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In the near future going to release the next Star Ocean game in Japan the Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness. In 2087 on a new planet where in a base a group of scientists create a technology to travel with greater speed than the light. From the previous 4 titles all the main races, phases and characters going to comes back in different ways maybe just for seconds but can be for long missions.
7 years ago an animal like race appeared on the planet and turned the history of this civilization to dark for 7 years. The Witch and The Hundred Knight Pass Card case released in Japan with 19 different designs!

The new Shadow of Evil trailer introduce the zombie mode of the Call of Duty: Black Ops III!
The new title this time will be available on PlayStation 3 & 4 but the exactly release date at the moment is unknown.
Now a deep space exploration project started to explore the part of the space which is 4000 - 6000 light years away from the Earth.
After that project from above (4000 - 6000 light years away) most of the planets with new civilizations have fake military leaders.
In the game your journey going to focus to turn back this started battle and visit each locations of the planet and clear the situations.

On a ceration planet a technology is similar like in the 15th or the 16th century of the Earth but using serious magic and magic like alien technologies. Square Enix going to adds brand new system parts next to the well known SO system with new characters. 1 year ago Best 50 Designs of Nail Art 2014 1 year ago 50 Best Street Art in 2014 1 year ago 25 Best Architectural Buildings of 2014 1 year ago Find Best RealEstate WP Themes of 2016 Your Never-Miss-Out Online App for Collages, Posters, Cards and Social Medias 5 Best Phones in the U.S.

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