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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is no doubt one of the most popular and widely used personality assessments out there.
Here’s a quick introduction and overview of this personality test, which informs you of your preferences toward where you focus your energies (inward or outward), how you take in information (with your five senses or intuitively by gut feel), make decisions (by logic or subjective evaluation) and deal with the outer world (planned and organised or flexible and spontaneous).
When you combine the four different type preferences together, you get 1 of 16 possible  combinations (see table here with abbreviated taglines that describe each type). To find out more about your type preferences and gain insight into common challenges, stress points and communication tips for each tip, contact me today for a consultation about the MBTI. Please be aware that comments are not checked daily, if you have a question it is better to contact the volunteer directly.

In general, we tend to favor one preference over the other listed across each row (for example, Extraversion or Introversion). It is important to note that your MBTI type should not be seen as a stereotype that you should conform to.
However if you just wish to show appreciation or remark upon the page please feel free to do that here.
Rather, it is in knowing the preferences you might have that brings you greater self-awareness as to how and why you might respond in different situations. It also provides you with insight for personal growth and development in stretching yourself to expand your natural inclinations.

Finally, knowing your type preference and those of others is advantageous when working and communicating with others as it gives you a glimpse into how they might perceive and respond to the situation.

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