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Pick a niche market to promote eBay products to and create a customized website to drive that traffic to eBay.
Digital Magazines provide authors, writers, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, (and anyone with a passion,) a way to share your knowledge, your content, and your expertise, while accessing audiences across the globe.
There are many digital magazine companies on the Internet today and I’d like to share with you my favorite digital magazine sites. lets you easily publish gorgeous online magazines by curating content on your favorite topic.
Another great benefit of publishing to is that you can automate announcements to a variety of social networks at the same time you are “scooping” something on the Internet.
Become known as an expert on your topic and connect with those who are interested in the topic you publish your ScoopIt publication(s) on. is a content curation service that pulls in content from people you are following or groups you manage, on Twitter. This will provide you with opportunities to build a relationship with contributors, as they will see their name come across Twitter. I’ve had the opportunity to build some incredible relationships with people who write about or are interested in the topic of my publication.
Issuu is a leading digital publishing platform where you can easily upload digital magazines, catalogs, and newspapers.
YUDU offers both a reading library and a marketplace where you can read, buy, and sell your content. With a YUDUplus or YUDUpro accounts you can replace individual pages instead of having to republish. Here’s a simple example of how to add a multimedia component to a YUDUfree publication by adding a hyperlink to an image of a video. It is my recommendation that you begin by setting up a ScoopIt and a PaperLi account as they are easy to set up and simple to automate. I am currently researching platforms to use to Publish a magazine, I have done a print version before now I want to go digital , I am sceptical about paying monthly subscriptions fees to start, I want to start a free version first.
I personally like uberflip – they too have a FREE tool but upgrade to the next level (inexpensive monthly subscription) and you can easily add video, audio, widgets!
Buffer is an extremely popular chrome extension that allows you to schedule your posts to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Andnow, you are suggesting that people start curating their own content to publish digital newspapers.
Our company's traffic generation resources are capable of sending your website several thousands of visitors quickly.
Without you this product would die out, and to say thank you we will be continually supporting and upgrading this product for all licensed users! MeS provides those affiliates a way to create unique eBay store fronts that provide both content and products. Using your software was a bit of a learning curve from using BANS but once I got it it rocks.
In most cases there is a free as well as a premium version to choose from and each is user-friendly. I’ve enjoyed reading some amazing publications on Issuu and when researching to find a fun one to share with you today, I discovered “Guest Blogging for Dummies” which you can read online. If you’d like to see an example, here’s an issue of the Book Marketing Gazette that I uploaded to Issuu. You also have access to many more features, such as the ability to enhance your publications with video, flash and audio.
In this example Joanna Penn shares an audio interview with Steven Lewis on the topic of, How to Get Readers to Buy Your Kindle Book. Did one (or more) of the featured digital magazine sites capture your attention and inspire you to look into publishing your own digital magazine? I recommend the magazines mentioned in this article as they each offer free levels of service. I see this newspapers all the time, and have often wondered how they are created or how the material is curated. What I do is, whenever I find an interesting website or article I want to read, I to my publication and promote it on Facebook if I think the article would be of interest to others. I like it because it picks up from my twitter and I don’t have to physically create it every day. Large database of whois information, DNS, domain names, name servers, IPs, and tools for searching and monitoring domain names.
With your purchase of My eBay Script you have the license to create as many custom eBay Store Fronts as you can.

Become known as an expert in your field and connect with other experts while building relationships.
At this level, if you need to edit your content you can to update the original file then upload your edited publication. Once you set up your publications, share the URL to your profile or publication, in the comments section below, as well as with your subscribers and your followers on the social networks. As interesting as everything sounds, I don’t know if I would necessarily agree that this is a valid option for all who wish to publish the written word.
In my mind, these online magazines are not a substitute for writing one’s own books and blogposts.
I took things a step further and created a Facebook page on the topic of my publication, as you can post your notifications directly to your page! In fact, I think that is how you ended up finding this exact article, as I had scooped it and shared it on Facebook! I find it a great way to keep track of things I find interesting online while providing valuable content for our community. Great way to share your publication while providing relevant content to people on Facebook interested in your topic! The compilation,repackaging, dissemination orother use of this data is expresslyprohibited without prior writtenconsent from us.Wereserve the right to modify these terms at any time. MeS is a set of PHP scripts that allows you the web developer to design your online eBay store anyway you see fit. I hope you keep up with the changes at eBay and continue to provide this awesome portal to eBay products. For me this provides a great way for me to pull together articles that I want to read, in one handy location.
Additionally, my readers appreciate that I locate and curate content that is of great interest to them. Having online magazines also positions one as being connected to that topic and increases credibility.

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