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The company on Tuesday announced that all blogspot sites will now come with HTTPS, ensuring that visitors can access the pages over an encrypted channel. To ensure that all blogspot sites are encrypted, Google is removing the "HTTPS Availability" setting.
In its place, Google has added an HTTPS Redirect setting, allowing blog owners to opt in to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. Existing links and bookmarks to Blogspot blogs will still work, Google says. HTTPS is not yet activated on custom domains, though. The update is part of a broader effort at Google to expand HTTPS security across its many products, dubbed HTTPS Everywhere.
The rollable OLED measures 5.7 inches when it's unfurled but can fit into a 35mm film canister. This option is something you won’t find in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or other desktop word processors.
While Web publishing is not currently supported on the Google Docs app for Android and iOS, it’s easy to publish a document to the Web using the browser and Chromebook versions of Google Docs. Link is selected by default, but if you want HTML code to display the document on a blog or another Web page, choose Embed.

Use the optional Published content & settings to restrict the viewership or disable republishing when changes are made. Note: publishing to the Web makes the document available to anyone who has a copy of the URL, so this option should not be used for sensitive documents.
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That’s a disaster for eBay, which relies heavily on attracting shoppers who are searching for something. So this Searchmetrics ranking of Panda 4.0 losers is also a backhanded way message from Google on how it feels about the quality of the material being published. Note that the winners’ list features sites that publish original, useful or interesting content. The BuzzCard Center, located in Technology Square, updated the Point-of-Sale Equipment to handle Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Bitcoin.
To download the ebook or purchase the paperback edition, please refer to the links on this page. Yesterday we told you that up to 80% of eBay’s prime search result listings had been banished from the first Google results page.

Google has always said that the No.1 goal of its search engine is to point readers to the highest quality web pages possible, and to bury results for low quality sites.
The Web copy looks similar to the view that you see in Google Docs, but it can’t be edited. Nevertheless, publishing to the Web is a great way to share content on Google Docs with a wider audience. You can’t win by writing a new article on something that has already been covered many times before. It lets you share documents on your social networks (personal or professional) or post something to a blog for readers to see. So, the question you have to ask yourself today is – what are you going to do that stands out?

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