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There is a dynamic that happens in any practice, which if you understand, will help you grow your practice potential efficiently and effectively.  You can then optimally share your skills and gifts with the world without distractions and be of great service.
Your ‘net worth’ is a derivative of your ‘self worth’ and ‘other worth’ and understanding how values work is a key to increasing your financial objectives in practice.  Knowing your purpose in practice and life will help to create a magnificent life and one of inspiration rather than one of desperation. In fact, I could argue that, to be truly understanding, one should seek out people that they disagree with, if only to listen to them.
It’s about understanding why some people dislike autism, or any disorder or disease or their hair colour or how tall they are or their dripping kitchen faucet. This means that, on my Facebook page, when I post something by someone who feels sad, angry, betrayed…. It also means that when I post something triumphant, positive, happy…  it is I that comes under attack for it.
But how can we ever show them what is right if we can not take the time to understand why they are wrong or how they came to be wrong? How can we ever hope for them to listen to us if we can not take the time to listen to them? Take the time to understand those that you disagree with completely… before you ask someone else to do the same. It’s a spectrum of different stories ranging from one end to the other and only those who take the time to listen will be able to truly understand it. My name is Robert Thornton and I started a fundraising organization called Paper Clouds Apparel. Undersatnding Exposure by Bryan Peterson With more than 350,000 copies sold, Understanding Exposure has demystified the complex concepts of exposure for countless photographers. Our Founder Rebel Black is passionate about starting a new food conversation for Outback Australia. Festival of THE Rural Woman is a completely FREE Annual Global Online Event celebrating, inspiring and empowering  (THE) Thriving, Healing, Evolving rural women of the world! On my 34th birthday I called my Mum early in the morning, just after my husband had left for work, to come and get me because I knew if I was left alone too long, was going to harm myself. In this edition of Connections & Conversations, THE Rural Woman Founder Rebel Black talks with Kerry Grace from Evolve Network about Why Does What Matters Matter? THE RW Stands for Thriving, Healing, Evolving Rural Women and it's both a MANTRA and a MISSION! This is a place where rural women can gather to find their voice, share their wisdom, be inspired, contribute to the conversation, learn and grow.
Since you can all read the title of my blog and know what it’s about, you understand that I am aiming to find a balance with food.
I had many different goals with this blog, among them helping others with food allergies, as well as helping myself cope with the struggles I faced from my own. For those who say that no one way is the correct way, many of us don’t practice what we preach. There are several other things that I am wanting to change too, however, I think it will just be better for you to see from my future posts yourself rather than trying to explain it here. I don’t want to pressure myself into feeling the need to blog, so there is always the possibility for more breaks in the future. My approach is going to be more relaxed this time around, which I think will be better for everyone involved. But understanding your audience doesn’t mean obey every request, everything the audience says they want.
This confusion mainly happens when trying to connect the dots and offering the audience something, which fits both the audience needs and a business offering.

The confusion is that some businesses think that they then should give the audience exactly what they ask for. Doing exactly what the audience tells you they want could backfire, because what the audience says they want and what they really need (and want) can be different. Sometimes the audience (potential customers, existing customers etcetera) might say they want one thing, but they don’t realize that another thing could be better.
The reasons for this gap between what they say they want and what they really want can be diverse. What you need to do is properly connect the dots of your research and then offer the customer what they need, and that doesn’t have to be what they asked for.
Google is a good example of how they are serving searchers answers that might not seem to be spot on at first, but exactly fit their needs. Apple and Google are examples of big companies who innovate to be ‘one step ahead’ of the audience. A good way of understanding this and learning from others is looking at the hospitality industry. Of course the danger of giving the audience something you think they need is there as well. Hilton here anticipates on the audience by tweeting an answer to somebody asking for a recommendation for a restaurant in Dubai. The fact that they have this account in the first place means that they understand the potential customers’ needs.
So it is time for you to start researching your audience to try and get an understanding of what they want. Keep up with the latest digital marketing developments, views and how-tos through State of Digital’s digest newsletters. Subscribe and get your free e-book with all the Content Marketing Essentials you need for success! Patients will see and feel this in you and you will get rewarded magnificently in fair exchange for services rendered. What this means is that, rather than just simply knowing that autism exists, we must begin to do one simple, but very difficult thing… listen. Perhaps, through civility, there can emerge a mutual understanding of how each person has come to believe what they believe… even if, in the end, they still do not agree with each other. And unless I share items with people that they are personally comfortable with, they will see me as not being understanding…. I do my very best to stay educated and do what ever is necessary to ensure my children have the tools they need to thrive.
Paper Clouds Apparel takes artwork created by those with special needs and puts the art on bamboo t-shirts. Our beliefs are borne from our environment and they drive our thoughts which in turn move our words and motivate our actions.
It mostly stems from my allergies and all of the pain that food has caused me in the past (both mentally and physically). I’m not just talking about rants or complaints about life, but negativity towards others in the blogging community and to other people in the world in general. I won’t do that entirely of course, because there are some people that I really want to check up on. It will make that you create content or a product that fits the needs of your potential customer much better.
In those cases businesses confuse ‘understanding’ the audience with ‘doing everything they say they want’.

It comes from both the age-old ‘customer is king’ idea as well as insecurity in a business. To give them what the audience wants, before the audience even realizes that’s what they want. Understanding your audience in a way that you can give them something they want, without them having to ask for it.
They are not just monitoring for ‘problems’ in the Hilton, they are also not just monitoring their own brand name, they are monitoring the audience, to understand them better. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies. I share my stories and experiences in an effort to further grow and strengthen the online Autism community and to promote Autism Understanding and Acceptance.
We then sell those shirts and money from the sale of shirts goes back to the schools, learning centers and habilitation centers in which the art came from. I think part of me was a little scared, and part of me knew that it just wasn’t the right time yet. But I will be deleting the aforementioned bloggers who I don’t want to be influenced by anymore. As I am a college student and money is *pretty* important, I may take paid compensation for advertisements, posts, etc.
Now that they have (finally in some cases) accepted that they should listen to the audience, they ‘overdo’ it by doing exactly what the customers say they want. It’s not a new process, but something that has been going on in customer-business relationships for centuries. Another danger is the ‘Filter Bubble’, a danger which is closely connected to what Google and Facebook are doing at the moment.
Currently I have been raising money for ValleyLife in Phoenix, AZ but I am raising funds and expanding to have a school in all 50 states !
I will also encourage everyone else to be open-minded in the comments section and feel free to be who they really are.
Before I was ‘just’ expecting a massage, but with little extra’s she knows how to give the audience what they want without a lot of trouble or without asking: a little hot towel on your neck before she starts, a glass of water and a little bit of fruit after.
Getting the extra glass of wine without asking, the free wifi, the fact that a hotel clerk knows your name. The information provided to the audience could be so much filtered that they start missing out on other opportunities. Would love the opportunity to talk with you further and see if you might know of some schools that Paper Clouds Apparel could partner with and raise funds for. Jobs was the biggest example of someone who didn’t ask his potential customers what they wanted, he simply looked at their behavior and concluded that they needed something. It is very small, but it feels like luxury, and that is exactly what a client wants when getting a massage: feeling treated.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I really hope Paper Clouds Apparel and you can work together and raise a ton of money to help some great schools.

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