pages.

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