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Torrents one of the fastest way of transferring and sharing files from one system to another.
So if you’re a torrent freak then you must need this awesome list of top 10 torrent sites to download your favourite stuff.
Note: Feel free to drop your favourite sites via comments, we would like to review and include them into this list. We're a Free image host & no incentives are offered for uploading content on to our servers.

On web, you can find huge number of torrents and torrents files, but searching a correct torrent file is always a bit risky task for anyone.
Be able to boost your ratio on private trackers thanks to our seedbox service!We offer really secure and cheap VPN and seedbox hosting services. You may contact us, if you find any of your copyrighted picture(s), that need to be taken down.
From torrents user (also known as the leechers) can download anything which is being uploaded by other users (also known as the seeders).

Downloading a file from a server and uploading a file to a server takes place through peer-to-peer (P2P) connection.

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