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For both locals and tourists alike, there are a lot of really great things to enjoy in Puerto Rico — the food, the adventures, the relaxing beauty.
We have always purchased the entertainment book for BOGO dining options and discounts at local stores. Here in Puerto Rico, the local discount sites are Gustazos, Goza Goza,Ofertadeldia, Ynosfuimos, Ofertones, and Regalazospr . Each of these sites has a new discount offer every day, and there is lots of variety in the offerings. One catch for English speakers is that all of these sites are in Spanish, though Gustazos has an English option. You really have to read the offers carefully to make sure you can use them during their valid period.

As a tourist, you need to be especially flexible when scheduling outdoor activities that might be canceled due to weather. But, when you’re busy enjoying yourself, the expenses can add up a lot quicker than you realize.
But now, in the internet age, the book is no longer even available for Puerto Rico and there are a number of new, free discount websites that help keep a little more money in our pocketbooks. They also offer huge discounts on more local, day-to-day-living kinds of things, like haircuts, dog grooming, and lawn maintenance. Each of the offers is limited, by either a total number available for purchase, or a deadline by which they must be purchased. Things like sales tax (IVU, by its Spanish initials) and tips are usually extra and payable on the day of the service.

But, thankfully, Puerto Rico has finally joined in the online-coupon trend that helps save everyone some money on the things they want to do.
Once the offer is over, you will receive a notice (usually via email) that you print out and take with you when you want to use it.

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