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When a person suffers from developmental delays, as well intellectual delays, this is known as mental retardation. A person can be diagnosed with retardation at any point throughout his or her life, but most people are diagnosed before they reach 18 years of age. A lack of language skills is a strong sign that a person may be suffering from mental retardation. Many times, it becomes nearly impossible to pinpoint what causes a person to suffer from developmental and intellectual delays. An infant may be born perfectly healthy, but during childbirth, a lack of oxygen can cause mental retardation to take place. When a person suffers from severe mental retardation, it is very obvious to see the condition.
The placebo effect is famous; a non-medicinal substance or procedure can actually relieve pain, fever, or nausea even if it's "just a sugar pill." But why does this work? Starting with Stonehenge (which might be a giant stone placebo), Humphrey takes us on a logical journey. It will run throughout the year and during that time there will be a host of activities and events taking place such digital storytelling, a 24-hour readathon, book of the month recommendations with Waterstones and York Libraries, create your own comic book and caption competitions. A ‘Your Stories’ section of the website – we’ll upload stories shared by people using our services, carers, volunteers, members and staff.
The launch event will take place at Rowntree Park Reading Cafe and will be a drop-in style event, where everyone is welcome to come along and find out more and get involved. People can find out more by visiting the Sharing Stories website or call 0113 305 55976 to get involved.

In your dreams, you’re the star of your own movie—and your subconscious often has you performing stunts that would put Tom Cruise to shame. For healthy people, sleep paralysis occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and they are blissfully unaware that it’s even happening. To get a better understanding of what causes sleep paralysis in REM, Patricia Brooks and John Peever at the University of Toronto monitored the electrical activity in rats’ facial muscles, triggered by trigeminal motor neurons sending messages to the brain (basically, they looked at what causes sleeping rats to chew while asleep). There are different levels of this disorder, and some people who suffer from it have a difficult time learning and performing certain types of basic tasks. It is most times the family members of the loved one who notices developmental and intellectual delays are present. When this takes place, the symptoms of the disorder may not make their selves present until many years down the road. For those that are only mildly retarded, their symptoms may or may not be noticed until the school years have begun. The campaign looks to use the power of storytelling, sharing stories and harnessing the power of the written word to encourage understanding around mental health and wellbeing. Stories are about making connections, encouraging empathy and understanding, decreasing prejudice and stigma and about creating shared experiences. But even if you’re swinging around the top of the Burj Khalifa in your dream, you stay put in real life. But for some narcoleptics, falling asleep or waking up makes sleep paralysis kick in, creating a terrifying state where the mind is awake, but the body cannot move. For example, a mother may notice her child is not reaching certain milestones at the same age that other children are reaching them.

For example, if a child is unable to brush his or her teeth or brush his or her hair, this may mean he or she is suffering from the disorder. Infections that take place while they are in their mothers’ wombs can trigger the disorder. It is also important to remember that a severe head injury can cause a person to suffer from retardation, no matter the age that the injury is sustained.
Any time a family member suspects a loved one may be suffering from retardation, it is imperative that tests be performed at a local medical facility. This is thanks to a little thing called sleep paralysis, which keeps you locked in place while you slumber so you don’t hurt yourself.
For the most part, however, a person will need special help when it comes to learning new things and reaching developmental milestones.
Even though there is not cure for the condition, it is possible to treat it with therapy, counseling and medication. Until recently, scientists understood little about how sleep paralysis works; figuring it out could shed light on disorders such as narcolepsy and REM sleep disorder, and researchers at the University of Toronto might be close to understanding how the phenomenon occurs. With proper treatment, a person suffering from retardation can live a somewhat normal life; however, he or she may need the help of others.
Genetics do play their part, meaning a mother may do everything right while pregnant, but the infant may be born suffering from delays.

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