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The Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) are partnering to present the Westpac Auckland Business Awards in 2014.  Entering the prestigious Westpac Auckland Business Awards – West 2014, gives companies the chance to benchmark their processes with the most successful businesses across all of Auckland, and to showcase their business to potential clients.
Alternatively, you can nominate a business that you believe deserves to be recognised, with the official nomination form.  Join us in bringing outstanding Auckland businesses into the limelight to be recognised, rewarded, supported and applauded for their achievements.
CEO, Gail Kelly, led 1,000 Westpac staff (all in pink t-shirts) to Martin Place, Sydney to assist in the launch of Register4 achieving excellent media coverage. Most recently, Gail Kelly with her daughter Anne and Sarah Murdoch with her mother Carol ‘put up their hands’ to find a cure by placing the final pink painted hand prints in a specially built white room filled with thousands of handprints from Westpac female employees. Image – NBCF Patron, Sarah Murdoch, NBCF CEO Carole Renouf and Westpac CEO, Gail Kelly at the ‘Pink Hand installation’.
On Wednesday, 3rd October and Thursday 4th October, women of Westpac were invited to “put up their hands” for a future free from breast cancer by leaving a pink hand print in a specially built white room along with their children and family.
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As a member of Register4’s Women’s Advisory Network, Larke Riemer, Director, Women’s Markets at Westpac and the team at Westpac have created some innovative ways of telling the Register4 message achieving many fantastic results for Register4. Customers also heard the message via Westpac ATMs, through their website, social media and inbranch. Over 2,000 people have joined Register4 after hearing about the initiative through Westpac.
The structure was unveiled on Friday, 5th October 2012 with breast cancer survivors from around Australia, Gail Kelly and Sarah Murdoch placing the final handprints on the structure.
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On the first anniversary, based on a Japanese custom which believes folding 1,000 origami paper cranes will make a wish come true, NBCF and Westpac unveiled more than 8,000 pink paper cranes representing a wish for each female staff member within the Westpac Retail and Business Bank to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Cross enterprise data insights allow information to be shared across the organizations to better deliver solutions in changing business strategies. Leadership individuals that can delivery results from the information gained and analyze data analytics are strong in demand. A collection of top Australian company logos of businesses impacted by these technological changes are listed below.

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