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Dance Mat Typing uses wacky animal characters and colorful games to make their free typing lessons fun for elementary-aged children.The students will be taken through four levels of typing lessons, each with three different stages. There are 100 free typing lessons at TypingClub, where you'll learn the alphabet keys, shift key, numbers, and symbols.
Big Brown Bear has 14 free typing lessons that take you through the process of learning all the keys on the keyboard.Something I like about this particular website is how the words come across the screen. There are 30 free typing lessons here that tackle the keyboard two letters at a time.Before the lesson you get to set a WPM goal and choose whether you want the keyboard shown while you are learning.

Fixed a number of bugs in the classroom, including an update to the current lesson on a students' machine if a teacher has deleted or modified the lesson or course with this lesson; the results are properly exported to PDF on Windows 10 systems and many other minor bugs.
When a lesson is finished, you're told the time it took you to finish and the number of errors you had.
After a short introduction to the new keys, you get to begin your lesson.The time left as well as the WPM are shown at the bottom of each lesson. You can also show a pair of animated hands or color in the keys you are supposed to be typing.

Disabled the possibility to work with a virtual keyboard using a mouse on systems without a touch-sensitive display. Fixed minor bugs, including course renaming with a double click, changing the width of the student list window, etc.

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