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We recently began monitoring our recipe database to track which recipes our customers are viewing the most.
Hi Bill – To keep your gluten free bread fresh, wrap it in plastic or put it in a plastic bag, then store it in the refrigerator.
I just made the white rice flour muffins on the Bob’s Red Mill package and although the muffins taste good, they never rose (and I know my bp is fine) and the tops were very brown. I recently bought your Gluten free pancake mix, i see the ingredients include whole corn flour, and corn starch. When I bake the zucchini bread using your recipe it comes out soggy in the middle sometimes not baked at all.

It could be that your oven temperature is too high, causing the outside to bake more quickly than the inside. I see many recipes that would be great to try, but am wondering if I exchange wheat flour with a gluten-free flour, if the amounts are the same?
I’m sorry, this is probably too late, but we have some great recipes on our website for cornbread. Please note: Since I was diagnosed with candida and will be doing a rinse, I can not have sugar or yeast in my food. Does anyone have a really good Gluten-free Sourdough bread recipe they would like to share?

What I do at home is spread the crust as thin as I can (be sure to wet your hands frequently). I also see that you recommend Canola oil in many of your recipes which is also another GMo crop.

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