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We get asked a lot about blogs, what is the point about blogs, do I need a blog, do I really need to write on my blog that often, etc, etc. A blog is essentially a collection of online articles that is (hopefully) updated regularly with new content based around the blog’s market focus such as home remodeling, healthy recipes or your business industry. Blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and a key component of good search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
Blogs are meant to be updated regularly and a preferred schedule is once or twice a week for optimal search engine marketing purposes.
A basic rule for writing a blog is to write it as if you were having a conversation with the person face-to-face at a local coffee shop – casual and simple. Also, always include an introduction or Author Byline that says who you are and why they should consider you an authority on the subject, things like years of experience, titles, awards or things like that will help show them that you mean business and what you say is important. You might be intimidated by having to write a regular blog article, but it’s not as hard as it seems. You probably already started listing things off in your head that you could write about for each one of those themes – jot some notes down NOW!
If you need any help with your search engine marketing or website design - Contact us today! Micahlynn Rivera is a website design and marketing professional living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado. All too often, many business owners fail to realize that establishing a web presence does NOT automatically equate to getting new customers and increasing revenue.

Your business website is SUPPOSED to be your most valuable CSR (customer service representative)! Is your sales team doing everything needed to convert valuable leads into your next client? We take the guessing game out of the equation by inserting a custom digital sales conversion package into your sales funnel.
A full analysis of your current sales structure and procedures along with our ability to create a digital sales funnel for your business is just one way we determine the best strategy for your company’s success. In addition to being a website designer she is also a high altitude organic micro-farmer, Master Gardener (AZ+CO), volunteering enthusiast and all-around modern homesteader living with an awesome boyfriend, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 5 chickens and a very noisy goose. On an informal level, this usually starts with the business owner telling family and friends and getting them to give it a try. One who needs NO sleep and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year representing YOUR business. Similarly, your website should be user-friendly, search-engine-friendly, and device-friendly for it to work well on behalf of your business User-friendly websites give visitors a good first impression along with relevant, easy-to-find information thereby making them want to stick around.
The best salespeople understand that EVERY reason for a buying decision falls into one of two categories - to bring pleasure or to alleviate pain, and they know how to effectively leverage this insight. If it is not fulfilling this purpose then it is nothing more than an expensive online paperweight and THAT is of no benefit to your business. As an owner or sales executive are you comfortable that you have a full grasp over the way your sales team is communicating with your potential customers?

This strategy allows for an automatic sales process that provides you with constant control needed to increase closing percentages. Now that they are aware of you, your well-designed website should funnel them through the rest of the sales funnel steps and help turn them into a loyal customer. If you are going to have a blog, keep it on a regular schedule for optimal results otherwise your traffic driving benefits will be greatly reduced which means you will be losing dozens of sales leads and potential new customers. If these first customers have good experiences, they will likely encourage others to try as well.
Form submissions, newsletter sign-ups, trade show contacts and much more will be instantly inserted into your sales funnel process. However, there are basic principles that have stood the test of time despite the advent of new technologies.
Our marketing research team is guided by these principles in mind as it focuses on finding and testing various marketing techniques.

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