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I write this coming to the end of my very first month working at VMware (I still feel like a newbie, but less and less with each day that passes). My role as a Candidate Development Recruiter means that I am responsible for sourcing the very best talent that the market has to offer in our SEMEA (Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. So you might be asking yourself, what enticed me to join this organization and have my expectations lived up to reality?
The People: As a Recruiter, I paid very close attention to how I was engaged with throughout the recruitment process at VMware. Reality often turns out to be profoundly different from expectation, but when you pinpoint what is important for you, make sure you pay attention to it. This entry was posted in Career Tips and tagged Best interview tips, Cloud Computing, How to interview, Interview, Interview prep, Interview preparation, Interview tips, IT, Job interview, job seekers, prepare for an interview, Tech, Tips, Tips for interview, Virtualization, VMware, VMware Careers on April 18, 2013 by Price Peacock. I always enjoy learning about the interesting work that people do as well as the challenges my friends, coworkers and acquaintances are working through. Underneath the excitement of professionally developing, there is a daunting set of ambiguous tasks that we all have to navigate. The greatest thing about the web is the vast amounts of information rushing to all of our devices in near real time. Aside from the distraction of accountability and discipline, let’s get back to the information challenge. Evernote is my favorite application and has been since I started using it a few years back.
Clipboard is another way to manage data, I don’t view it as my life database like Evernote, but it does have some unique advantages.
Instead of having paper to do lists scattered everywhere, and random things that need to be done lingering in your inbox and calendar, try this, put everything you need to get done today or this week in one of these apps.
Every time you start planning for the day or week, spend time pulling items off of your to do list and complete them. Side note: If you are actively looking for a role you should have your resume stored where you can quickly access it, make necessary updates and upload or email it at a moments notice. Stepping back for a second, we started this post feeling overwhelmed with the ambiguity of what to do with all of the information out there and how you can get started on a search. So now we are near the end of the process, you have your tasks lined out and now you must do them.
My advice is to set aside time daily to develop a routine so you can spend time consuming information and completing tasks from your list. Clinton Buelter is passionate about people, career development, and software that makes work better. This entry was posted in Career Tips and tagged Career Development, Career TIp, Cloud Computing, IT, Job, Job Search, Organization, Tech, Virtualization, VMware, VMware Careers on February 4, 2013 by Price Peacock. The short answer to this question is that a number of technical skills are required for roles here at VMware.
My focus here at VMware has been on growing products like Zimbra, SlideRocket, Socialcast, and Cetas.
Socialcast is a social networking web application that I use everyday here at VMware to collaborate with teams, share information, and find resources quickly. While this information gives you a sneak peek at the things we look for in terms of technical skills for our applications teams, keep in mind that this post is not a comprehensive list of every skill or role. Thanks again to all who have asked the question about what VMware is looking for in a quality candidate, it is definitely a thought-provoking question for me.
I help people discover innovative software products, develop themselves, and become more productive.
This entry was posted in Career Tips and tagged Career Advice, Career Tips, Cetas, Cloud Computing, IT, job hunting tips, SlideRocket, Socialcast, Tech, Virtualization, VMware, VMware Careers, Zimbra on September 24, 2012 by Price Peacock. As graduation in December fast approaches, many foreign nationals have questions about their work options.
For graduates in F-1 status, Optional Practical Training (OPT) will allow a student up to twelve months of employment after graduation. In order to qualify from OPT, students must obtain permission from their respective universities and gain a work authorization card from the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). H-1B’s are available to foreign nationals who have at least a United States Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent and will be working in a job that requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree.
The CIS issues 65,000 new H-1B approvals each year so there is a cap on the amount of H-1B’s that can be accepted within a year. For further questions on H-1B or OPT options, contact United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, more commonly known as CIS (formerly INS). Many law firms specialize in Immigration law and are happy to answer questions free of charge but it is best to find out first whether or not you will be charged for their services.
I hope this was helpful in providing a high level overview for obtaining work authorization. This entry was posted in Career Tips, University Relations and tagged Career Tips, Cloud Computing, Foreign National, H-1B, IT, New College Graduate, Optional Practical Training, Tech, Virtualization, VMware, VMware University Relations, Work Authorization on August 21, 2012 by Price Peacock. Sarah Clark first started working on immigration at the University of Southern California for the Information Technology Division. This entry was posted in Career Tips, Life at VMware and tagged Careers, Cloud Computing, Immigration policies, International hires, IT, Tech, VMware on February 16, 2012 by Price Peacock. Today Price Smith, VMware Social Recruiting Community Manager sat down with Dustin Stites, Senior Manager of University Recruiting & Relations at VMware to discuss the VMware University Relations Program. Upon joining VMware in 2011, Dustin relocated from Seattle, and now lives in the San Francisco bay area.  Dustin loves the outdoors and spending quality time with his two dogs named Thunder and Tanis. This entry was posted in Career Tips, Life at VMware, University Relations and tagged Careers, Cloud Computing, Internships, IT, Tech, University Relations, VMware on February 3, 2012 by Price Peacock. Sample reference and recommendation letters, letter samples for character references, a reference letter template, letters asking for a reference, and how to write a letter of recommendation. Sample letters of recommendation for students including reference letters, academic references, personal references, letters asking for a reference, and lists of references. To a potential employer, a LinkedIn recommendation is a reference in advance and they add weight to your LinkedIn profile.
This recommendation letter template shows the format of a typical letter of recommendation for employment or educational purposes. This recommendation letter template shows the format of a personal letter of recommendation. What job seekers and employees need to know about references, including information on reference and recommendation letters, sample letters of recommendation and reference lists, how to ask for a reference, how to write a reference, and how to use references. You think you'll show how eager and prepared you are by arriving 15 or more minutes early, but the manager -- who's usually notified of your arrival shortly after you check in with the front desk -- suddenly feels pressured to meet with you, and the receptionist has to figure out what to do with you in the meantime, explains Jenny Blake, Life After College author and former career development manager at Google.
If you’re interested in improving your business’s job descriptions, doing so could be as simple as making a few small changes to your writing style to better define your available jobs and attract higher quality applicants. From identifying the most important skills to reading listings from your competitors to learn more about what’s already working, read on to discover five tips for writing more detailed, effective job descriptions for your business.
What are the key skills and competencies that prospective employees need to have to fill your available position?
Start your job description writing process by noting the four or five most important competencies for prospective hires. You can list essential skills and competencies in bullet point form, or include them in your job description. As well as outlining the key skills the job requires, it’s important that you outline the duties and responsibilities that the person you eventually hire will need to deal with as part of the position.
Just like with the key skills and competencies the job requires, you can list duties as bullet points or provide a longer description of the work involved in the role, giving prospective applicants more information on the position. Job listings often tend towards the extremes: they’re either extremely bland, written using dense corporate language and buzzwords, or so casual and lighthearted that it can be hard to tell exactly what type of job they’re describing. From using too many buzzwords to avoiding the essential details of the job, it’s vital that you choose language that doesn’t affect your listing’s usefulness.
As part of your job description, list the people that the prospective applicant will report to – for example, a manager or executive – as well as the people that they’ll spend most of their time with as part of their job.
This is important because it helps people understand how they will fit in as part of your business.
One simple way to ensure you aren’t being unrealistic in your job description is to look at listings from competitors. This entry was posted in Blog Posts and tagged Hiring, HR Consulting, HR Recruitment, Job Description, Recruitment by HR Advisors, Inc Team. HR On Demand provides Human Resource Services to Southern and Northern California including Orange County, Irvine, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Huntington Beach, San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland as well as Nationwide.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In many instances, we hear from veterans who were actually inA a picture, or on a ship when the picture was taken. I sit with my colleagues on the Global Talent Acquisition team in the HR organization, a group that can only be described as a hive of activity.
From the very first contact right through to my job offer, I can say that I was met with a level of knowledge & professionalism that made me want to work at VMware. Think about it this way – the company is only 17 years old and already has 18,000 employees world-wide (phenomenal growth in my opinion). I’ve learned that the people I surrounded myself with, the opportunity to learn, and being a part of what’s next is important for me. Here’s how VMware employee, Clint Buelter suggests you maximize resources and opportunities to move forward. By instinct I always try to add value or even direction to help out and solve some of these problems.
Because of this, I’ve thought through and made notes of some of the effective strategies and tools I’ve seen or helped to develop that can help during a job search, career transition, or whatever you choose to call it.
And the worst thing for a person contemplating a career move is all of these real time updates clogging your mind and workspace. How can you manage all of the articles, company information, job postings and applications? If you aren’t familiar with either service I describe them as a cloud reading or bookmarking service. I’ve found that by entering items in an application makes me more effective because they aren’t cluttering my mind anymore.
Then you selected some sort of system to essentially store all of the relevant information for a later time when you could focus on the material. The whole process is critical but this final step is where your preparation and discipline pays off.
This is a great question that our hiring teams seem to be answering from candidates as of late. A company of our size with a number of enterprise products ranging from end user applications to infrastructure and operations management requires a number of different skill sets to create a successful team and product.
I’d like to share with you a few of the things we look for in terms of technical skills around the Socialcast and Zimbra products. I hope this information adds some clarity around the skill sets we are looking for here at VMware.
I am passionate about: solving problems through technology, software, the web, music, and coffee.
Students holding Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) degrees may get an additional 17 months. The CIS year runs from October 1-September 30 and they begin accepting H-1B cases at beginning April 1 for October 1 H-1B’s. Most large companies are well versed in hiring foreign graduates and have Immigration departments that will walk you through the process with ease. Can I apply to a job requisition if I do not live in the country that the job is located in? Here's what to include in your letter, what to ask your colleague so you can give them the best recommendation, and a sample letter to review to get ideas for your own reference letter. Here's a sample email reference letter, which shows how to format an emailed recommendation letter. Here is a template for a letter of recommendation that can be used to write your own letter of recommendation. She realized this simple truth after showing up at her conservative Wall Street office wearing what many magazines told her was appropriate (revealing wrap dresses and fishnet stockings) or frumpy suits, neither of which did her any favors. It requires a deliberate balance between providing enough detail to draw in great candidates without using so much that people aren’t engaged or interested.
If not, it could be missing out on attracting high quality applicants to fill open positions and provide real value. Your job listing needs to clearly communicate any and all essential skills in order to avoid attracting unsuitable candidates. Then, when you’re writing the listing, use these as key points in each section of your copy.
The key point is to make sure they’re included, as they play an important role in defining the type of candidate you’re searching for.

They’re easy for the prospective applicant to read and understand, but heavy enough on the details that it’s immediately clear what the job entails and what skills are required.
Stick to simple, familiar terminology that your target audience of applicants can easily understand. Every job requires working with other people, and it’s important that prospective applicants understand who they will be working with as part of your business. Listing important relationships also defines the job and attracts an audience of people who already have experience in similar positions. Many job descriptions include long lists of required skills that, while fantastic when available, just aren’t possessed by the majority of job seekers. Are your competitors demanding in their lists of skills and competencies, or are their listings more concise? At the same time, however, being too selective about the skills your job requires could result in you attracting a far small audience of applicants and struggling to find a good candidate. However I’m happy to report that my first four weeks at VMware have been challenging, invigorating and exciting! There is a constant buzzing of conversations with prospective VMware employees from all corners of the globe.
Obviously, there’s still a learning curve, but I certainly know a lot more now than I did four weeks ago. Nobody can accurately predict the future, however VMware has seen steady growth in the vCloud Air business and the exciting prospects of our SDDC  (Software-defined Data Center) are sure to lead the way to sustained growth.
This makes me excited for what’s to come, and right now I know I’m happy to be a part of the community of people here at VMware and the opportunity it provides me to grow as an individual.
One of the challenges I get to help friends and prospective candidates with is making that next step in their career. This post isn’t a step by step recipe that you can follow to receive exact results, but I’m confident if you pick up a few of these tools and use them along with a simple process, you will be more efficient, effective, and better prepared for your next career move.
How is it possible to work full-time, spend time with family, and stay up to date with current trends and news while planning for a future job? I’d suggest setting up Notebooks in Evernote (similar to folders) and installing their web clipper in your browser. So if you spill a coffee on your laptop and lose all of the documents on your desktop – everything in Evernote will still be available in the cloud.
Install the browser extension so you can clip items from around the web into your clipboard account.
You can really manage pocket it in a number of ways, but it is helpful because it gives you a reference point.
I know what you’re thinking, I already make paper to-do lists, and use post it notes all the time, but I don’t get a lot of value out of them.
I can pick a few tasks off the list and do them and eventually the list is empty (for a short time).
Make the calls, send the emails, setup coffees with colleagues you haven’t seen in awhile or told about your upcoming change, apply to jobs and do them all in a timely manner.
Sometimes writing and tweeting, about personal and organizational productivity, software, recruitment, and business.
And it is through our collaborative drive that we imagine, define and deliver the future of IT.
Whatever the motivation, I advise people to take ownership of these interests; you will be the person who is most motivated to change your career trajectory. OPT allows the student to work for any employer in a job related to the student’s degree program. There are some exceptions to the cap such as University jobs and non-profits affiliated with universities, non-profit research organizations, H-1B extensions with same employer, and H-1B transfer to new employer.
If VMware seriously considers you for a position, then the Human Resources Immigration Team will assist you with any of the necessary legal documents that are needed for the position you have applied for.
For the green card process, there are a couple of conditions that apply in order to be considered for sponsorship. Here's the information you need to write an effective letter, what to include, and how to format a letter of recommendation. Consider using a character reference (personal reference) in addition to or as an alternative to employment reference letters.  Neighbors and acquaintances may be willing to write a reference for you.
When you recommend a LinkedIn member you are attesting to their qualifications and people love being recommended. By showing up five to 10 minutes before the interview, you're demonstrating not only that you understand that, but also that you're doing your part to be one less thing for him or her to worry about. Have a cup of coffee in the morning near your potential new office or drive by during lunchtime and watch people going in and out.
We look forward to hearingA from you and know others will appreciate your input on our country's history and your place in it both yesterday and today.
Everyone that I have encountered has a sense of enthusiasm in what they are doing and there is a strong sense of pride in VMware, which is very easy to buy into. There is also the impending prospect of becoming a VMware Sales Professional (VSP) – our accreditation which provides an in-depth understanding of VMware’s suite of products. I’m talking about helping people change jobs, make the jump into a new field or even moving to a new city for that next step that is going to move their life forward.
The truth is that most people don’t and you probably hear the same phrases I do like,  “I’m slammed” or “I don’t have time.” I get it, but we all have 24-hours in each day, and we accomplish exactly what we must get done, nothing more, and nothing less. If you see an interesting company you want to research for a future move, clip it into your “Target Companies” notebook. Clipboard’s design team did a great job and the service displays information like articles, or job posts in an awesome visual layout to keep everything right in front of you. You will probably want to create a list for your job search to dos like: updating your resume, following up from today’s interview with thank you emails, and completing your monthly goal setting.
I keep rebuilding my list during the day or weekend adding new tasks to my lists from my phone. You can offer and gain the most from the relationships that you’ve previously created, but in a transition you need to be effective on getting out there and building new inroads.
Do you want to know what it takes to be a part of our close-knit community of intellectually driven and entrepreneurial people? We use a great deal of JavaScript on the front end along with our proprietary AJAX framework. If technical skills are your focus, try various technologies, don’t just learn one for the sake of placing it on your resume, find one or two modern technologies that you really enjoy working with and master them. There are two common mechanisms for hiring foreign nationals in the United States- Optional Practical Training and H-1B. Normal processing times can take several months but CIS has a premium processing that guarantees processing in 15 days (there is an extra $1,225 fee). Graduates with US advanced degrees have special allocation of 20,000 H-1B’s above the 65,000 cap. Business acquaintances, academic advisors, customers, and vendors can all make good references. Just don't do your investigating on a Friday when many companies' dress codes are more relaxed, says Brenda Arnold, regional vice president of Robert Half International, a staffing firm.
The atmosphere is positive, not only in our department, but among the Cork campus as a whole, which makes for an enjoyable work environment. The VSP certification is an exciting prospect as it will further reinforce my understanding of VMware’s diverse portfolio of products. It’s hard, but simply changing your “I need to” into “I must” can help you get the necessary tasks done. I’ve even created a notebook for articles I enjoyed reading or plan to read at a later time.
Act quickly though, because unlike Evernote this is a linking system and if an article or post is moved you may not find it again. OPT can be used while a student completes a degree (summer internship, fall co-op, etc.) or can be used upon graduating. Secondly, during their three months, the employee must meet or exceed expectations in their performance and contributions. If you're still unsure, make a call to a local professional organization (like the local bar association if you're a lawyer) to see what they recommend.
Speaker Ryan stated, "As you know, this declaration comes about as the result of an oversight deadline set by Congress."Sec.
You certainly could do all of these things, but I believe that each of these methods is flawed. Your stopping point will be saved for when you’re ready to roll through the remaining pages. While the visual design of the site is important for me as a user, I also want the site to be incredibly fast. If you feel like you’re lacking in another area of your career take that focus and energy you just used and apply it to the the skill you want to grow. In the end, I hope you take away some tips to better prepare yourself in the application process as well as your future career opportunities as a new college graduate.
OPT used while a student completes a degree will be subtracted from OPT time available after graduation. I also want to thank the Knights of Columbus and all those organizations and leaders around the world who have spoken out on this. A a€?But now that our government is recognizing this crisis, it needs to do more to stop it. A A NATO planes need to rain hell-fire bombs on all training facilities without warning and more boots-on-the-ground then first wave Navy Seals are necessary to hunt these fanatics as they surface from the holes in the ground they crawled into. A A Real War Photos.A story of Labor Day weekend 1967 at Fort Wainwright and friendships made long ago.
We used field showers which were 55 gallon drums of water on top of a scaffold looking contraption.
Heated by a gasoline heater that provided cold water or scalding water with no middle settings.
Showers were never long.A After two weeks the troops were tiring of the lack of alcohol and the companionship of the native girls at the bars in Fairbanks. I'm sure having troops restricted to base made that generous decision easier for the brass to make.A Friday afternoon, Robert Carleton walked over to my bunk and laid out a plan. A Carleton actually looked like Jim Carrey, black hair and dark eyes and an eternal, almost goofy grin.
He proposed that him, Merle Archie and I should slip off post after dark and make our way to Pauline's bar to check out the chicks and sample Pauline's legendary drinks. His idea of excitement was watching me and Schwering swill contraband Bacardi while listening to Peter Paul and Mary on his record player. Arch was incredibly bright and we had become close friends, having shared one of the partitioned areas in the barracks. Anyway, Arch looked at Carleton through his triple thick glasses and exclaimed, "Are you F'n nuts? We stepped into the night after 4 or 5 minutes of careful planning without a thought about consequences or the fact that we had no idea where Pauline's actually was.A We walked the muddy mile down past the motor pool to the fence at post's edge, 8 feet high topped with barb wire. Carleton had one small mishap, probably took 5 stitches, but as I told him he'll always have that scar on his ass to brag about. The plan was to follow perimeter road until the left corner, ducking the MP jeeps on patrol.
Turn right then a short hike cross country until we found the paved road Pauline's was supposed be on.
A half hour later Carleton yelled "Keep moving I see a light!" We made the light and it was right beside the highway. Not a slow pace but a good long march carrying full gear pace, whistling, shouting cadence counts, telling lies and laughing. Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A A small dirt parking lot then a weathered log cabin, stoop shouldered and tired looking, appeared out of the fog as we got closer. He looked at me and pushed the door open.A Cigarette smoke filled the small dim room, an overhead light reflected in the mirror behind the small bar.
I stood at the left end Carleton was next to me then 3 guys who looked pretty much the same. One occupied.A i»?i»?A A short woman, 50ish, walked out of the back, a little puffy, reddish hair, eyebrows arched on in a ruddy shade. She walked over to me, her eyes were the bluest I'd ever seen; something sparkled on her earlobe. Actually you're supposed to have an incredible selection of the best drinks a soldier, er, I mean a person can find this far north. Two double sized shot glasses hit the well-worn wooden bar, filled in a smooth, much experienced motion. A a€?Holy Shit!a€? Carleton whispered to me.A Midnight sounded on the wind up grandfather clock by the door. Carleton was new best friends with the funny talking bearded guy and I was too hammered to move.

The fog was still dense, we hadn't really considered the fact that 12 miles out is 12 miles back. A About a half hour later we were sitting beside the road as headlights appeared out of the fog. We drove for a half hour or so, Carleton had started spouting some kind of gibberish that mocked their accents. The truck started and they disappeared into the fog.A Just as they said we found the railroad track. A A My next memory is Saturday afternoon, being jostled roughly and someone yelling at me in a deep southern voice. Get out of the rack and enjoy this wonderful God given day!a€? The room was floating in circles in front of me. You poor stupid dumb ass excuse for a soldier you fell for that story?a€? He was almost laughing.
We've spent a lot of money rescuing their asses after a couple days in the woods.a€? He shook has head as he now couldn't contain his laughter. I don't think I said goodbye to Carleton, I may not have even talked with him after that night. The next chapter started bad and only got worse.A Robert Carleton and I were never in touch again. I looked for him 20 or so years ago and found a cousin who said he lived alone and was doing well. Without weapons training, Miller, a messman third class, jumped into action when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941.
However, after a nasty and aggressive campaign by male pilots who wanted the WASP jobs during World War II, they were the only wartime unit that was denied military status by Congress and were sent home before the war was over and their job was done.
Because the women were denied military status, the WASP received no insurance or benefits during or after the war, and if a WASP died during training or while on a mission, their families were not allowed to put a service star in the window, nor could the WASP receive a military burial. It wasna€™t until the middle of the 1970a€?s that they would be recognized as World War II veterans, and it wasna€™t until 2010, that the United States government would recognize those women who died during their service and the surviving WASP would receive the congressional gold medal. We Served Too provides a first hand account from WASP who tell their story and discuss their experiences during the three pivotal periods that make up the WASP history. The $50,000 needed for the trip is raised entirely by the students through sponsorships, grants and fundraisers.A Those wishing to find out more can call 517-851-7770, ext. I told them online!!!" Clayton B, CAA "You are now my favorite supplier!" Mark S., CAA "I'm no hero, just an old marine, but you treat me like one. Peace and Semper Fidelis," Joe M., MIA "I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with your photos. You really helped me alot." John B, CTA "I appreciate your work and Veterans discount and completing my order so quickly. So about 20 G-14a€?s, named Avia S-99 and two G-12a€?s named CS-99 were produced.There were plans for a large scale production to equip the new Czech air force. In September 1945 the stock of DB 605 engines was lost in a fire in the factory where they were stored and an alternative powerplant had to be found. The 109 airframe was adapted for the Jumo engine and the first Jumo engined S-199 first flew in March 1947. The S-199 and the two seat trainer CS-199 served for some years with the Czech air force but was soon replaced.In 1948 25 of the S-199 fighters were sold to the new state of Israel where they served during the 1948 war fighting against Egyptian Spitfires!. Until one day, Kilroy's boss called him into his office.The foreman was upset about all the wages being paid to riveters,and asked him to investigate. As a result, Kilroy's inspection "trademark" was seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troop ships the yard produced.His message apparently rang a bell with the servicemen. Before war's end, "Kilroy" had been here, there, and everywhere on the long hauls to Berlin and Tokyo.
Servicemen began placing the graffiti wherever they landed, claiming it Kilroy became the U.S. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the underside ofThe Arc de Triomphe, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon. Underwater demolition teams routinelysneaked ashore on Japanese-held islands in the Pacific to map the terrain forComing invasions by U.S. Troops (and thus, presumably, were the first GI's there).On one occasion, however, they reported seeing enemy troops painting over the Kilroy logo!In 1945, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Roosevelt, Stalin,And Churchill at the Potsdam conference. Its' first occupant was Stalin, who emerged and asked his aide (in Russian), "Who is Kilroy?"A To help prove his authenticity in 1946, James Kilroy brought along officialsfrom the ship yard and some of the riveters.
The exhibit will feature historical artifacts from a Revolutionary War rifle to a camouflage kippah designed to honor a casualty of the War in Iraq.
Photos, video, and interactive media will illustrate the full experience of those Jews who have worn the uniform of our country. Wally served in WWII in the United States Marines, 2nd Marine Div, 2nd Bn, 8th Regt, Fox Co. She said: a€?Wally if you hang onto this bill, you will never be broke!a€? So I put it in my billfold, and left December the 12th for San Diego , Ca.
Just after dark I stepped outside the barracks into a misty rain, which looked almost like snow as I looked up into the yard lights.
Yup, tears streamed down my cheeks, but I told myself that I am now a Marine, and they dona€™t cry!i»?A After boot camp, I carried the bill in my billfold to New Zealand with me for training there, and then was transferred a couple of months later. During the 2nd or 3rd night a strong storm came up, causing a€?large waves,a€™ which is uncommon for the Pacific ocean (so we were told). I remember my cot shifting back and forth some, and the next morning they told us that some 2 dozen had slid off the deck, and of course they never even slowed down to look for them (remember this is a€?war timea€™) and life was not all that importanta€¦a€¦a€¦a€¦i»?A We continued on our trip, and on Nov 10th, 1943 we boarded a€?amphibious tanksa€™ and headed in to capture Tarawa .
It had been bombed and shelled so much, that they thought there will be little if any resistancea€”wrong! The Japanese had built concrete a€?pill boxes,a€™ and bunkers made of steel and concrete so thick, that the shelling did no damage to them.
Even the airplane bombing did not penetrate them.i»?A I was in the 1st a€?wave,a€™ and as we neared the island, our machine gunners mounted on our tanks, were firing like mad (which surprised me as there was supposed to be no resistance), until they were killed by incoming Japanese gunners fire, who had left the safety of the bunkers. As we got almost to the beach we started jumping out, and most ofA  us did not make it because of the machine gunners. The area we landed on, had a high sea wall, so we got up against it and threw hand grenades toward the gunners, but they were a€?far enough backa€™ that they did no harm, and as we tried to climb over the wall, the gunners again did their thing, blocking our approach.i»?I could see that the tank to our left, had taken a a€?cannon typea€™ shell right through the middle of it, so all on it had lost their livesa€¦a€¦a€¦a€¦i»?While we were laying there, the few of us that were left, tried to figure out what to do, as there was no leadership alive.
About then a couple of large special a€?Higginsa€™ boats, loaded with Marines, started coming in to help us out.
These boats had a a€?rampa€? the was lowered at the front, and as the the Marines came running out into a€?waist deepa€™ water, the were immediately mowed down by the Japs.
All we could do was look in horror as some 300 young men died, as they had no place for cover and lost their lives. Some 970 Marines lost their lives on this small island in some 72 hoursa€¦i»?A Fortunately, quite a ways to our right, the fighting was much less, and in several hours a beach head had been established, and Marines & equipment came pouring in. Apparently this went on all night (I had no way of knowing), and by morning the few of us left, crawled to a€?their areaa€™ and a line was formed across the island, and we all started a drive to take over the rest of the island.i»?I had moved forward towards the end of one of the big bunkers, looking to get to the entrance, when a Jap soldier apparently had slipped out of the entrance, and quickly threw a hand grenade at us. I dropped to the ground, and just before getting there, I took part of the grenade in my right chest.
I remember looking at the blood coming down my a€?fatigue jacket,a€™ and thinking: a€?I hope I dona€™t die!a€? I crawled back to where we had started the drive and a corpsman came to me, and bandaged me, and I think he gave me a shot of morphine, and attached a name tag (which I still have) to my a€?dog tagsa€™. Apparently the Navy had only brought a small hospital ship to the area, thinking that it would not be used much, but it was already full, so I was put on a€?some other ship.a€?A i»?I think I went into severe shock as I only remember watching a a€?burial at sea,a€™ and then the next thing I knew I was in a Naval Hospital in Honolulu . I think part of the longer stay, was that I was suffering what they called a€?combat fatigue,a€™ but they have different name for it now.i»?A Some time in early Jan, I rejoined my old squad and went into training for the next campaign, which was Saipan . This was a much bigger island and I was in the 3rd wave this time, and while the Japs were set up with mortars, etc, once we got past the beach it became a fire fight from time to time. About the 3rd day, we moving forward to take care of a a€?nest of machine gunners.a€™ I had just moved forward, but one of the guys (Dick) in my squad did not make a move. I hollered to him to move out, but he said, a€?I cana€™t Ia€™m hit.a€? So I crawled over to him and he told me he was not going to make it, but asked me to take his a€?Marine ring,a€? off of his finger and give it to his dad.
I put the ring on my finger, and wore it until some weeks or a month (?) later.i»?This will be hard to believe (had I not been there, I too would maybe not believe,) but the island had grown sugar cane, so the Navy had shelled it with incendiary shells that set the fairly dry cane on fire.
They did this so it was easier to see any emplacements, with out the corn blocking our view. Well, the heat from the burning caused a€?sweetnessa€™ to run out of the stalks, and flies fed on it and began multiplying, so much so that in aA  few days, in the early morning we could actually hear buzzing as the flies started the day.
The flies were so dense that it was impossible to eat a a€?C or Ka€? ration without having to pick several of them out of the food. Since the island was basically secured by then, we just had to stay up on a cliff over looking the ocean, as they had not had time to set up a tent city for us to move into. They had however set up several a€?hospitala€™ tents, so a bunch of us sickies went some distance down to them, and spent 2 weeks there, while they treated us.i»?A A week or 2 later we landed on a sister island name Tinian , which was largely a mopping up operation. By now my a€?combat fatiguea€™ had gotten worse, so I was flown to a Naval hospital in Richmond , Ca. While there I looked up Dicka€™s (see above) dad, and gave him the ring off of my finger, and to my surprise he told me that before Dick had left for the Marines, he bought 2 of the rings, one for him and one for Dick.
So we traded rings, and I wore it for a number of years, in fact until it a€?wore through.a€™i»?After some 3 weeks or so, I was transferred to Seal Beach , Ca which was a Naval A ammunition depot, and Marines did the guard duty.
Ernie matts a Real War Photo of a specific historical scene along with a certified 'First Day' collectible cover (postage card with cancelled stamp), then adds signed collector's cards by personnel involved in the event. If you want to contact Ernie about what he has for sale or is currently working on, please call 320-420-1142 and mention you saw his work on Real War Photos website! Albrecht"I have a major display of some forty deceased veterans in the post office for 12 days at Memorial Day week and one at Veterans Day for another 35 living veterans. Your photos give the viewers a real look at what was and what we should remember of these honored veterans that give us the freedom we enjoy today." Above are Frank's Memorial Day and Veteran's Day displays at the US Post Office in Reigelsville, PA. RWP sends a special salute and very sincere thanks to Frank for all his 'memory' work on behalf of Veteran families across the U.S. I am the boy with the hammer and the "For Rent" sign, while my brother, walking toward the camera, carries a gas mask. My wingman's F-100D has fuze extenders onthe 500-lb bombs so they would explode three feet above the ground, giving greater blast and shrapnel effects.
Morning Call videos by Harry Fisher,; Background video photos courtesy of Real War Photos Inc. WWII - Famous Battles.A Go to our GALLERIES website to view our Pearl Harbor photo collection as well as each ship involved. Showers were never long.After two weeks the troops were tiring of the lack of alcohol and the companionship of the native girls at the bars in Fairbanks.
I'm sure having troops restricted to base made that generous decision easier for the brass to make.Friday afternoon, Robert Carleton walked over to my bunk and laid out a plan.
When Merle cussed he meant business.Later that night we left the barracks by the side door, the fragrance of English Leather thick in the air. We stepped into the night after 4 or 5 minutes of careful planning without a thought about consequences or the fact that we had no idea where Pauline's actually was.A Pitch black night.
Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A small dirt parking lot then a weathered log cabin, stoop shouldered and tired looking, appeared out of the fog as we got closer. He looked at me and pushed the door open.Cigarette smoke filled the small dim room, an overhead light reflected in the mirror behind the small bar. Carleton let out a yelp and took off running and I was just a step behind him.A Pitch black night.
One occupied.Ita€™s time to make the world safe, for NATO to act as it was formed to do in this global situationa€¦respond to terrorists in unison with might.MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS WAR! A The United States, England, France, Russia (in particular) and all NATO countries in general, need to step up the a€?war on terrora€™, and let us call it what it is, what even the Pope has labeled it, a€?a world wara€?, against first-strike, Islamic extremists that use terror as a means to try to instill fear, cause pain, innocentsa€™ suffering and death.Call them ISIS, ISIL or the fanatics that they are, these self -proclaimed jihadists have declared their (un)holy war on all infidels who do not believe as they do. These radical extremists number only a few thousand (out of a reported 1 billion Muslims world-wide) but affect us all as potential a€?soft targetsa€™ for their next strike.Clearly identified attacks from these terrorists have gone on since the 1980a€™s and have significantly increased of late.
A One of the very sad outcomes will continue to be the loss of innocent lives, including the young recruits who have been naively or ideologically lead via intense Internet recruiting, along with those whoa€™ve been threatened into pledging their lives and futurea€¦ led to believe that their way to heaven justifies the bombing, stabbing, shooting, beheading and suicide missions that zealots call on them to do.A Ita€™s time to make the world safe, for NATO to act as it was formed to do in this global situationa€¦respond to terrorists in unison with might.MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS WAR! We look forward to hearingA from you and know others will appreciate your input on our country's history and your place in it both yesterday and today. Anyway, Arch looked at Carleton through his triple thick glasses and exclaimed, "Are you F'n nuts?
Carleton had one small mishap, probably took 5 stitches, but as I told him he'll always have that scar on his ass to brag about.
Turn right then a short hike cross country until we found the paved road Pauline's was supposed be on. Actually you're supposed to have an incredible selection of the best drinks a soldier, er, I mean a person can find this far north. Now what can I get you?a€?i»?I'd heard of it but never sampled the mad water from Mexico.

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