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If you don't have the budget to employ a graphic designer to create invitations that are custom-made, but you don't want to settle for shop-bought ones where you have to hand-write the details on, there are some great cost-effective alternatives. There are some great websites around that will let you create invitations online by choosing a pre-existing design template and making the necessary changes you want in order to personalize it for your own party, birthday, or special occasion.
You don't have to have any design skills or technical knowledge as the sites make it as simple as entering the text you want into different boxes which correspond to different positions on the layout of the invitation. Using websites like these to create invitations can be a very cost-effective way to produce professional looking invitations for a party or birthday. Another great advantage is that you can often upload your own mailing list so that each invitation has a different name printed onto it, or to pre-address the envelopes—saving you lots of time.
Below are a few of my favorite sites to create invitations that I think have some of the best designs. If in doubt, request a sample—most sites will happily send you out a blank sample so you can judge if the paper weight is heavy enough for your needs. A satin (sometimes called silk) finish is less shiny and is a perfect halfway mark between matte and gloss.
You might have to dig a little deep within these sites to find a design that suits your taste.
Alternatively, search each site by the theme of your party or the type of invitation you're looking for (ex, passport, vintage, poster, golden ticket). For example, both the invitations below came from the site mentioned above for Unusal & Themed Invitations by searching for 'vintage' in the invitations section. When I'm organizing a party for a client I'm used to having a graphic designer create invitations so it's fair to say that I have pretty high standards, yet I was pleasantly surprised at how many good designs I found on these type of sites. I especially liked that there were some really good themed designs so you could create invitations in the style of say a passport, telegram, wine bottle label, treasure map, cassette or a Golden Ticket inspired by Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
I recommend using sites like these to create invitations if you don't have a large budget but still want something a little special. Read my party invitation ideas page for extra ways you can personalize these invitations to make them even more special —such as scenting them, or combining with an object or sound chip.
These printed mini cards are a really cheap way of making your own personalized photo invitations (see below right) or for combining with an object to make a 3D invitation (like the snake example above, or these other examples). Just tie them like a tag onto a small object and suddenly you have a much more impressive invitation. For more information about these mini cards USA visitors can click here, alternatively UK visitors see here.
Alternatively, if you don't want to print personlized tags, just hand-write the party details onto decorative shipping tags (like these below) and tie onto the object with string or ribbon. The quality of home printers has improved hugely in recently years, meaning you can now print some pretty decent party invitations out yourself at home.
If you're on a really tight budget you might just want to create invitations online and send via email—without any printing at all. These are some easy and cost effective ways to create invitations for a party, birthday, or special occasion. Although going down the custom made route can cost more, you will have greater flexibility and the opportunity to create even more unusual designs. Matt James is a professional event planner and owner of event agency Left Field Productions, which has produced events for Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Spacey, Stella McCartney, David LaChapelle, John Waters, and Elvis Costello & Diana Krall. If you have your own site or blog, copy and paste the code below to link to this site with the button shown here.
Don’t you just love this homemade invitation?!  After I finished it, I decided that it’s probably one of my favorite bridal shower invitations!  I just love the light colors and the simplicity of the design, paired with the delicate flowers! Then I continued on with the shower details.  I also printed the text in black, but the name in a green that matched the green of the paper. Once you have a good template, trace it onto the white cardstock and cut it out.  The white cardstock should cover the left side of the green print paper to the curved edge.
The last step is an easy one!  Attach the white cardstock to the green print paper using scrapbook mounting squares.  Then just add a couple larger jeweled florettes along the curved edge.
I just love how easy this is to make, and yet how beautiful it looks!  It would work great for any bridal shower, or even a baby shower!

Hi just wondering if these are available to order and what the cost would be for around 30 of them. I have searched high and low for the sage green and white floral paper and can’t find it.
I love the invitation and of course changed the color to match the dress color for my daughters wedding. Please remember that all images used and included on my website are mine and should not be used on any other website or in any shop without my consent.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Beware, though, of accepting the "simple solutions" that can counteract any efforts to green up your dream day, without questioning their efficacy towards your goal. If you are concerned about paper, though, you may want to consider that, at least in the United States, most paper comes from farmed trees, not natural stands of forest (that could just be because, save for the national and state parks, much of the first and even secondary growth trees have been cut down already).
I had thought that a serious "green" organization like Inhabitat wouldn't have fallen prey to the seductive lure paper-bashing under the pretext that we are saving the environment by not sending paper wedding invitations. Most of the fine paper companies our stationery store represents are "environmentalists" in the true sense of the word. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future.
Any content, trademark's, or other material that might be found on this website that is not this site property remains the copyright of its respective owner's. I also had this invitation showcased at The-Stationery-Place, so check out this great website too for all your stationery needs!  She has a great blog that I definitely read daily! That’s it!  Can you believe that you can make something so cute and trendy in such a short amount of time?! Let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear all the ideas you like to use for your invitations too! You can then often choose what shape and size to create invitations (ie flat, folded, postcard), what paper type (satin, matte, metallic, recycled), the paper weight, whether add your own photos to the design, and sometimes even the option to make customized postage stamps. As the basic design is already done, and the website allows you to make changes in real time, you avoid having to use a graphic designer to create something from scratch—which can be quite expensive.
This site has a great choice of really tastefully designed invitations (see below) covering both adult and kid's parties and holiday party invitations. This site has a great selection of really well designed invitations, lots of handmade and vintage options, and some sophisticated die cut (cut to shape) and pop-up invitations - such as the ones below. This site has a great range for all ages, including themed cards and ones that are just elegantly designed. Many of the invitations on this site are more expensive but the quality is quite incredible - with a lot of the designs cut into shapes or featuring 3D elements (such as the gala invitations below right which incorporates a black bow tie!). This site is great for finding more unusually themed invitations (say for an Alice in Wonderland party or a Redneck theme party) which might be harder to find elsewhere.
You get the best of both: the bright, vibrant colors of gloss, with the viewing and handling ease of matte. For example a rustic, natural, earthy party theme such as The Secret Garden will probably suit a matte finish, whereas a colorful 1960's theme might benefit from a satin or gloss finish. The latter would be great to send out to guests tucked inside your favorite chocolate bar for a kid's birthday party. They're a great alternative to pre-printed, shop-bought invitations, and if you choose the design carefully you can still make them really creative. Just think of a small cheap object that represents your theme (ex, a plastic tiara for a princess party, or an eye mask for a superhero party etc). For a selection of decorative tags available for US visitors click here, and for UK visitors see here.
This means that you can create invitations by customizing an existing design online, but instead of paying to have it printed you simply pay to download the finished artwork as an image file which you can then print yourself or take to a local copy shop to print for you. Of course you may decide that you want to invest a little more money in creating some entirely unique, custom made invitations. In the past I've created some really unusual ones including invitations printed onto wood, transparent Perspex, and even elaborate pop-up invitations.

If so, please help me promote this page by sharing it with your friends by hitting the Facebook or Twitter buttons below. Since 2004, Left Field Productions has won 30 industry awards for excellence including Production Company of the Year. Clearly it’s not a free hand drawing so not sure how to get it even by folding in half. Thanks for visiting my blog and shop!  I'm a mom of 3, a wife and I have a passion for invitation design.  I've been creating homemade invitations for all occasions for a long time now and I want to share them with you!  Browse through my site to get ideas and inspirations for your own creations, or let me make them for you! Compensate for the use of invitations while also adding a special touch by sending out plantable invitations.
However, uninformed decisions may just be the result of marketing ploys, so consider all aspects and do your homework. So you might want to consider this site if you're looking to create invitations for a special occasion.
There are also lots of options for cards that can be personalized with one or more photos (such as the 50th Anniversary card below right which includes 4 different photos celebrating the couple's marriage). If you're looking to create invitations for an upmarket adult birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion this site is definitely worth a look.
It's also great for finding vintage style invitations and those that are in the style of something like a passport, boarding pass, newspaper front page,antoque book, telegram, etc.
Of course if your party is very formal or a wedding for example, you might want to consider a higher-weight card. Which finish you choose will determine how smooth or rough the paper feels and how much it will reflect light. It's good for color photographs, but again bear in mind that fingerprints will show up much more which can be a disadvantage for invitations. There are usually hundreds to choose so many probably won't be too your liking, but there are some real gems for every occasion, in there so be sure to have a good browse.
An added bonus is that you can use as many different photos as you want at no extra cost - so you could even have a different photo on every card if you want. This is the best way to save time and paper by sending Eco-friendly online invitations to lovely guests.
As Richard stated, many stationary providers DO manufacture using cotton fiber, so maybe commercial stationary is not so bad? The pro: Your invited guests can stick the piece of paper into the ground, and it will sprout lots of little plants, usually full of colorful flowers. After weighing out my options, I have opted for a local human rights group that provides transitional jobs and skills to women facing trouble obtaining employment, through a recycled paper production enterprise. This finish is probably closest in look and feel to the texture of ordinary paper that you might use in your printer at home and is good for invitations that don't include photos. The snake was then mailed out to guests in a cardboard tube filled with real leaves and twigs.
I figure the paper is 100% recycled, it's local, and it supports a cause (oh yeah, and it's not very pricey). Many business cards and greeting cards come in a matte finish, and it's particularly suited to black and white photos or old sepia images. As the object becomes the main focus you can get away with having a smaller mini card containing all the party details. If you can't trace the materials back to organic sources, cotton doesn't rank very high up on the "eco-meter". This finish is good if you want a soft, natural look—for baby shower invitations for example.
The people you are sending these to might already have a colorful little garden of non-native ornamentals. If your paper provider is local, maybe you could talk to the manufacturer about blending in native seeds.

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