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This sweet young girl did something so special for a stranger and her story will totally melt your heart. These inspirational masterpieces are created by Gavin Aung Than, a freelance illustrator from Australia. Great quotes put together with awesome pictures make a really good job of inspiring and motivating.
He may rock a Justin Bieber haircut and have to sit through 11th grade biology class, but teen book critic Robby Auld can certainly hold his own when it comes to the book world.
In the last year he's gone from penning a blog he thought no one was reading to interviewing writers including Emma Straub, and reviewing some of this spring's hottest books such as Jessica Keener's Night Swim. New York Times bestselling author Caroline Leavitt claims, "Robbie Auld is a very old soul in a young body. Los Angeles Times bestselling author Brad Listi adds to that, explaining, "He's unusually insightful and articulate and well read--mind-blowingly so for someone his age.
Robby Auld came onto my radar when he reviewed my book for The Nervous Breakdown, writing one of the most thoughtful assessments of my memoir to date.
Claire Bidwell Smith: Can you walk us through the process of how you went from being a regular teen with a little blog about books, to a bonafide book critic interviewing established people such as Emma Straub and Jennifer Gooch Hummer, and publishing your reviews on literary websites?
RA: I read because I'm looking for more substance than Facebook or video games will ever provide. I'm not sure where my love of reading comes from; my parents, my daycare provider, people I will never remember.
CBS: I think most people would assume you would review YA books, but instead you've been writing about everything from Guns, Germs and Steel to The Year of Magical Thinking. Caroline Leavitt has sent a lot of great writers my way (Jennifer Gooch Hummer, Jessica Keener, etc.). One purpose of a review is to encourage a reader to either run frantically to their nearest bookstore and purchase a copy or steer clear of it and erase any recollection from their memory; the second one occurs less often. RA: As I wrote above, I got my start reviewing YA and conversing with other YA readers and writers. If a writer is writing YA, that doesn't mean they are trapped in their teenage years reliving endless trauma. After the Publishers Weekly interview went up and I began reviewing for The Nervous Breakdown, it became more public. He takes stories and quotes of famous people and draws cartoons that make you smile and think deeply at the same time.
Afterwards I couldn't help wanting to know more about the kid who cracked the literary scene. Brad Listi, the editor of [online literary magazine] The Nervous Breakdown, contacted me about reviewing books for the website after I requested a review copy of Lenore Zion's My Dead Pets Are Interesting (published by TNB Books) and did an interview with her.

What I find fascinating about Facebook is how superficial each interaction seems to be, but also how poetic. For me, a good review is one that is accessible while still digging beneath the surface of the book being profiled.
If a reader is reading YA, it doesn't mean they're still stuck leaning against their shoddy school locker watching their future husband kiss the wrong girl.
I was in Philadelphia not too long ago and bought a few books at a tiny shop, but that was the first time in weeks.
I wake up at 5 every morning and, if I don't have a test to study for or other assignments to finish, I make a pot of coffee and read. I think he could have a great career in publishing, whether as a writer or a critic or an editor, or all of the above.
I remember telling a friend of mine in Biology freshman year that I had a blog, and showing it to her, and feeling protective. It's probable that my friends have always read my blog but didn't tell me, because they knew it would affect my approach. I'm making my way through it slowly because I know there's a lot there, within each line, and I want to be attentive to every opportunity. They are full of funny words, smart hints, wonderful expressions and they talk about everything: love, relationship, things, well, in general ita€™s all about life and the way it can be seen. When I try to create a timeline for this process, I usually end up blushing and sobbing and hugging my bookshelves. Where does it come from, and were there any outside influences that encouraged your love of words? I invest profundity into Facebook because I want the superficial interaction, but it isn't always enough. And there are still a few YA writers who I will always read, because they defy the genre instead of defining it and I think they're the ones who are doing something special. In my own reviews, I attempt to create an intimacy, or transfer it from the pages of whichever book to the review itself. One struggle I happen to love when it comes to reviewing is incorporating the inconsistencies of a book into a positive review. I've read that Jonathan Franzen is not very fond of Michiko Kakutani, but maybe I'll be an unhealthy balance of the two. When my mother took me to a Caroline Leavitt signing in Waltham last year, she talked about me briefly during her reading, which is still one of the best moments of my brief life. And it can be a good idea to make some of them yourself and give to your beloved ones, your friends or family.Enjoy! In either case, yes, this is pretty good growth for 16 yo and you are right at the age when you could get a lot of new coverage.

It's nice to have both, to go from the depths of a book into the depths of Facebook, if it exists. I have read nearly everything by Sarah Dessen, Sarra Manning, Deb Caletti, and a few others.
It's important to briefly discuss plot, so that any casual reader can finish the review and know what the book is about. A bad book review is a rewritten summary and not much else, or one that only brings up a book's shortcomings but does not explain where they come from or why they don't work or the effect they have on the rest of the book.
Of the fiction and poetry I spend most of my time reading, it is commentary on the current world.
Many Young Adult books are so brilliant that they put a stop to the isolation of adolescence, or contribute to the end.
For a few years, I spent all of my parents' money on books, and I have nearly 100 that I still haven't gotten to. I often have to turn my camera off when talking to someone, because I end up staring at myself instead. A great review incorporates all of this, insight and intimacy and personal connection, praise and criticism, conversation.
Now, though, I spend my own money taking trains into Boston so I can meet the writers of these books I'm loving and hug them, give them a weak handshake.
Those seem to be reserved for English class, though, and for the time being, that is where I will leave them. Within any genre, there is a formula, which will ensure success but not always satisfaction. Those were commentary of the world they were written in, and it's interesting to see how that relates to the present. I'm sure there are exceptions within both the Paranormal genre and the entire Young Adult genre, but I wanted to move on. I volunteered at the Spirit of '76 Bookstore in Marblehead, Massachusetts sporadically for a year or two, which significantly contributed to my confidence in myself as a reviewer.
Of what I've read that wasn't first published within my lifetime, I love Fitzgerald the most. The manager of that bookstore, Hilary Emerson Lay, really got the ball rolling for my Publishers Weekly interview last fall.

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