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Focus your application on what you can do for the company, not what the company can do for you. Some advice I got early on that I found useful was to be really clear about what you are looking for. People think sitting in front of a laptop and writing all day cannot possibly be exhausting.
We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. My least favourite cover letter to read is the one that just tells me why the applicant wants the job more than anyone else. Offering to take someone out for a quick coffee or lunch can be the start of a professional relationship that could be valuable in the long run.
It is really hard for people to help you out if all you can tell them is you want something awesome. We help companies showcase their impact and professionals discover jobs with a purpose and a paycheque. They approach editors, send out portfolios, wrote articles when they could, and never lowered themselves to writing for content mills. Getting a freelance writing job is a hard and long journey, but the rewards are certainly worth it. Results are in, and whether you're being thrust into the 'real world', or searching for a summer job, it is time to get job-hunting. Advice for getting a job at Google is very different than good advice for getting a job at TD or the United Way.

First, you need to showcase your understanding of the main job requirements and then explain how you can deliver against them. All of us have been in the job seeker position at some point or another and usually will make time, even if it’s just for 20 min, to chat. So whether it’s the type of work, the geography, the type of boss, the remuneration, be clear. Since this is the technological era, you may not have to do all this manually, but it will take some time. Where do CVs go wrong?If you want your CV to be shortlisted, you have to make it very easy for the employer to see why you are the ideal candidate for the role by emphasizing your relevant skills and experience.  The way your CV is presented will also be subject to scrutiny.
But there’s some common tips that transcend all sectors and are critical to a successful job search. People in this sector need to present themselves in a way that honestly articulates what’s in it for the organization.
I took the time to meet and learn from people who were doing really cool work and the best thing that happened during those conversations was how generous people were with their time and how willing they were to connect you with other people. You look for easy ways out, and those usually lead you to content mills, where you can be stuck churning out articles for a dismal price, wondering where all the money is. Finding a new job can take months and through this process we can forget the most helpful tips for getting a job. Do your research before meeting them and prepare your top ten questions to ensure you make the most of your time together.
You will find that the client will be much better inclined to hear you out because your style already suits their needs.

Do your research and show that you have the specific skills, experience and approach required within the first half page of your CV, so the recruiter can quickly see your suitability.Insufficient evidenceUnsubstantiated claims won’t work. If you want, try for smaller, but respectable, publications before you move to bigger gigs. So instead of your CV saying you have 'good communication skills', give an example of where you demonstrated this to good effect e.g. However, unless it is clear who you are and what you do, then recruiters won’t know what to do with you.Errors Nine out of 10 CVs have errors on them and are often rejected on that basis alone. Your CV must be impeccably presented if you want to demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail.
Always ask someone else to check it over for you.Negative informationYour CV should include only positive information. Never criticise a previous employer or refer to difficulties or disappointments unless you were able to turn them around. Poor languageThe use of jargon, clumsy expression or cliches can sabotage the chances of even the most capable of candidates. Instead of using the 'I' pronoun, such as I did this, I did that', use positive action words to lead bullet points e.g. So make your CV as plain as possible or if you are uploading a pdf file, make sure it is compatible with the software. Advice and feedback from others is the best and quickest way to turn around a job search campaign which doesn’t seem to be working.Corinne Mills is the MD of Personal Career Management, a specialist career coaching firm.

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