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A big relaunch from NYC's Squarespace: They've completely redone their Web publishing service, and we had a chance to take an extended peek at it -- it looks great. Squarespace has grown from a one-man shop -- Anthony Casalena started the company in 2003 when he was a 20-year-old student at the University of Maryland -- to a small software company, employing seven people, including new CEO Dane Atkinson. Behold: A slick-looking, redesigned tool for building and hosting Web sites for small- to medium-sized companies and bloggers.
The Easy WebContent BlogThe easy to use, do it yourself Site Builder and Website Editing System. How often have you visited a page filled with lines of text stacked on top of each other talking about range of topics such as how to’s, an experience, a product or a service?
Easy WebContent allows you to create a new page that is suitable for you and your business needs. The EWC Site Builder has a variety of customizable themes and features to make your business page as unique and creative as you want it with its fully customizable designs. It allows you to choose your background color, themes, and customize your preferred font and much more, while giving you a variety of things to choose from, it provides you with the ability to upload pictures from the free library given to you or you can use your personal pictures to convey your business. As students, we receive lots of help from our professors through out our college experience. Running a small business has its own set of challenges, and doing it all on your own adds to that list. Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is an initiative primarily based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact that focuses on promoting responsible management education and research, corporate responsibility, and the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic value.  The main objective of the forum was highlighting the importance of adopting PRME by MENA region institutions. The organization of the PRME MENA Forum was led by Ahmed Abdel Meguid, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the School of Business – AUC and the liaison between the school and the PRME Secretariat.
The forum was held in partnership with the PRME Secretariat, the Arab Society of Faculties of Business, Economic, and Political Sciences (BEPS), the Holy Sprit University of Kaslik (USEK), and the John. Steef van de Velde, Professor of Operations Management & Technology, Interim Dean of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
Omar Ibrahim, Graduate Student, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
A fully-hosted Web tool to build, design, and maintain a Web site, including stuff like blogs, message boards, photo galleries, built-in stats, built-in and custom design and layout themes, etc. Squarespace says it can handle huge sites -- and already serves up pages to 15 million uniques a month.

These are real businesses and non-profits from all walks of life who have worked hard to establish their organization and using Easy WebContent have stamped a footprint that better reflects and promotes their brand and services on the world wide web.
Perhaps you have previously created a page, but you need to spice it up or add more details. After consulting a number of different developers I was approached with figures that were way above my price range.
However, when one decides that’s what they want to do, they have to realize technology has become so much a part of everyone’s life that they must include it in their business plan. By using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, companies can promote themselves in a quick, fun way. Once your business broadens and profits improve, you can bring on some staff and breathe a little easier. The Quiet Corner is home to two of the country's oldest agricultural fairs (the Woodstock Fair & the Brooklyn Fair) plus numerous other events for all ages offered year-round. The forum was attended by various stakeholders including deans of business schools, academic faculty, students, entrepreneurs, representatives, and corporate executives. Sherif Kamel explained that “This series of events highlights the increasingly leading role that the School of Business at AUC is playing in Egypt, in the region, and globally. The forum was supported by the Arab African International Bank as the platinum sponsor which also supported the Round Table. We recently talked to Shawn from Speak Out Publishing,  a publishing company for new and upcoming writers. The HTML Editor will be able to assist you with its three categorized tabs labelled Edit Content, Insert Tools and Add-on & Widget.
Professors are not just resources to us while we are in school, but they are also valuable resources to us when we get out. For young entrepreneurs this probably wouldn’t be anything new, but not-so-young entrepreneurs may not understand the importance. Regional schools of business should transform challenges into opportunities for the betterment of their communities.
They can provide us with contacts so that we can network, refer us for internships and jobs and also provide us with reference letters.

Ultimately, I wanted creative control and the ability to update my pages on my own free will. PRME constitutes an effective platform for collaboration among business schools, corporate, and the civic society to instill a culture of responsible management. It will allow them to better understand and absorb content and increase their stay on your website. The notions of corporate social responsibility, business ethics, corporate governance and transparency are now an integral part of educating our students who are the future entrepreneurs and executives.
For every second your audience sticks around on your website digesting your content can result in an increase of engagement of your end goal be it user royalty, increase in retention or last but not least product purchases.
After signing up for the free trial I was immediately taken back by the ease and intuitive nature of the program. Establishing a regional PRME network is a step towards advancing business education in the region. Not only did I have my website up and running within a couple of days but any questions or problems I encountered were addressed by the staff in a timely manner. I highly recommend Easy Web Content to any small business owner who wants complete creative control over their website at a very reasonable cost. The PRME regional forum was an effective way to discuss these topics with business schools of the MENA region.
I am excited to see that an increasing number of schools become part of the PRME initiative.
The launch of the first PRME Regional Network for the MENA region, hosted by American University in Cairo, is a very prizing development”.

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