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Below is one of the most recent design ideas that we came up with for Posh and Cosy’s new website.
A newsletter goes into the inbox and sits there, whereas social networks use a stream-based interface metaphor, where new postings constantly replace old ones. As we found when testing social networks, people turn to these services primarily to keep in touch with friends and family, and corporate content is often mismatched with this mindset.
The idea was to create a stylish feminine and professional looking website design to appeal to its ever growing client base (p.s as you can see its not quite finished).

Art direction, visual communication, creative direction, illustration, photography, visual art.
Using color, symbol, and type to communicate ideas, brands, emotions, styles, and expressions. Logo design, identity design, branding, content strategy, copywriting, customer relations, and the actual quality of your product work together to create your brand. You may need to do presentation in seminar, training preview, profile, anniversary and so on.

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