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SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. SlideRocket protects your content investment and opens up a world of previously unavailable possibilities by importing your existing PowerPoint or Google presentations.
You decide how to get started and we'll help you reinvent your presentations for the way you work today. Sync presentations to from the cloud to SlideRocket's Desktop Presenter and take them with you wherever you go. With a full set of professional design tools SlideRocket helps you create breathtaking presentations that will wow your audience. SlideRocket goes way beyond its desktop counterparts and offers you the power of the Internet.
Inspiration is just a click away in SlideRocketa€™s gallery of professionally designed presentations. Light the fuse to your presentation project with inspiration from SlideRocket's Presentation Gallery.
Presentations hold some of your most precious data, yet presentation files are often left unsecured, stored on laptops or thumb drives and shared indiscriminately. SlideRocket stores and protects your presentations online and ensures you have complete control over how they're accessed and distributed. SlideRocket puts the power of web meetings at your fingertips without the need to download and install additional software. An industry first, SlideRocket analytics lets you measure your presentation effectiveness by showing you who viewed and what they did as a result. There are few people who relish the opportunity to step out on stage and present, whether that’s in a room packed full of industry experts or an online meeting with senior management. The catalyst might have been a seemingly innocent email from the boss, the “oh, didn’t I mention it” remark made in passing by a colleague or an invitation out of the blue from a customer. Run around like a headless chicken, expending huge amounts of energy and time telling everyone about the presentation you have to prepare with ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to spare. Jumping straight onto PowerPoint and creating a presentation that, at least on the surface, fits the brief (typically this starts off with a series of bullet points…and gets progressively worse as time marches on and the sense of panic increases).
Send out an ‘All Staff’ pleading email requesting slides that have even a passing resemblance to the presentation topic.
It will come as no surprise that none of the above options are going to help you meet the deadline and nail the presentation (although Option 1 might make you feel better about it for a while). In priority order, we’d recommend you approach the task by breaking down the key elements of every successful presentation.
All simple questions but getting ‘under the skin’ of the audience and getting a good grip on the answers will make a huge difference to the way you approach the development of your presentation. Now you’ve got your head around the audience, think about what you want to share with them. Whatever the flavour, every presentation should have a purpose – what do you want the audience to do as a result of the information you’ve just shared with them? It’s a funny thing but content is the source of most presentation problems but is also the easiest thing to fix. Now for the good news – armed with a clear message, the content you need to share with your audience to deliver this picks itself. This may look a little scary – only spending three quarters of an hour on prepping your PowerPoint slides? We’ve been really mean in this scenario by only giving you 3 hours but it is vital to always squeeze some time to run through the presentation before you deliver it.
Truth be told, 30 minutes is no time at all BUT taking a few moments out to run through the presentation and test how it all hangs together will pay huge dividends before you step up in front of your audience and speak. So there you go – when faced with the almost impossible task of creating a presentation from scratch in 3 hours, step away from your PC and start thinking, doodling and planning.
Simon launched Eyeful Presentations in 2004, with a simple goal of creating better, more effective business presentations that would engage audiences and actually get presenters results and success. A published author, his first book, ‘The Presentation Lab’ is making waves and has been released around the world in 6 languages.
I agree with everything you say about managing the time allocations and planning for preparing your presentation in a hurry, except the final piece which is the rehearsal, and here I’d advocate allocating more time (even if this means squeezing time elsewhere). My rationale is that the delivery of the presentation is THE most important piece, since its what the audience sees and what they form their opinions from, and any lack of commitment, passion or desire on the part of the people delivering the messages will undermine the good work done in producing the structure, key messages and support materials etc. In my experience of working with significant numbers of people who don’t present formal business proposals regularly is that they need at least a couple of rehearsals before they reach the stage where they are able to think about the delivery of their messages – as opposed to just delivering the messages! I look forward to reading yours and other readers comments on this and other elements of the article. However I still strongly believe that more presentations fail because of a lack of engaging and relevant content than because the presenter trips over their words or lacks polish. So for these reasons, I’d still recommend spending more time on content than rehearsal if the clock is ticking – 180 minutes is no time at all!
The intuitive interface of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and the Functional Tools overview below will guide you in creating and demonstrating powerful mind map presentations using template.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP - an excellent tool for exporting mind maps to PowerPoint to visualize and presenting your project. You can use SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation to represent strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in your SWOT matrix. ConceptDraw SWOT analysis software is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing a project or business. ConceptDraw MINDMAP extended with Presentation Exchange solution allows you to create a traditional PowerPoint Presentation from your mind maps.
A SWOT Analysis is a popular strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in any businesses.
Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP into MS Word Document, Business Tools Perceptual Mapping, Software for Creating SWOT Analysis Diagrams, Create a Presentation Using a Design Template, SWOT Template, Program for Making Presentations, SWOT matrix template, Swot Analysis Examples, SWOT analysis matrix diagram templates, SWOT Matrix Template.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a fundamental tool in quality management to describe visual instructions on any process. You can use SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation to represent strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in your SWOT matrix. A software for group collaboration helps to facilitate action-oriented teams working together over geographic distances by providing tools that aid communication. Great value in depicting and describing a problem in detail, How To Use Enterprise Collaboration Software, Tool for Workgroup Briefings, Meetings and Decisions, How To Use Collaboration Software, Decision Making Software For Small Business.
The power, economy, and versatility of ConceptDraw MINDMAP takes personnel and team productivity to another level.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. BARRIERS AND FACILITATORS TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF HEALTHYEATING STRATEGIES IN SCHOOLS IN ALBERTABackgroundIn June 2008, the Government of Alberta released the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines forChildren and Youth aiming to provide schools with a tool to help children and youth makehealthy food choices.
Import as images for quick and easy sharing or import as editable files for full compatibility with SlideRocket. Online, offline or mobile you can login, access your presentations and make them available to your customers and prospects 24x7. Combine themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash to tell your story without compromise. Easily integrate content from free public web resources like Flickr or YouTube and utilize plug-ins from Yahoo!
Easily share presentations, slides and assets across the organization to facilitate reuse and consistency while letting SlideRocket do the heavy lifting with automatic version management and content inheritance for always up to date slides. Pull data in real time from sources like Google Spreadsheets, Twitter live feeds and Yahoo!
Find the creative spark you need to realize your own project and borrow from the experience of the world's best presentation designers to get a head start. The reality is that hard drives crash, viruses attack, computers are stolen, and important documents are lost, accidentally deleted or worse, shared with competitors.
If you value your intellectual property, SlideRocket is the easiest way to effectively secure your presentations and related assets. With stunning clarity and support for full motion video, transitions and builds SlideRocket presents your slides with full fidelity so your audience sees them the same way you do. Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing.
The cause may come in many shapes and sizes but the end result is something we’ve all experienced – Last Minute Presentation Panic.
The net result is an inbox full of confusing, contradictory content that you then spend the next 24 hours attempting to knit together ultimately resulting in what we call Presentationstein (and, in all likelihood, a serious caffeine addiction). Nope – in the end, the success of your emergency presentation will depend on how well you quell the rising sense of panic and buckle down to the hard work of creating a presentation that is worthy of your audience’s time (and yours…and your boss’s). It may not feel like it as you battle the rising tide of panic, but every presentation needs to be thought of as a huge privilege. Given sufficient time, focus and a band of willing helpers, maybe…but when the clock is ticking and the pressure is on, it tends to be a slightly different story.
You’ve just received a call from your boss who wants you to deliver an update on the big project you’ve been working on to the board of directors. Assuming you have other things pulling on your time (other work commitments, family, the need for sleep), let’s work on the basis of having a maximum of 3 hours to prepare for the presentation. Ensure you go through this initial pondering stage away from your PC – great ideas don’t come from playing with PowerPoint, they are merely shared by using it properly. Making your presentation relevant to your audience is absolutely key – if the audience isn’t engaged, you’ve wasted everybody’s time (and a lot of nervous energy) – so ensure you have them in mind each and every step of the way. Great presentations form the basis of a transaction between presenter and audience – information is imparted to prompt an action from the audience. Your message should be crystal clear before you embark on creating the presentation as it is this that will prompt the action from the audience.
Presentations created in a panic tend to be choc-a-block with content for the simple reason that editing takes time and it’s a lot easier to keep information in ‘just in case’. You can quickly identify content that is helping you reinforce or demonstrate your message (this stays in) and the content that is the waffle that bogs down many presentations (typically vanity slides about company size and a picture of the founder – this can be dropped).

Sorry but this is tough love…spending any more than 45 mins on your slides in a 3 hour window is akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. You’re now building your slides on a much firmer foundation than previously so each click of the mouse and keyboard will be adding greater value and impact than ever before. It can be to a willing colleague, the bathroom mirror or pet hamster – it doesn’t really matter as long as you get a chance to run through it. The time spent away from the lure of PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi will ensure that when you get to share your message with your audience, there’s a much higher probability of them staying awake, engaging with what you have to share and responding accordingly.
A hugely experienced trainer, Simon has developed theoretical presentation training modules and delivered these to industry leading global companies.
You can simply generate, change, update your mindmap and then make a presentation in PowerPoint.
You can export your SWOT mind map into a MS Word document, which makes using SWOT mind map easier if you need to collaborate it with other people. There are two different variants when exporting to PowerPoint  - one places editable text into the template of your choice, the other places the pieces of the map that you want to show into the slides.
The purpose of this research was to investigate what factors influencedthe adoption and implementation of the guidelines and what healthy eating strategies schoolsin Alberta implemented due to the guidelines. Three piece cover construction with transparent, anti-reflective pockets on the front cover and spine.
SlideRocket delivers the same beautiful experience across operating systems and devices so your message is always well received. Just publish a presentation URL and share it, embed your presentation in a web page or blog, or send an invite, all with a few simple clicks. Wherever you are SlideRocket's HTML5 viewer lets you seamlessly share presentations on any HTML5 compliant device to deliver moving presentations wherever you move.
It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to share your message with an audience that, at least at the start of the session, are willing to listen and engage with you. The next meeting is tomorrow afternoon and you have a 30 minute slot…you have 24 hours to pull together a presentation that demonstrates the wonderful work you and team have been doing and why the project deserves continued support from the entire board. This can be internal presentations sharing ideas or updates but with the objective of getting the audience to buy into the new information and give it their support or understanding.
Delivering a presentation without a clear message is akin to jumping in the car and driving with no destination in mind – eventually you’ll get bored and run out of fuel without achieving anything. The net result is a wordy waffly presentation that meanders along, never really engaging an audience – a monumental waste of everyone’s time. The end result is a shorter presentation (never a bad thing) with content that has been handpicked to engage your audience and support your message (an extremely good thing). Also limiting your time to design means that you’re not going to get pulled into finessing the details that most of your audience won’t even notice. You wouldn’t jump on an aeroplane that hadn’t been through a few rudimentary tests so why would you stand in front of an audience and deliver important information without having taken the time to put it through its paces at least once? Good presentations take time, great presentations take even longer so if they want it to be a valuable session, make sure they understand that they need to give you sufficient notice.
Simon is recognised as an influential business leader and expert in the field of presentations. When you compare ConceptDraw MINDMAP to Mindjet Mindmanager the cost savings will be obvious. Flexible Licensing.
Barriers and facilitators to implementationwere also investigated.MethodsWe used a multiple case study design. Your team, customers and partners always see the latest information, straight from the source. The key is to make the most of this opportunity and keep the audience onside by sharing relevant, powerful and engaging content that really resonates with them.
Once you have the luxury of time, feel free to ‘fill your boots’ and spend more time adding visuals, creating powerful graphics and worrying about the PowerPoint template…but with just 3 working hours available on the clock, these are dalliances we can do without.
Three case studies – Cases A, B and C – wereconducted i urban schools i Alb d d in b h l in Alberta. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions. I total, 18 k i f In l key informants among school staff were h l ffinterviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire.
Direct observations were conducted ineach school setting to supplement and corroborate interview findings. Changes in theschools’ food environment and nutrition education were often described as healthy eatingstrategies implemented within Cases A, B and C after the uptake of the guidelines. Thepresence and work of health champions, and the support of school superintendents, wereidentified by key informants as factors that facilitated the adoption and implementation of theguidelines.

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