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If you have problems, a technician will connect to your computer with our Remote Support to help you out. Enable in your Polar Box the FREE Unlocking of the latest Sagem and Vodafone models (LoCosto + Callypso platforms), as well as USB and PCMCIA Modems from brands such as ZTE, Option, Huawei, Vodafone, Novatel Merlin, Novatel Ovation and Sierra Aircard.
Polar Credits for top up your Polar Box and use them to unlock the latest mobile phones models that are requiring credits at each moment.
Enable in your Polar Box the FREE Unlocking of the latest LG and Samsung models with New Security!

Once purchased this Activation, you will start to enjoy it within minutes of its Unlimited and Permanent usage for your Box! Includes the 3 available licenses: the LIC1 with Samsung + LG, the LIC2 with BlackBerry + HTC and the LIC3 with Huawei + ZTE + Sagem + Vodafone + Modems in your Polar Box.
Also are valid to be able to use the paid services of unlocking by IMEI of the CODES button inside the Polar Suite software. This is your Serial Number and that you must provide it filling the COMMENTS FIELD while placing your order.

Generally the Serial Number is shown in the title bar of the program, or just in any tab like "About" or in any part of the program such as "Information", "Box Information", "Registration Info" or "Reseller Information".

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