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Yesterday evening images of the PWCS webpage containing an offensive message circulated on social media. Such articles added to the image’s credibility as it was further shared on social media among adults. According to Communications Director Phil Kavits, PWCS found no evidence that the site had actually been hacked and believes the image was a fake. Kavits recognizes that many were upset and concerned about having school opened on Tuesday and the bus accidents that resulted. In support of the Hylton Performing Arts Center’s mission, the Buchanan Partners Art Gallery educates and enriches the Northern Virginia community by providing diverse and visual arts experiences.

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However, the Gawker article does not claim to have taken image directly the PWCS website, and may have discovered it via social media outlets such as Snapchat.
Kavits said that his office was never contacted by any of those media outlets who published stories alleging the hack.

PWCS had already issued an apology, but he also clarified that while the bus incidents are regrettable, no one was injured. He also notes that even in THEVANE’s comment section, one reader even showed how simple it is to create an image, which makes it appear as though the PWCS website had been hacked.

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