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Deborah Kerr was Scottish born actress living and working in Europe when World War Two began and Britain is where she started her film career unlike most of the girls in the celebrity gallery who began filmmaking in Hollywood. Short Biography: A Scottish born redheaded girl who trained as a ballet dancer, then as a teenager changed career goals and began acting on stage and performed in stage productions in London she appeared in her first British film in 1941 then signed a contract with MGM in late 1946. Katharine Hepburn ★ Gallery of Vintage Movie Star P!nups: Vintage Hollywood Movie Star Pinup?
Short Biography: Born 1904 in Connecticut, she attended Bryn Mawr College where she was an actress in college plays. Katharine Hepburn Tribute Page: Katharine Hepburn Gallery of Vintage Movie Star photos: Vintage Hollywood Movie Star celebrity?
Ann Rutherford was a h*t perky young teenager during world war two and h*t Hollywood property too so I have no doubt that she was on many troops minds and in hearts and her picture was sure to be up on many a barracks and ships cabin wall and in many a soldiers locker, she is still living and hopefully doing well, Ann Rutherford is in her late 80s.
Notable Works: In the late 30s Ann Rutherford was Polly Benedict, Mickey Rooney's ever-faithful girl friend in 13 of the Andy Hardy series. Click for a larger color photo of this vintage celebrity girl Eleanor Parker in a classic cheescake.
Eleanor Parker was knock out beautiful at 18 when she signed with Warner Brothers Studios in 1941 and the stunning beauty made her film debut as the gorgeous nurse Ryan in the great Technicolor docudrama that Hollywood designed to inspire medical professionals to join the U.S.
Additional Information: The vintage Army Medical Corps recruiting movie Soldiers in White actually makes great modern day entertainment viewing, the DVD copy I watched it from was actually for the 1941 Errol Flynn movie They Died with their Boots On, the DVD packaged it with an introduction and appropriate vintage movie theater accompaniment, like a 1941 WWII newsreel, 1940a€™s cartoon, and the film short Soldiers in White; make some popcorn and pretend you are at the movies in 1941, great fun! Surely a few GIs young **** Martha Vickers as their number one erotic fantasy an pasted her h*t celebrity picture up next to their bunk!
Short Biography: The beautiful **** ***** Martha Vickers had an all-too short career in the Hollywood movie business that left us only a couple dozen films.
One British Film she worked on in 1943 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, had a military story which Winston Churchill thought would ruin wartime morale, and the British Army refused to extend co-operation with the producers, the film surprised critics by becoming an artistic and commercial success and helped Deborah Kerr became a star of the British cinema.

She continued a life of film making and left us a small but high quality portfolio of great movies to enjoy, and gave lifetime of successful stage and television performances as well. Hepburn won an Emmy Award in 1976 for her lead role in Love Among the Ruins, and was nominated for four other Emmys, two Tony Awards and eight Golden Globes. In 1928 she first appeared on the stage, and in 1932 she first appeared in a motion picture. Being born daughter of a retired opera tenor and a stage actress, Rutherford born to entertain and was performing on-stage from childhood. Army, Soldiers in White (1942) and went on to appear in about a dozen more movies after that made during the war years and starred in several too. The Film Guild of America says about her, "Audiences never knew what to expect when they saw her. After working her way up in bit roles, Vickers knocked them dead in the 1946 film The Big Sleep. She did support the boys in uniform though, she performed in France, Belgium and Holland with ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association, or sometimes called Every Night Something Awful) - The British Army entertainment service. However, in 1994 she was cited by the Academy for a film career that always represented "perfection, discipline and elegance". Strikingly beautiful Deborah Kerr was a stunning redhead and talented actress that I am quite sure during WWII had many British troops who dreamed of her and some other allies who pinned up her photos as well.
In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Hepburn as the greatest female star in the history of American cinema. She's known for her portrayal of strong women onscreen, off-screen as an avant-garde artist and stubborn unconventional woman; partnership with actor Spencer Tracy was a matter of some notoriety. Ann Rutherford made her stage debut in 1925 and appeared in many plays and on radio (as Blondie) for the next nine years before making her first screen appearance.

To Eleanor, creating interesting characters was more important than cultivating a star image.
Among her most famous films were: The King and I, An Affair to Remember, From Here to Eternity, Heaven Knows, Mr. Hepburn's film and TV career was well awarded and established but she also appeared occasionally on stage in the 1950s through the 1980s. She was still a teenager when she made her first film appearances and gained minor stardom as Polly Benedict in the studio's Andy Hardy series. She retired for a while then in the 1950s did a few more films and TV appearances, but after 1960 she quit the business; then she left this world another victim of cancer at the too young age of 46 in 1971. She did a comedic stint with Red Skelton in three films and was quite appealing as Careen O'Hara in Gone With the Wind (1939).
For more detailed biographical information the Martha Vickers mini-biography on IMDb is ok. She retired movie making in 1950 to devote more time to her private life; for many years, she was the wife of 20th Century Fox executive William Dozier. Anne Rutherford returned to the screen in 1972 to join several fellow MGM alumni in They Only Kill Their Masters, thereafter confining most of her professional activity to her annual appearances as Suzanne Pleshette's mother on TV's The Bob Newhart Show (1972-1978) as well as lecturing (as recently as 2009) and periodic guest appearances.

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