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Mairead McGuinness is an MEP from Ireland and a senior member of the Agriculture Committee.
Step 2: Use HTTrackNow that we have installed HTTrack, let's start by looking at the help file for HTTrack. HI OTW, i would like you a question, my metasploit is not updating properly, could i delete some files then update && upgrade it again ? Of course, to really make this work, you would need to make a replica of the site you were spoofing, or better yet, you could simply simply make a copy of the original site and host it on your own server!HTTrack is just the tool for doing that.HTTrack takes any website and makes a copy to your hard drive. This can be useful for searching for data on the website offline such as email addresses, information useful for social engineering, hidden password files (believe me, I have found a few), intellectual property, or maybe replicating a login page for a Evil Twin site to capture login credentials.Unfortunately, HTTrack is not included in Kali, so we will need to download and install it. From there I can then clone his complete site and make editing changes in creating my site.With admin privileges I can then dl a copy of his referring hosts which should direct me to those links he has already put in place.
Fortunately, though, it is included in the Kali repository, so all we need to do is open the software repository and download and install it.HTTrack comes in both a Windows and a Linux version.

When we do so, HTTrack will go into Null Byte, grab that webpage, and store an exact copy of it on your hard drive. And not just for passwords and credit cards but for real information like cloning a successful site, and its data base, the real gold to market what you are selling.Humm, is there a hack to redirect links to your new site from a cloned site, thus elevating your position in search engines. I know backtrack has the ability of spidering web sites and placing posts automatically so i will assume that Kali can do the same. For those of you who refuse to take off the training wheels, you can download and install HTTrack for Windows on its website. We need only point it at the website we want to copy and then direct the output (-O) to a directory on our hard drive where we want to store the website. So maybe best to create my own automated posts.Based on what I have read my first steps will be to spoof my mac and ip address. If you tried to copy Facebook to your hard drive, I can guarantee you that you do not have enough drive space, so start small.

I still have a problem with using my access point as my router has a mac address which can be traced back to me, since I pay for it.
Many of you have been asking about how to create a clone website for dnsspoof or grab credentials for an Evil Twin, now you have the tool to do so!
But I can still do the next step of fingerprinting the web server.I will start by using httprint since were in a HTT (httrack) type post.
Keep in mind I don't have any intentions of actually doing the above this is a exercise in gaining skills.

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