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If You are a card games lover this is one good site to download free PC Games or if you are a fan of pool games you can download here. The site has some of the best Girl games if you are looking for casual game you can try your hands on Cake Shop, Magic Farm, treasure island for some interesting free gameplay. If you would like to download free popular titles of Android platform for PC here is a website you can download the PC version of Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfer , Plants Vs Zombies 2 and much more.
We are updating this List and adding more websites So that readers can find what they are looking at.
You can download many new PC games like Sniper Elite, Crysis , Far Cry , Pay Day, Need for Speed , Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield , Just Cause , Halo 2 , Splinter Cell, Half life, Counter Strike , Call of Duty , Battlefield 3 , DOTA 2 , Black Ops, Delta Force, GTA San Andreas and many More games for PC with Full version. This is one of the sites which actually do that it promises, If you are looking forward to download very large compressed PC Games this is the best Site for you. You can download Nascar 2015,  Games of Thrones , Grand Theft Auto 5 , Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 3 from the website with ease.
Thanks for reading the article 5 Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games here is a list top 24 PC games for 2014, Also check out 30 Best Games to Play on Low End Gaming PC or Laptop.
I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? The following list of free PC game websites contains some of the best online resources and websites that are dedicated to freeware and free PC games.
Most games that are available are also in their original format and not compatible with most recent versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 so in order to play any of these you will need to download and install a DOS emulator such as DOSBox. Today, many people prefer computer games, because they can be played anywhere: at home, on the road, on vacation, on coffee breaks and so on, as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or just mobile phone. All the games are accompanied by a detailed description and explanation of how the game should be played.
Reloaded is a free computer game site that is dedicated to remakes of classic and retro style video games and a community of freeware games made by users.

Other categories include Car Games, sports games, action games, adventure Games & girl games.
The New websites also offers some additional free Latest PC games to be downloaded in highly compressed versions. The servers are pretty good and offer download speed over 1 MBPS at times, however some times take longer to download if there is more load on server.
Some of the sites listed are solely dedicated to freeware games, which offer downloads to freeware and abandonware games while other sites offer a mix of online flash or browser based games in addition to downloadable games. The new site has a dedicated forums to talk about gaming, user reviews, commenting and much more.
Many of the games hosted here are abandonware, meaning they are not currently available for sale but they are also no longer being supported by the original creator. Games are some of the oldest and most preferred activities, because they entertain us, they help develop our way of thinking and can be very pleasing.
Desktop games are particularly preferred, especially those you can play online, because all you need is access to the Internet. You may not even know what types of games you like best until you visit this website and try some of their activities, whether it’s building and defending a village or racing on a motorbike in the competition of your life. The designs are beautiful and complex and allow you to enjoy a few great minutes of entertainment and fun. The site's home page lists the 10 latest games that have been added to the sitew the description, genre and size information. Planet freeplay has 1340 freeware games, 160 online games, making a Total of 1500 free games. The Layout and navigation of Reloaded is very nice with screenshots and descriptions of all the games listed on its site. You can actually download the GTA 5 PC version of 58 GB from this sites high speed servers which allows a single file download of such large games.

Whether played alone or together with others, any type of game is great, and at any age too, because they stimulate our imagination, creativity and intelligence. For instance, the League of Legends is just what you need if you are looking to battle someone. Thus, you can enjoy playing strategy games, sports games, shooting games, physics games, car, action, defense and girl games. These games are a great way to take a break from work, especially if you deal with computers, because all you have to do is open a new window in your browser and choose the next game you’d like to play. Each individual game page includes a rating for the game, the game specs, and even a screenshot and then to top it off with a brief description. They have a large selection of games to choose from with ratings on all of them from users and the staff and a short discription with a photo. The reviews and ratings are a great guide but most people like to play them and find out for them selfs what the quality of the game is.
Planet freeplay has all kinds of freeware games to choose from so im sure you will find something that you like here. With the right lolskin, you can intimidate your opponents, gain bonuses and even win the competition. Because it is an online game, you may rest assure that there are plenty of opponents to battle with.

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