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One of the best and popular Linux distro operating system for security researcher and pentester 'Kali Linux' have released a new project called Nexus NetHunter. NetHunter is a Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices built on top of Kali Linux, which includes some special and unique features. The project is specially released by focusing the android platform, for pentesting Android. As like Kali linux, which is an open source and freely available to download, NetHunter is also available for free. USB Y-cable support in the Nethunter kernel – use your OTG cable while still charging your Nexus device! If you are looking to give a try with NetHunter then you can browser to this link for all the installation guidelines.
Kali NetHunter runs within a chroot environment on the Android device so, for example, if you start an SSH server via an Android application, your SSH connection would connect to Android and not Kali Linux.
When configuring payloads, the IP address field is the IP address of the system where you want the shell to return to.

Due to the fact that the Android device is rooted, Kali NetHunter has access to all hardware, allowing you to connect USB devices such as wireless NICs directly to Kali using an OTG cable.
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As I also like and recommend Kali linux for security testing, and thing new project is simply awesome.
NetHunter supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks.

There are two ways discussed by which you can install NetHunter on your Nexus device - Windows and other is Kali Lunx. Depending on your scenario, you may want this address to be something other than the NetHunter. It is initiated by the group of security enthusiastic team, 'Offensive Security' which have made a great effort and contribution into the security field. It is one of the best and most poweful operating system which is featured with more than 100+ of pre-loaded security tools.

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