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If you are a working man or about to start your career in life then a good suit is what you should be knowing about.
Once you have started your career, you are supposed to do many tasks at the same time, like knowing the job, knowing the people at work and the market to excel in the organization. Dressing properly at work does not require you to spend hell lot of money in buying the super expensive suits; rather you can get cheap and inexpensive suits at the factory outlets or discount stores. When purchasing what to wear at work, always keep in mind the dress code of your workplace. For this go for the dark colored suits in earth tones with formal accessories like expensive watch or cufflinks. If you are working in a financial organization, then you have to keep in mind the dress code strictly.
Color Choices – Business casual dressing allows fashionable men to experiment with colors. Since not all of us are swimming in money, thrift store clothing makes up a major portion of most of our wardrobes. Wear Nice Slacks – Business casual is implemented in most companies to do away with the usual suit. Improve Your Sweater Game – Sweaters are comfortable and can be stylish, if you find the right pieces. Ready to wear collections like the Alexander McQueen shows or Thom Browne displays may leave you wondering why the models are wearing complete lace masks or why her skirt has a leash… the thing is, some of the more wacky interesting collections are not to be taken at face value. At times having a basic understanding of fashion history, art history, and pop culture can tip you off to what is happening to a clothing line as it comes down the runway. The key with heavily stylized Ready-to-wear collections is that they are so vastly impacted by the designers inspiration that unless you know what that is, you may find it difficult to understand the direction the collection is meant to take you. A suit, which is beautifully tailored, is of significant importance to achieve a position of respect in the mind of your colleagues, friends, business associates and employers.

You can always borrow a classic watch from your friend as well when having a very important meeting.
Some organizations have a very informal and relaxed dress code, they even allow their employees to wear a jeans and t-shirt at work but some organizations make sure that their employees’ come in proper formal dress code that includes dress pant with shirt, tie and suit and sometimes cufflinks as well. If you think that you are too young for the office you are going to join or the other office employees are too mature and have been working for years in that office then you should consider getting a suit that will make you look more serious and mature. In the financial organizations the employers expect their employees to wear dark colored suits mostly in the shades of blue, black, and gray.
A Well allow me to be the shampoo for that scratching and cleanse away any confusions you may have with confounded catwalk creations.
There are diffusion lines such as Z Spoke by Zac Posen which showcase a designers concept of what a certain demographic should wear. Of course having in depth knowledge of designers, where they came from, their previous collections, and what their clients are buying will also help you understand their collection and why they choose to use certain fabrics or use a particular print. Haute couture is another level of fashion design that is truly made for the clients of that particular fashion house. If you don’t want to do the leg work and derive meaning from a certain collection then read blogs, and style experts reviews on the collections to find out the meaning behind the clothing. I love fashion and watching the shows but I sometimes get lost in trying to interpret the pieces, or even remembering the names of the designers.
When you decide to buy a suit, first determine for which purpose you are willing to buy a suit.
You can leave a good first impression on everyone you meet at work by simply following the proper dressing tips for men.
If you are a newbie and starting a new business carier be sure to read this guide (Men’s suit fashion 2013) and select one proper suit for yourself. Warm hues like mustard, burgundy, olive green and tan look inviting without being too loud, making it perfect for the workplace.

Therefore, you should make sure that the clothes you wear fit as though they were created for you. Typically these types of lines are more commercial driven, and are geared to cost less to create therefore dropping the price on stores. For example, the Gareth Pugh collection that had elongated cone masks which was his interpretation of a female warrior done Gareth Pugh style. The pieces cost as much as a flat in a major city and the designs are whatever the designer feels is a direct interpretation to their minds eye. Trust me I put a lot of thought into the collections and their reviews so be sure to read them and hopefully you can understand why this happened.
For someone who is trying to get the hang of the ropes and enter the world of high fashion this was great! Whether you are buying it for the job interview, important business meeting, work, wedding or a special occasion? Go for the long sleeves collared shirts in white, dark blue, black, off white and other pastel colors. Many diffusion lines are very black and white when it comes to their inspirations, while the higher level shows such as Ready-to-wear collections and Haute Couture are not always so easy to depict. The fact is the clothes at a couture show are more art than fashion and certainly more fashion than clothing. And sometimes, you can add with the jackets too, but it difficult to say what is the matching jackets in office.
Clothing is a basic need, fashion can be considered at times wearable art, and couture is art that can be worn.

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