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Lie #1 You are going to have a fairy-tale, “happily-ever-after” experience once you get married. The two of you may be twinning all the time and completing each other’s sentences, it’s unlikely that you’ll agree on everything. Tons of people think that if another person is really, really right for them, they will sail smoothly through life together. The D Word: the afternoon had been fuelled by nostalgia and wine, but was there more to our reunion?

There sure have been several myths floating about which are so terribly wrong, that would lead you straight down the path of your break up. Unless you want to put an end to your lovely relationship believing stupid assumptions, here listed are a few myths about relationships. Honestly, when you marry someone who you know pretty well, your relationship with them will be a lot like it was before you walked down the aisle. Thinking the other person loves you, they will tolerate your shoddy behavior or your sudden lack of consideration for their needs.

People buy into the idea that all they have to do is try harder or work more at it, and big problems would just shoo away.

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