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At the sales presentation, TVB showed the trailers of 15 proposed and upcoming television dramas scheduled to broadcast in late 2015 and throughout the year of 2016.
Other dramas introduced at the presentation included The Last Healer In Forbidden City (Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung), House of Spirits (Bobby Au-yeung, Nancy Wu), Presumed Accidents (Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi), Fashion War (Moses Chan, Sisley Choi), Brother’s Keeper II (Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin), A Fist Within Four Walls (Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu), Angel In-the Making (Tony Hung, Eliza Sam), Legal High (Alex Fong Chung-sun, Liu Kai-chi), K9 Cop (Bosco Wong, Linda Chung), and more. In the variety department, TVB announced that Eric Tsang’s (???) Super Trio game show series, which supposedly ended with its tenth series in January 2014, will be returning soon for its 20th anniversary. In addition to Tony, actresses Alice Chan (??), Priscilla Wong (???) and Elena Kong will also get their own, tailor-made variety programs. NO, PLEASE DO NOT REVIVE SUPER TRIO!!!!  That show overstayed its welcome long ago and the last few years it was around were absolute TORTURE, especially for those of us who knew and loved the first 3 years of the original show back in the mid-90s (1995 to 1998 or so).  TVB:  please STOP messing with classic series and variety programs already – we don’t need you guys tarnishing the great memories of the ‘good old days’ by constantly screwing everything up!!! Sadly they don’t have the creativity to create a new show and I believe it stems from the lack of personnel who could fill that hole.
Sounds like an old TVB series The Superpower where Chow Yun Fat played an alien who came to the earth and befriended a human played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai. I never heard of that TVB show you mention until I look it up on Wikipedia and I’m a long time TVB fan. Anyway, I agree that TVB is running out of ideas, as the alien coming to earth concept has been done before. Gosh the combination of leads gets stranger and stranger every year, nevertheless, looking forward to what they will do with Line Walker 2, so not sure if Raymond Lam will be in it aye?
Just hoping that 2016, will have quality dramas where I can’t wait to watch the next one.

Uh, TVB why didn’t you just buy the remake right rather then just downright plagiarizing it.
Now, if the old TVB dramas (80s 90s) were purportedly so good, how come no one has purchase the rights for remake?
Also I hope Raymond Lam will end up being back in Line Walker 2, I really liked the pairing with Charmaine, if not, I’d like Bosco to take his place, I think they would be a god pairing too!
It is hilarious that TVB is attempting to remake a Korean idol drama with the aging and plain-looking personnel they have (who are mostly 8-por drama actors). I guess TVB can do the reverse by casting their middle-aged actors and rewrite the script to reflect crass canto street humors. Subscribe to our free news subscription to receive daily entertainment headlines, sent straight to your e-mail account!
Each with three dramas under their belt, Nancy Wu (???), Linda Chung (???), and Sisley Choi (???) are expected to dominate the small screens next year. The web drama was first announced at the Tencent Video V Horizon conference on November 6, and will be TVB’s co-production with Mainland China’s Penguin Pictures. The game show, which invites famous celebrities, first premiered on December 20, 1995, and was originally hosted by Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb (???), Jordan Chan (???), and Chin Ka Lok (???). Tony visited North Korea in the first series, which won My Favorite TVB Informative Program at the StarHub TVB Awards 2015 in October. Although Kenneth attended the sales presentation, and even stood among the first row of artistes in the group photo, he will not be starring in any of the dramas presented at the event.

The other problem is that TVB severely lacks talent right now, so even if similar series, it won’t have same success due to the cast being sub par. Just give a phone call to Louis Koo, he still owes like 40 episodes to TVB (allegedly lol). I mean the Philippines and Latin America are much poorer then Hong Kong yet they’re able to purchase remake right for K-dramas for a cheap fee. They recently paid a bundle to purchase the rights to Cdrama Bu Bu Jing Xing and currently are in production for the remake.
As the drama is still in pre-production stages, the cast has not yet been finalized, and it is unsure if original cast member Raymond Lam (??) will also return.
The sci-fi comedy will be about a cat (Kristal) who turns into a human and meets her owner (Nancy).
The Phillipines is much poorer then Hong Kong yet they’re able to purchase rights and remake Korean dramas. Now we’re going to see a slew of such dramas next yr with Blue Veins, House of Spirits and you who came from the stars which will reunite the cast of GOR no less. Already planning to skip the Tony Hung lead ones, and also with TVB stop shelving No Reserve already please, release it.

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