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Of course, after you publish your website and receive that first dime you will be ecstatic. It's easy to get lots of revenue from a website a€“ simply get lots of visitors and the revenue will follow.
Take this website for example, as of this writing this website has been live for over 500 days and still it receives only about 100 visitors a day. The problem is that you will hear stories of people making thousands of dollars in weeks or months.
By making a quality website your are making a little snowball that you can roll down a hill. My name is Roman and I want to provide you with an honest account of what it takes to make money with a website. At the beginning I did not know anything about websites, SEO, blogs, and how long it takes to make money with a website.

Kids often want to know how to make a website the same as icarly – the website is fun with polls, jokes, uploaded videos from fans, and of course the popular icarly web show.
You’ll need to spend at least a little time working out what each show is going to be about and working out who is going to say what. If you want your own website for the web show (and don’t want to use a platform such as Kidzbop (see above)), then you could try one of the free website platforms.
There is a huge growing trend of people using blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger to build websites quickly – without having any knowledge of HTML or how to make an actual website or page. The first thing to do is actually create a new HTML document that will become our web page. The final step in this tutorial is to add a paragraph of text to introduce your site to the visitor and include an image for them to look at too. And, in case you want to see it live and working in your browser, here is a link to the example.

If you want to share your web design masterpiece, make a name for yourself and get more traffic, sign in now! It helps if the characters of the web show have very different personalities and goals – this can create drama which will help shape each show.
You can have past episodes and featured episodes of your videos – just like a real web show.
Free blogging platforms may have plugins and widgets for you to add all kinds of fun stuff – such as polls and quizzes. Have props around that suit the theme of the show – some bright, cool things and maybe even some weird, zany things!

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