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12:05 pm November 30, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet14 Share8 +113Shares 35Google has this week announced that it is now possible to publish simple websites directly from their Google Drive cloud storage service.
Using Google Drive it is now possible to insert static web content into a publicly shared folder within your account, allowing you to share the content and files directly to users via file names in a relative path.
The Google Drive website publishing feature also supports JavaScript, and it’s even possible to enable a JavaScript Drive application to run directly from your Google Drive account.
For more information on the new Google Drive website publishing features added this week jump over to the Google Apps Developer Blog for more details and information on how to setup your Google Drive account to support the new feature. Daily Manna is a compendium of daily devotional readings designed to draw the sincere seeker closer to God on a daily basis, through an insightful exposition and compelling analysis of the scriptures. From his deep knowledge of the Bible, Pastor Kumuyi has carefully chosen manageable texts for each day’s reading and meditation. That is why I founded Undefeeted™  to have an impact on that statistic, one foot at a time.
Within the pages of this book, you will find a step by step guide to living in the sweet spot.

Peter Allton is a Podiatrist with 27 years’ experience and is perfectly positioned to write this book having first hand experience of the devastation that diabetes can cause to the feet. El libro de Proverbios es conocido como el libro de la sabiduria y nos ensena como caminar, ofreciendonos la sabiduria, discrecion, prudencia y todo lo necesario para vivir victoriosamente en un mundo oscuro. Este libro esta disenado para usar en una clase, iglesia, seminario, instituto o lugar donde uno desee conocer y crecer mas en el Senor. Secondly, the chosen text is examined in detail and developed with biblical and contemporary illustrations. His ministry spans over four decades and has produced many who are now themselves accomplished teachers of the word. Equally shocking, and yet exciting to me, is the fact that up to 85% of these could have been avoided.
To achieve that, I have to get personal with you on an individual basis and help you apply the principles of Undefeeted™ by helping you live in what I call the Diabetic sweet spot. As someone living with type 2 diabetes himself, his passion to make a difference was further fanned into flame when his daughter aged 11 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

We desire to help you find the resources you need to help promote missions among those you influence.
Thirdly, the lesson is applied to real-life situations to enable readers to receive divine instruction, admonition, counsel, warnings, encouragement and support. He is the clinical director of Circle Podiatry (the UK’s only multi-award winning private Podiatry brand) and the founder of Undefeeted™, launched in October 2014 when he spoke on the same stage as Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone. Finally, a daily thought is provided so that the chosen passage will linger in their mind throughout the day.

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