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Adobe Fireworks is best product for web design, better than Photoshop for many specific features.
Instead Fireworks does all of this because it is not only a bitmap software, but has excelent vector and web oriented functions too. In conclusion, if you want to start learning web design I suggest you to try Adobe Fireworks.
Kary Feddes: Usefull post can i have your permision to translate into German for my sites viewers?
To create a website, you need a graphics editing program, text editor, FTP software, domain name, and a web hosting provider.
FTP means File Transfer Protocol, this is what we need to upload the files we created to our web server provider. There are many web design software online but the software above are the most widely used in web design industry. In Photoshop, and in other bitmap manipulation software, you can work in single canvas only.

Most web designers use this software because it is a WYSIWYG editor which means what you see is what you get.
You need to check your website in different browsers because they rendered differently, which is the most frustrating part in web design. This is the one that you enter on the address bar of the browser when you want to visit a website.
You can be the most handsome guy in the web. Photoshop is used not only for photo editing but also in creating web elements such as logos, buttons, banner ads, etc. This is really useful not only in your web design career but also for personal stuff and Facebook profile picture. However, you must also have the other browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, stupid Internet Explorer (ask a web designer why it’s stupid), and the infamous Opera (famous in mobile browsing). You can use any other FTP software but I strongly recommend Dreamweaver and Photoshop same with GoDaddy when it comes to reliability and best output.
Your web design layout started in Photoshop that’s why you can’t start creating a website if you don’t have this software.

The next lesson will focus on browsers, and you will know why you have to hate Internet Explorer. So, if you must create a brochure you can do it with Photoshop, but probably you will use Illustrator.
For same reasons, for websites you can use Fireworks, that allows to create many pages in single file and also to share elements between pages. However, the disadvantage of the design view is you can’t see what is happening in the codes.
I strongly suggest to use the code view when coding website simply because you should see what is actually happening to your codes. In addition, Dreamweaver has a lot of functionalities and can be use in simple to a dynamic website.

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