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Richard, known as Gambler, has made a name for himself in the UK as a Dating Coach and Pick Up Artist (PUA) thanks to skillful PR and his ‘Natural Approach’ advice to guys about meeting women. Brit Dating Coach, Kezia Noble is the go-to girl for men who want to know what women really want in a man. London Matchmaker Caroline regularly appears in national press and on radio sharing her relationship and matchmaking tips for both guys and girls. Dating Coach, Relationship Expert, Professional Life Coach, Jo wears more than one hat to help you attract the love you want. Author of ‘Smart Dating’, dating mentor Mary has been running her London-based dating agency Drawing Down the Moon for nearly thirty years, matching thousands of people and offering practical advice for individuals seeking love.
Coaching hundreds of guys through live training, Michael reckons he’s seen every conceivable issue a man can have.
Respected Behavioral Psychologist and Dating and Relationship Coach, Jo, is a regular on UK TV.
Men’s dating advice guru, Neil Ward has spent the last eight years dishing out his tips and tricks to thousands of fellas in need of a successful love match. With fingers in many seduction business pies, James Preece works as a personal dating coach, online dating expert, speed dating guru and matchmaking genius.
TermsWelcome to "Strictly Dating" online dating service, the service for adults to meet each other and communicate online (the "Service"). She is incredibly insightful and has an amazing understanding of what it takes for a man to successfully date the quite woman.
Remember when we showed you what the pot-bellied, bowl-cut-sporting, beer-swilling head coaches of the NHL wear behind the bench?
Founder of PUA Training, his company quickly became the largest dating coaching company in Europe. Reputed for her tough love dating boot camps, she’s not one to tippy toe round her clients. Winner of the Best Matchmaker and iDate Awards, she founded her London agency, Mutual Attraction, after personally living the stress ball highs and lows of finding love. Offering clients several types of coaching packages, Jo is all about human nature and how we can reach our full potential.

Giving regular Smart Dating seminars, Mary’s Date Coaching mentors clients about presentation, personal confidence and communication skills. His UK based dating coaching company, Top Dating Coach, gives men an insight into sub-communication and body language skills, with Ward producing the number one selling online dating system, ‘Online Dating Mastery’. Working as a personal dating coach, professional speaker and author, he uses his 26 years of marketing experience to combine selling skills with the science of body language and the art of flirting. Hadassa has been a wing girl for Kezia Noble since 2007, and he gained vast experienced and wide understanding over these years, so she knows what men need to do to achieve results when dating women. Many men are attracted to the quite kind of woman, rather than extrovert ones, but don’t know how to approach that kind. Hadassa was once this kind of woman that she even couldn’t talk or make eye contact to shop assistants, or strangers.
Author of ‘The Natural Art of Seduction,’ Gambler advocates using stealth moves to win women over. Known as ‘The Bitch with a Heart’, Kezia gives no nonsense dating pointers, claiming, “Men are tired of the nice but essentially vague advice that most women give them.”  If you’re not getting a date because your breath honks, Kezia’ll tell it to you straight.
Working one on one with her clients, advising them to be open-minded, Caroline’s success at hooking up young dynamic professionals has got her known in the matchmaking biz, as the next Cilla Black. Successfully teaching men and women in the psychology of dating, she coaches clients to believe that you CAN get the love you deserve.
Developing and evolving social and dating skills, his e book will show you five quick fixes to get you attracting women, more money and better friends, and his six week dating transformation program says it will, er, literally, transform you!
Coaching singles and couples, Jo is described as being the most sensitive and effective Relationship Coach in the biz. Working with fellow date coach, Bryony Anne, Peter offers workshops for men and women around the UK like ‘Flirting Safari’, mock dates and one-2-one date coaching.
She used to be a “shy girl”, thus she understands what goes on in a “shy girl’s” mind when being approached by a man.
Furthermore, little information is available from other pick-up artists on how to successfully seduce a quite kind of woman. She advises men to make shy girls feel as comfortable as possible when talking to them as this helps them reveal more about themselves with confidence and self assertion. When she began working in the pick-up community, she knew she would have to overcome her excessive shyness for her to be successful in training men and women.

To make it up to you (and your retinas), it's our pleasure to present to you 10 of their best-dressed European counterparts.
CEO of ‘Kezia Noble Ltd.’ her company sports e-books, DVDs, international dating boot camps, and her bestseller, ‘Noble Art of Seducing Women’.
Jo is so in demand, she also offers webcam coaching as well as her private and Dating Master class sessions. We have help on handCaroline Brealey - Meet Caroline - Award Winning MatchmakerCould this be the #1 Thing Holding you back from Dating Success?
So, Hadassa understands what shy people are going through and explain to them the good tips that help them overcome the crippling effect shyness has on dating.
Dashing, debonair and daring, these men are just a portion of the style-conscious upper brass that direct and dissect your favorite players on the pitch. She is patient but firm, and has great attention to detail, which has helped hundreds of men approach women successfully. She teaches her students to always practice the hard way to overcome their shyness as she herself did.
When fans turn their attention to the likes of El Clasico and the knockout stages of the Champions League, expect to see more of the tailored suits, wool overcoats and designer shoes that have come to characterize football's coaching elite.
Whereas Kezia is an alpha extrovert, Hadassa Noble is more of an introvert; therefore she helps men who want to attract more shy and initially more non responsive women. While talking, she felt very uncomfortable; her blood running cold, finger tingling and such. Hadassa Noble says the more shy men and women practice this, the more fear becomes less eventually leading to the defeat of shyness. These and among others such teachings is what Hadassa does best, helping shy men and women overcome shyness so they can successfully approach and date each other.

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