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De beste Website Maker aller tijdenMet MAGIX Website Maker MX kunt u uw website kinderlijk eenvoudig maken en onderhouden helemaal zonder programmeerkennis. De moderne Flash®-technologie maakt het mogelijk unieke dynamische internetsites met animaties en effecten die in elke browser exact worden weergegeven. Dankzij de innovatieve en comfortabele drag & drop-bediening kunnen websites compleet met de muis worden vormgegeven en gepubliceerd. Anders dan bij veel nogal beperkte homepage-bouwdozen op de markt, kunnen websites met Website Maker compleet vrij worden vormgegeven.
Met de website-assistent kunnen zelfs absolute beginners met een paar keer klikken een complete website aanmaken.
Kies uit de sjablonen-catalogus uw persoonlijke favoriet inclusief subpagina's uit diverse thematische gebieden. Schakel voor uw tekstvelden de scrolfunctie in om niet door een enkele wat langere tekst meteen de hele website langer te maken.
Voor het weergeven van uw video's heeft u de beschikking over diverse videospelers met veelzijdige designs (skins). Kies uit een grote selectie van navigatie-ontwerpen, naar keuze horizontaal of verticaal uitgericht. Met de grote keus aan bezoekertellers kunt u laten zien hoeveel bezoekers uw website al had.
Geef bezoekers van uw website de mogelijkheid om via een comfortabel contactformulier, uiteraard met een design van uw keuze, contact op te nemen. U kunt, onafhankelijk van de globale instellingen van uw website, de grootte van bepaalde subpagina's altijd nog apart instellen.
Wanneer u het MAGIX Online Album gebruikt, kunt u heel gemakkelijk uw albums (als mediaspeler) of bepaalde inhoud daaruit op uw website gebruiken. Gebruik indrukwekkende teksteffecten voor uw teksten (vliegend, fade-in, typemachine, etc.) en geef uw website nog meer dynamiek.
Naast het normale gebruik van uw foto's, heeft u ook nog indrukwekkende presentatiemogelijkheden zoals slideshows, fototafels, filmstrips en galeries met vele instelmogelijkheden tot uw beschikking.. Met de nieuwe teksttabellen met uitgebreide ontwerpsjablonen kunt u informatie nog overzichtelijker weergeven.
Met de nieuwe, wiskundig berekende vectorvormen cirkel, rechthoek en ster krijgt u talloze nieuwe mogelijkheden qua vormgeving, van absolute topkwaliteit. Unusually, the program runs as a Flash applet, inside your browser (IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome are supported).
Adding one of these elements to your page is as easy as a quick drag and drop, but then that leads you on to even more customisations. And once you’ve finished, MAGIX Website Maker MX provides more publishing options than the previous edition of the program. The Flash-based interface means this is sometimes harder to use than we'd like, but otherwise MAGIX Website Maker MX provides an easy way to build professional-looking, feature-packed websites in a hurry, no previous web design skills required.
If you're looking for a free Office-compatible suite then there's plenty of choice around, with tools like LibreOffice and offering a host of powerful features.
Emulation is nothing new: as soon as 16-bit computers like the Atari ST or Amiga came on to the scene, coders attempted to emulate their 8-bit forebears like the Spectrum or Commodore 64.

When installing a product from a security company we normally wonder how much it's going to slow our PC down.
SummaryGreat as a learning tool and to play with, but once you get the feel for creating your own website, time to move along to something better. The web design market is packed with tools that promise to help you quickly build a website, even if you’re a design novice.
The cross-platform MAGIX Website Maker 5 takes a different approach, by allowing you to create animated Flash-based sites, which you can then customise with a host of animated and dynamic components: music and video players, photo galleries, contact forms, guestbooks, embedded YouTube videos or Google maps, and many more. The package is still reliant on the quality of its templates, of course, but fortunately these are generally very good. No need to take our word for it, though – just browse the demo site, which includes the lightbox, media player, contact form and other goodies. While you must install a local component before you can use Website Maker, it actually runs in your browser, and this may pose a few compatibility issues (only IE, Firefox 3 and Opera 9 are supported).
Whichever option you choose, you can then customise your work with the program’s sizeable library of Flash components. Once your site is finished then you’ll want to put it online, and here Website Maker 5 is a little different to most of the competition.
MAGIX Website Maker’s excellent templates will get your project off to a speedy and attractive start. Interesting concept, very clean, just make the nintendo logo bigger and the DS is slightly choppy. Met de praktische functie voor afspeellijsten kunt u verschillende video's na elkaar laten afspelen. Foto's kunnen gewoon met drag & drop naar een lijstje worden gesleept en dan passen ze er automatisch in.
Deze mogelijkheid is ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld bewegende reclame-banners en grappige effecten. Otherwise, though, it works much like any other WYSIWYG development tool, and for simple applications at least, is genuinely easy to use. Which can be a problem, actually, as the small thumbnail browser doesn’t let you get a good look at an individual design, so you have to select each one manually.
No problem: MAGIX Website Maker MX also allows you to start with an entirely blank page, then customise the site with all the media management and playback tools, animations and other widgets that you might need. The Text Tables section, say, contains 12 tables which come pre-styled in various ways, and the Text Templates section includes basic page text suitable as an intro for particular site types (Business, Garden, Family and so on). We were forever looking for a tool to help us zoom in and out on the current page, for instance, but there isn’t one, which became a little frustrating. Create dynamic websites using Flash technology: HTML websites on the web often look very similar, are not very interactive and are quite boring.
Immediately deleted it when I saw there was a monthly fee attached if I wanted a professional looking site instead of just a photo album or something equivalent.
You get to choose from more than 150 in total, each of which includes multiple pages and comes with the navigation already built in. Otherwise, though, the program has a rich interface that looks and behaves much like many other website designers.

Beginners will appreciate the Assistant, a wizard that walks you through each step of the design process. Apply them a little more carefully, though, and just about anyone can create an eye-catching site, packed with professional features, suitable for either personal or small business use.
Template, navigation and page management issues mean it’s really only suitable for small sites of just a few pages. But if you're just looking to build a small personal Flash-based site then Website Maker 5 could still be a great choice.
And some of the templates are a little old-fashioned, too, but most categories do have several high quality choices available, so if you’re hoping to produce an impressive-looking site in a hurry then MAGIX Website Maker MX really can deliver. There are multiple ways to present media files: thumbnail galleries, image sliders, film strips, photo tables, media and music players, a YouTube player and more.
You can choose your preferred site template from the excellent selection on offer, each of which comes with all the necessary pages and navigation built in. You get several media and music players, and a host of ways to present your favourite digital photos. So instead of just having a static YouTube player, for instance, you can add a custom animation so that, say, it flies in from the left.
Domain registration and hosting is handled for you, and you can put your site online in just a few clicks, no need to worry about server names, ports, or other FTP complexities – a perfect package for web designer beginners. I thought use the DS's networking capabilities and use it to make a website and upload it to the internet via a nintendo Wifi Connection.
So if you need to construct a site of your own, but don’t have the necessary skills, then one possible alternative is to install a WYSIWYG site construction tool like MAGIX Website Maker MX. You get decorative Flash animations, picture frames, shapes and so on, and Website Maker MX now extends this further with its ability to insert custom HTML code, enabling you to embed almost anything into your pages. The multiple award-winning MAGIX Website Maker 4 is the perfect solution for all web designers, HTML web page owners, Internet agencies, clubs, freelancers and those just starting on their first website. Or, if you know what you’re doing, you can start with a blank page and build a site from scratch.
Website Maker 4 offers a range of design options for animated multimedia web sites which is sure to set your website wide apart from boring run-of-the-mill pages. And you’re able to tweak the colour, opacity, scale and angle of rotation of any component, too. Without prior knowledge, you can create your personal or business Internet presence with impressive animations, effects, interactions and much more in just minutes! Thanks to the new, optimized user interface, you can create high-quality websites even faster.
The optimum enhancement for HTML programs: Use MAGIX Website Maker 4 to improve and expand static HTML websites, community profiles, Ebay shop pages, interactive web elements.
To do so, simply export individual photo and video shows, music jukeboxes, mini-websites, profiles, banner or the entire website using pre-written HTML codes.

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