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When it comes to the company website, most small businesses do not spend enough time understanding the technology, resulting in major problems that could have been prevented. We all know when it comes to technology the world is constantly changing and what does not exist today may exist tomorrow. What have been the recent virus attacks on the software they are recommending to build your website? The most proactive approach is to budget for updates on the technology that has been implemented.
Take the time now to find out if you have an update or monitoring package on your website and if you don’t investigate getting one. Jennifer Shaheen, The Technology Therapist®, is an expert at helping business owners harness today’s technology to effectively grow their businesses in the digital marketplace. There seems to be two navigational bars, one horizontally just below the logo, and another vertically on the left side of the page.
In conclusion, logos and typography direct the user in too many different directions and inconsistent type sizes and fonts create no hierarchy. The font-family used for the text is Times, font-size 12px and a reduced letter spacing of 0.025em.
Clicking on some of the links results in an image or picture being displayed on the whole page. In conclusion, this website is a very beautiful piece of work, however it is difficult to make out the text and there is too much wasted screen space.
In conclusion, I do not know if it was the intention of the website creator to make a completely illegible website where the content cannot be read but that is what has happened!
This website has a good colour scheme as I think their target marketing is mostly younger users group, whom concerned about their appearance. It’s very important to remember that you, and you alone, are the owner of your domain and website. Hosting Provider Billing Information: In many cases the domain name registrar and hosting provider may be the same entity. WordPress Administrator Login Information: Lots of people misplace or forget this information.
Create a text file or MSWord document that contains all of the information noted above and store it in a Dropbox folder or some other cloud storage site.
SA Business IndexThe South African Business Index (SABI), which is an independent national networking and business alliance organization, was formed in order to fill a significant gap identified in the networking and communication sector of the business market.
They usually classified the websites based on the website category, and putting the right website within the category, and then get a separate web hosting account for this website.
If you have multiple websites that you create and put them in a separate web hosting account, you probably want to think twice about putting your entire website under a single account. You could find many web hosting providers that allow you to manage two websites or more in one account.
There is a strategy that you could do to get the web hosting provider that allows you to manage multiple websites under one account. Application development of a web hosting provider is the next thing that you should consider.

Also, don’t forget to add the backup ability into the web hosting plan that you choose to make sure that you could backup all of your websites anytime, and preferably doing an automatic backup for your websites daily. No matter what web hosting plan that you choose to handle your multiple websites, make sure that you choose the one that has a good customer support. Too often, small businesses make technology decisions based on the initial price, which can end up being very costly in the long run.
As users we are reminded to update the software on our smart Phones, iPods and desktop software.
She brings over 14 years of top-level experience to the world of online marketing and has empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes to integrate effective digital strategies that boost sales, enhance staff productivity, expand customer base and increase market share. Now whether it really is the Official Site or not is unknown, but it certainly does not look like it! It turns out that the image includes the text and it is simply inserted at the top of the page. Also, type is incorporated as html, gifs and jpegs and uses different fonts, colours, line-height and inconsistent font-sizes which is not clear and simple to read and does nothing for the personality of the site except label it as amateur. As is clear from the image above, the contrast between the content and the background is quite low resulting in text that is hard to read. I actually have no idea as to what its purpose is and I have not read the content as it is so long. I think this site has a good colour scheme because they use the right colours that are relevant to their business concept. Therefore, as I think the company want to represent their website as youthful, fresh, new and bright. And there are some very important things that you absolutely need to take control of in the event that something catastrophic occurs – especially as it may relate to your domain name registration and your website hosting provider. Though you can recover your username and password information easily with your WordPress admin email address, many people misplace or forget that too. These websites could range from the personal website like blog to business website or online store. You need to consider about the cost, uptime, application development, and backup ability of particular web hosting. Uptime of a web hosting provider will show you how long your website will stay online without having any downtime that could impact your website to become inaccessible for your visitors. You want the web hosting account that you have keep updated with the latest scripts, tools, and features to make sure that your websites could stay ahead of other websites. It will minimize the problems that could happen when the server crash and your files got broken or deleted.
Even though this is a small website, with not much content, there seems to be many different typographic styles fighting between themselves to grab the user’s attention.
Already on just one line, the website is repeating itself with two different typography styles.
This image again has two types of fonts in it, one being Lucida Calligraphy and the other a signature. In addition, the text is aligned to the left of the page which is quite annoying to the user seeing as there is so much free screen space in the centre.

When the user clicks on a link, it simply widens out and displays more text within the navigation bar. Thurs, these made the website looks more interesting and eye catching for their target users.
As it looks simple and it does also represent the Japanese culture and their type of business very well.
Set an Outlook reminder a few months in advance with the pertinent username and login information so that you’re prepared. Your hosting provider is the entity that gives you space on their servers where your website files, media and database reside. Most webmasters often use more than one web hosting account to manage these multiple websites. This is a big benefit for you to control all of your websites in a single account, and thus minimize the headache that you experience.
Getting a high uptime web hosting provider will guarantee you to keep your websites online as long as you can.
The more responsive your web hosting provider, the better chance they could fix the problem that may rise in the future. The text displayed is the same colour making it equally as hard to make out against the background, the same size and font and with the same letter spacing. They used back colour as a background, and red and white for the text font, which make it more easy to read and more visible. If your domain name expires, someone else can buy and register it. You never want to be in THAT place.
It may also provide you with email accounts and forwarding, and a host of other services based on your hosting needs. You don’t want to pay a huge sum of cash to control all of your websites in one place. For example, if you decide to build your website on an open source content management system like Joomla than your hosting company will provide the environment, but not the protection for software installed on that environment.
However as the user reads and scrolls down the font-size systematically starts becoming smaller and smaller. Moreover, they used monochrome scheme for the background images as there are dark blue and light lighter blue and also used of gradient to highlight on logo area.
In general, a hosting company is responsible for providing space on a computer that is connected to the World Wide Web and the bandwidth to access your website. In addition, for various paragraphs the font-colour changes to red and then black for others.
The high contrast colour of dark text with lighter background, which makes the text looks more comfortable to read.

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