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Job searches are many things—frustrating, rewarding, tedious, or even exhilarating—but they're not often speedy.
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Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using search engines to identify and screen potential candidates.Job seekers now need to take charge of and maintain control over their online reputation in order to secure the careers that they want. Whatever your situation, establish how much time you aim to spend on job searching each day, week, or month. Below are four tips for cultivating the positive online image that can give you a better chance of landing your dream job. Be an active social media user.Your social media profiles play a significant role in the way that you are perceived by potential employers, who pay special regard to sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Use advanced search options to create a slimmed down list of relevant jobs, learn how to decode job postings, and follow these tips to sure the job is a good match before putting in your application. When a recruiter types your name into a search engine, your profiles on these sites are likely to show up on the first page of results, so it is important to make sure that the information on these sites is in line with the way that you want to be perceived by potential employers. Uploading professional photos that clearly show your face on a site like LinkedIn may also increase your chance of earning an interview, as employers tend to give more credibility to fully completed profiles.
Additionally, associating a face with your work history may increase your personal appeal.Job seekers who opt out of social media may find themselves at a disadvantage.
Not having a presence on the web can signal to companies that you are disconnected from modern technology, or make them wonder if you have something to hide.

Research and remove negative content.Before applying for a job, it’s helpful to know what a potential employer will see when he or she performs a Google search of your name.
Search for yourself on Google and other search engines ahead of time, and assess whether your online reputation needs some polishing. Though most recruiters won’t investigate past the first page of search results, it’s useful to scan the second page for negative content as well, as items on page two may eventually end up on page one.If you find that your online reputation doesn’t reflect you positively, it’s important to take steps to curate and improve your image so that it reflects the professional persona you want to project. Remove unbecoming photos, comments, or content that you have posted, and delete photo tags that link you to images that are not in line with your personal brand. Additionally, it’s a good idea to go through your friend lists, likes, and follows on social media platforms to make sure they reflect you in a positive light.While you may not be able to remove content that you did not post yourself, contacting a site to inquire about the removal of negative content may yield positive results. Although news outlets and other sites may refuse, you can appeal to the site owner by sending a polite email asking him or her if it would be possible to remove the content. Still, there are usually opportunities to switch between tasks to prevent boredom and burnout.
Do this too with job searching: a week spent solely on writing cover letters is bound to be tedious (and could very well result in some unfortunate typos). Certain material may be online to stay, but defamatory comments or information that jeopardizes your security can be removed with the help of a professional.
Practice a defensive reputation management strategy.Regardless of whether you have a positive or negative online reputation, it’s a good idea to act defensively in order to maintain image control over the long term.
As a job seeker, you can begin by ensuring that you’re utilizing the maximum privacy settings on all social media profiles and by being selective about what you make public.
Though privacy settings will not provide complete protection, limiting what strangers and potential employers can view about your personal life is a good way to help control your image.Additionally, giving thought to what a social media post will communicate about you to others is a good defensive ORM strategy.

Before posting a picture, comment, or other update, take a moment to ask yourself if it matches the image that you want to curate. In general, make a habit of avoiding posts that contain vulgar or inflammatory language and refrain from engaging in online disputes, as both practices are seen as unprofessional.Even if you’ve determined that your online reputation reflects you positively, remember that monitoring your web presence is still important.
Even after securing a job, regularly assessing your online reputation will make you better prepared for the future. Using tools like Google Alerts is also a simple way to find out when your name is being mentioned online. Take control of your image through brand building.One of the best ways to make yourself look better to potential employers is through online brand building.
Through a blog, you can build a positive web reputation while also showing potential employers your technological literacy and industry knowledge. Updating biographies and work histories to include industry keywords on a site like LinkedIn can also increase their relevance in your search results and strengthen your professional online brand.Additionally, search engine algorithms tend to weigh the words within a URL as highly relevant to search results, and are likely to place sites that have your name in their URL at the top of your results page.
Take advantage of this fact by purchasing a domain that includes your first and last name and using it as a place to showcase yourself. Information on this website could include examples of your work, your resume, a summary of your professional history, and a biography.

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