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ClaimDas Layer2 Related Content Web Part fur Microsoft SharePoint ermoglicht die automatische Anzeige und flexible Darstellung verwandter Inhalte, wie z.B.
Inhalt 1 Text?Mit dem Related Content Web Part lassen sich sehr einfach Anwendungen wie Produkt- und Leistungsverzeichnisse, Lebenslagen-Kataloge (eGovernment) u.a.
Dynamische Anzeige von Inhalten uber die logische Verknupfung von fest vorgegeben Kategorien (fixed categories search). Externe Datenquellen inklusive: Diese konnen uber den SharePoint Business Data List Connector ohne Einschrankungen fur die neuen Leistungsmerkmale von Microsoft SharePoint 2010 und 2013 im Bereich Wissensmanagement und Social Networking verfugbar gemacht werden. Die automatische Anzeige von verwandten Inhalten wie zustandigen Kontakten, verwandten News, zugehorigen Dokumenten oder weiteren Links zum Thema gehort langst zum Standard im Internet - jetzt auch fur SharePoint Portale. Bitte registrieren Sie sich, um Ihren personlichen Download-Link kostenfrei per E-Mail zu erhalten.
Rechts Inhalt 1 TextSie konnen zeitlich unbeschrankt und vollkommen kostenlos mit der hinsichtlich Leistungsmerkmalen eingeschrankten Shareware Edition arbeiten.
Kunden in D-A-CH konnen auch per E-Mail uber [email protected] bestellen und per Rechnung zahlen.
Wiki pages, publishing pages and web part pages are all different types of SharePoint pages you can create in your site. If you are new to my series, here are the other articles available to learn the basics of SharePoint. Basically, a SharePoint page is the big box in the middle of your interface which is delimited by the navigation menu and the quick launch. You can compare a page to a canvas that you can use to display different content to serve a specific purpose.
You're probably wondering why you can’t just create another site when you need to display your content differently. The purpose of this page type goes with the name which is to quickly access and create information.
If you start typing [[ in your page, a box containing the content of your site will appear to let you select what you want to add in your page. Ok, I can’t just leave you like that with no clue at all on what to insert in your page. App Part: When you click on this icon, you will see all the apps you already have in your SharePoint.
Web Part: SharePoint already provides different Web Parts that you can insert in your page.
Unfortunately, if you want something a bit more elaborate, you will need someone that knows how to create custom layouts with SharePoint Designer.
I have to admit that I struggle a lot to explain this concept in order to make it easy to understand. The project was to build a Website using SharePoint as a WCM (web content management) system to regularly publish new pages in different categories of the site like activities, news and general information. Since the publishing pages need a layout to be created, they could build a layout for each type of content (activity, news and general information). When you are editing the page, there’s a publish button in the ribbon at the top of your page.
For this case and many other cases with publishing pages, SharePoint acts like a WCM (web content management) system. This one was mainly available in the 2007 version of SharePoint, but you can still use it in the newer version. The only positive thing about this page type is that you have a bit more control over what your users insert in a page. Sharegate gives you immediate control over your SharePoint & Office 365 environments: Migration, Security & Reporting.
Authentication OptionsWAP supports a number of authentication methods and options, the correct choice will depend on your specific objectives and requirements.
In the next post, which you can access via the button below, we will take a look at the end-to-end configuration process of WAP using pre-authentication for Windows claims-based SharePoint web applications. We understand the digital workplace and build best of class solutions that increase employee productivity, elevate brands and create multi-channel revenue opportunities.
Der SharePoint Taxonomy Manager unterstutzt SKOS als Format fur den Term-Import und Export.

Since I’m not a super advanced user like many others, I use a simple and friendly approach. The elements you can insert in your page can vary from links to pictures, text, videos and much more. Well, the answer is pretty simple: it makes more sense to have all pages related to something specific at the same place. The Web Parts are divided by categories and when you select one, there’s a description on the side telling you what it does. I added the RSS feed of our blog which is a Web Part, I added a video where we demonstrate the tool and finally, I added the logo and a brief description to complete my page. You can even create a page with a real purpose for your job like gathering together all the information on a client or on a project.
I think the best way to make you understand the publishing page is to talk about a real project that used only this page type. This allows them to have a control over the information that is in the page and how it’s displayed inside the website for each category and keep a homogenic look throughout all the articles.
Therefore, the editors only have to click there to publish the page when they’re ready. This page type is very simple to understand, it’s a page that only allows you to insert Web Parts. They're just very simple to use and understand, I hope you’ll like them as much as I do after reading this. The primary purpose of this device or software-based application, is to carry out pre-authentication of connections to authenticate users first, and then only allowing authenticated users to access SharePoint. The important nugget of information is that the AD FS instance associated with WAP must also be on a server (or servers) running Windows Server 2012 R2. There's increased risk around the management of devices (personal or corporate), as well as the risk of data loss through device loss.
Our uniqueness is the blend of both creative and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary digital experiences with the perfect balance of form and factor. At the end of this article, you should be able to make that decision and understand the basics of each SharePoint page type. All around it is your SharePoint general system containing the menu and different settings which doesn’t change much when you navigate in your environment.
You will also benefit from having all your site lists and libraries available to insert them in different pages with different goals.
I have to admit that after I did my SharePoint training, I didn’t remember where to find my site pages and the first thing I did is to check there. Most of them are very simple to understand, but you might wonder what are the little hexagonal icon called App Part and the one on its side called Web Part. For example, let’s say they wanted to have a title, a date, a description and a picture for all activities created, they only had to build a layout with these fields inside so the editors only have to fill the empty fields when they work on a new page.
It can be a little dangerous to let anyone publish a page especially when it’s on a public Website like the use case mentioned earlier.
If like me, you are starting with SharePoint, then I recommend you stick with this type of pages. It essentially stops anonymous users gaining access to the servers hosting SharePoint without first being authenticated.In addition to the purpose described above products such as Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) are comprised of application inspection technologies, to further filter out unwanted traffic from directly communicating with applications such as SharePoint.
The new version of AD FS included with Windows Server 2012 R2 is very different to its predecessor, and environments that encompass a perimeter network can utilize WAP servers as the proxy server rather than additional AD FS Proxy servers. If authentication is successful the client will have access to the published Web application. The overall security challenge is arguably greater than ever before when considering remote access to SharePoint.Existing solutions encompassing VPN, Direct Access and Reverse Proxies help to mitigate this risk but WAP specifically targets the challenges around mobile devices in the modern workplace. I will actually share with you everything I learned on the topic in my training with Microsoft certified trainer and SharePoint MVP, Benjamin Niaulin. Views are applied on one list or library while pages can be created from scratch and can implicate many different lists and libraries. Although, since the beginning, I’ve always loved wiki pages because they are very simple to create and edit. Metadata is very important to optimize the search of your SharePoint and the navigation from page to page.

In this article, I will not get into all the different elements you can put out there in the details. FYI: if you use an older version of SharePoint than 2013, you are not suppose to see the App Part icon since Apps were introduced in the 2013 version. All those fields inside your layout are actually columns, this means the metadata are automatically set for each page created. The website project needed a solution to that problem which resulted in an approval process before to make sure nothing wrong would go on their site. This is illustrated and discussed further below.Example TopologySo let's consider what an example topology may look like should you want to expose SharePoint web applications externally via WAP. From a configuration perspective this is the simplest approach and it just works with default Claims based SharePoint web applications using NTLM authentication.However if you've gone to the effort to deploy a reverse proxy, it's likely that you'll want to take advantage of the Pre-authentication through AD FS.
WAP introduces a feature called Workplace Join which allows users to join devices to the workplace that would not normally be domain-joined, for example personal laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Actually, in the picture below we find wiki pages because I’m in a Team Site, but if we were in a Publishing Site, we would find publishing pages instead. This will make things easier when you will need to quickly find a page with the search system of SharePoint. So when an author publishes content, a specific person receives an alert to approve the content before it goes online. I tried to cover most of the topic in this article, but there’s so many things to say that it can get confusing especially for the publishing page. Typically organizations with a desire to use a technology such as WAP would also want to place this server in a perimeter network, part of a separate domain. With this approach, when a client attempts to access SharePoint, WAP forwards the request to AD FS with URL encoded parameters, and the users authenticated using the authentication method specified by AD FS (for example standard user name and password of two-factor authentication, and so on). When this feature is configured, it is possible to ensure devices are registered and valid before they can gain access to published applications such as? SharePoint. Make sure to read my article on SharePoint views if you know nothing about this concept in SharePoint. WAP supports such a topology, whilst still allowing the AD FS servers to be placed in the internal corporate network, as illustrated in the diagram below.
After the user is authenticated, the AD FS server issues a security token containing information such as the user's identity, the SharePoint address and redirects the request back to WAP. Furthermore this technology allows for SSO from the aforementioned devices allowing users to enter credentials only once to be authenticated against all published applications. Although, here’s a nice little trick that Benjamin gave me in my training that I want to share with you.
In this example we can also see that our SharePoint farm is within the corporate network, for which we have a load balancer device configured for servers running the SharePoint web role.
WAP will then validate the token and if successful, will only then forward the request on to SharePoint, at which point the client now has access to the published web application and SharePoint authenticates the request. Registration of devices can be revoked by the organization at any time as and when required. If authentication is successful the client will have access to the published Web application.Taking advantage of Pre-authentication in WAP through AD FS will require that your SharePoint web applications are configured using Windows claims-based Kerberos authentication or SAML based claims. Although not illustrated in this diagram, it would also be possible to configure WAP in a load balanced configuration with two or more servers. It would not be recommended to use SAML based claims unless you have other business requirements that direct you down this route.
AD FS can be configured to require users to authenticate with more than one authentication scheme for example a one-time password or a smart card in addition to standard credentials.
Note that the WAP server here acts as the proxy to the AD FS servers located within the corporate network. The alternative approach of using Kerberos authentication for SharePoint isn't something that should steer you away from using WAP for pre-authentication and is a requirement for a number of other SharePoint use cases.

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