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According to our blog’s search terms report, many people are always asking what is the difference between incontinence pads and period pads, and whether they can be used for the same purposes. Incontinence pads are specifically designed to absorb urine release, while period pads are used for absorbing blood at a slow trickle. If you or a loved one is experiencing light bladder leakage, consider using an incontinence pad – it’ll offer more protection and give you the confidence you need to lead an active life.
Bryan Mercer is our friendly pharmacist who is here to assist you with all your product questions.
Chelsea Surber has a broad knowledge base on incontinence supplies and provides tips for using them successfully. The following story is a composite of many situations I have witnessed in twenty-two years as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.
As a busy clinician, balancing work life and home life and personal time generally means that something gives. Most women are likely to suffer from irregularities with menstrual cycles at some point during their lives. The transition into menopause can cause many changes to a woman's fertility and menstrual cycle. The causes of infertility and of disorders of the menstrual cycle can be divided into two categories; psychological and physical.
Sometimes, anxiety, fatigue, and stress can all lead to problems with fertility and menstrual cycles. Click on the following link to learn more about the treatments for irregular menstrual cycles. One of the major concerns for women who suffer with irregular periods is that they won't be able to get pregnant. They’re both lightweight and usually have an adhesive strip that sticks onto your underwear. Bladder pads have a unique absorbent layer that wicks urine away from the skin, keeping it dry and free of odors.
She specializes in nocturnal enuresis and is always looking for new research to help her patients.
He helps you find the perfect product for your condition, and shares valuable information for caregivers.

A woman's daily routine can be significantly disturbed by problems with fertility and her menstrual cycles, and such problems must be treated accordingly.
Irregular periods mean that women do not properly develop and release a mature egg every month as they should, due to the imbalanced hormonal levels women are experiencing.
During this time, menstruation will decrease, until a woman stops having her period completely.
Menstruation that is accompanied by either sharp, intermittent pain, aching pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen.
Psychological causes, however, are rare; therefore, it is more common to see irregularities caused by physical changes. If a woman is too stressed, hormone levels may become imbalanced, and she will experience irregular periods, making it harder to predict her cycle or the days of her ovulation. Without a balanced level of these hormones, women are unable to properly ovulate and will end up with an abnormal menstruation pattern, which can lead to fertility and menstrual cycle problems. Our customers enjoy the Tena Pads because they are available in a wide range of absorbencies and feature multiple layers to help keep the skin healthy. She's here to answer difficult consumer questions and help share the latest incontinence research. Common physical causes of irregular menstrual cycles include an approaching menopause, a change in diet, significant weight gain or loss weight, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Gender-specific pads feature a unique body-shaped design that contours to the anatomy of a male and female. Jackie said Joe, the sonographer, had estimated the gestational age to be ten weeks by ultrasound measurements. And blurted aloud to himself, “I was in Belgium!” The aircraft manufacturer had a plant in Belgium, and he had spent the entire month of May there helping to set up an assembly line for a new aircraft contract.
The voice at the other end said, “She can’t come to the phone now.” Jane responded, “I need to speak with Dr.
Please ask her to call us as soon as she can.” The receptionist said, “I’ll have Dr. It is the time from your last menstrual period.” Jane asked, “What?” Jackie, “Well, it is just a convention. You are right on time.” Jane queried, “But you said gestational age?” Jackie responded, “It is just medical jargon.

When we say gestational age we are really adding two weeks to the conceptual age and dating the pregnancy from the last menstrual period. When did John come back from Belgium?” Jane turned to John, “When did you get back from Europe?” John, looking at his calendar, “The end of May… May 28th.” Jane repeated the date into the phone. Jackie, chuckled, “I’ll bet you conceived the night he got back to town!” Jane’s reaction surprised the doctor. The dictionary says gestation is the period of time in the uterus, not the time from the last menstrual period!” Jackie could tell Jane was upset. I have an embryology book here that shows the progression of pregnancy in detail.” Jane was calmer. She said, “No, I’ll just keep my next appointment, but would you please explain the dates to John? This was sort of confusing, I want him to understand.” The rest of Jane’s pregnancy proceeded normally. I do not understand why the medical profession continues to refer to the fetal age in pregnancy as the “gestational age” when in reality the dates are calculated from the last menstrual period, usually referred to as the LMP.
The normal menses starts every twenty-eight days, but some women vary from this cycle a little. The normal human gestation is about 266 days (38 weeks), with the additional two weeks (14 days) from the LMP making the normal period from the LMP to delivery 40 weeks or 280 days.
The fertilized egg begins cell division (mitosis), is then called a morula, and travels down the tube and finally implants in the uterus as a Blastocyst (a mass of cells). Implantation normally takes place about three days after fertilization, but there is some variation in these times. Every woman does not have menstrual cycles that are exactly twenty-eight days long, so that is another variable. In fact a recent editorial in the international journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ultrasound actually proposed that we forget about the LMP as far as dating pregnancies.
The following is a bar graph or histogram of 465 pregnancies as dated by sonographic measurements.

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