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The venue will be confirmed the week before when we have an idea of the number of participants. A selection of meditation CDs and books will be available to purchase - cash and cheque payments only.
All our talks, courses and workshops are offered free of charge - voluntary contributions are gratefully accepted. We constantly seek new experiences through activities, relationships or even stronger coffee. Enjoy one hour of relaxation music, commentaries and meaningful conversations on topics such as 'who am I'? This is a 4 week course starting Monday 4 April for 4 cosecutive Monday evenings, please ensure you are available for all sessions and that you register below. A Many people think that meditation is about emptying the mind,repeating a mantra or focusing on a single thought. To build better relationships and to cope and respond more effectively to the needs and demands of everyday life.

Accumulate energy of peace, love and power while serving nature and the souls of the world.
7 Billion Acts of Goodness: Returning to Who We Are, is an initiative designed to exponentially increase expressions of benevolence in the world. Durante la serata, e' prevista una spiegazione del significato della festa e dei suoi simboli. Join the meditation meet-up group and explore a great way to wind down from the week with deep stillness and profound energy. Karma, what do we mean, does it really affect my life?  An evening to explore the subtle laws of action.
Using the idea that thought leads to experience, enjoy some guided meditation commentaries with music to deepen your experience of peace.
However these ultimately leave us dissatisfied because the experience we really crave is of our own innermost self.
Each month  will focus on a different theme, using various creative forms of expression including writing, drawing, conversation and guided commentaries.

It is a movement based on the spiritual truth that goodness is innate, and that by cultivating a spiritual awareness of the self, we can tap into this inherent goodness in a way that makes us capable of generating  unlimited acts of goodness. The first hour is guided meditation interspersed with silence and music that has proven to rejuvenate both experienced and novice meditators. Once we learn to focus the mind, we can use it for its most important task - that of creativity. Our goal is to embark on a journey together to re-discover this truth and create a global culture of care and compassion.
You can create and delete folders to better organise your media, and also delete media directly from the Media Manager.For more advanced control over your media, click the OPTIONS button situated in the top right corner. From this default COMPONENT tab that opens you can determone what file types are allowed to be uploaded to your server, and change the file path to where images will default to when uploaded.The PERMISSIONS tab allows you to allocate permissions to the various types of users.

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