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TweetScoop.itManagement and marketing basically runs on a simple bottom line- the better one is able to sell an idea, product or service, better are the chances of there being some tangible returns on the time and effort invested. Quick and correct communication is a part of good management practices, and PowerPoint presentations are superb tools in this regard.  Hence, designing PPT presentations for sales isn’t a phenomenon unheard of.
The data and material has to be smartly manipulated into something that would hold the attention of the audience and also retain a position in their minds. Headings, tags and catch phrases should be used wherever possible.  The data should be delivered in easy, small points rather than the highly textual, paragraph form. As a follow up to our industry roundup, we like to have sales and marketing experts discuss the opportunities and challenges they face with their clients around sales and marketing presentations.
What are the lessons you’ve learned from creating presentations in making them more effective? The first lesson is, regardless of how expensive or complicated your product is, too much information can actually slow or halt the sale, not move it forward. I have yet to find any speaking or presentation blogs that offer the kinds of advice I’m looking for. I’m borrowing from Dan Pink on this one where he states that every presentation should be about brevity, levity, and repetition. I used to devour presentation and public speaking blogs but they are all saying the same things these days.
I find many sales and marketing people leave out two very important parts of a compelling presentation; a) the problems that the constituent base has, and b) the trends that are impacting the constituent. I’ve learned that launching directly into a slide show is absolutely the WRONG way to do it. Secondly, I would never end with, “Any questions?” I would set aside some time near the end for Q&A but make the last thing they hear from you impactful. I think the only must haves are a series of relevant questions, specifically relevant to the buyer, not you; an open mind so actually take in the answers and use them to deliver value to your client and you employer. I am not big on “presentations till the end, once we have had a full discovery, and arrived at the real value for the buyer.  At that point I present a “discussion document” or “outline” that serves as my proposal, but allows us to close the sale together. Power point presentations are thus a great way for companies to exhibit their annual performances as well as to leave a long lasting positive impact on the viewers.

The content has to be altered according to the preferences of the viewers and must match their level of understanding.
Sales PPTs are thus all about presenting facts, stats and propositions regarding the sales offers of a company.  It should be done with care and consideration so that the company stands to benefit from the display of any such presentation. Your prospect only needs just enough of the right information to make a logical buying decision. Every presentation MUST tell a story that your audience can relate to, and connect them to a product or service they want to own.
Find out what the customer or audience wants, needs and cares about, especially if they are considering a purchase.
I never mention the names of individual companies that may be represented in the audience in case study examples. Instead, I have chosen to follow other speakers who’s style I like and knowledge I respect. I’ll bet if I Googled “trends in (your industry)”, I could come up with 5-10 that your prospects are dealing with. Did you need or want detailed blueprints of framing, plumbing and electrical wiring before you bought your house? Customize the message for your audience using humor and creativity that delivers a clear, concise, and actionable message. Experience has shown me that if I mention a company in a positive example, other audience members may get jealous or feel they were better qualified.
I am also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (The American organization is NSA, National Speakers Association).
These are the attributes I embrace with any presentation – particularly sales and marketing decks where it is all about winning hearts and minds.
But, you are constantly looking to ‘connect’ with an audience and there is no better way to do it than to let them know you know what they’re thinking and feeling. You are more valuable to your client if you can portray what their future world will look like in the absence of your solution. Neither does your prospect!  The bottom line is, you do yourself more harm than good if you talk about every feature and benefit of your product has, as opposed to talking about only the features and benefits that are important to your prospect.

You MUST make the audience feel like they are a part of your show (yes, your presentation is a show). A presentation with great content will never be effective or remembered if the opening or closing is weak. However my problem early on was that I dressed in a suite and tie because I thought that was expected. Of course, using a company name in a bad example is a quick way to get the entire audience to hate you. I even suggest you ask them, “What’s on your mind” around this topic that you’ll be presenting on. You MUST emotionally engage with the audience to keep them on the edge of their chairs wanting more.
Second, you have less than a minute at the beginning of the presentation to not only get their attention, but also to get them to like you.
The performance didn’t match the look and the audience would get confused – a wild show from such a conservative guy? Even if you don’t mention any other companies, they will not trust you to not embarrass them. And, after all, that’s what we’re doing when we’re presenting is attempting to influence minds.
I also try to include a story to demonstrate that I clearly understand their needs, values and experiences. Then, assuming you think quickly on your feet, you’ll be able to ‘connect’ your points to their perspectives.
Feedback tells me audiences are now cool with the outfit as they view it as a costume instead of an outfit – which they view as simply part of the show.
He opened by saying that while he only wished he could experience their products, this wife and daughters use the products everyday.

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