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Cancer man and Aquarius woman is pair of water and air thus they will need to compromise, to be with each other.
Aquarius woman likes analyzing things and she would like to study cancer man for his mysterious personality. Cancer man and Aquarius woman both will need to co-operate to be together otherwise this relationship may not hold true for them. Cancer and Aquarius – Know thy Partner!Dear Cancer and Aquarius, For personalized and accurate prediction of your relationship, Click here to get astrology compatibility report!
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In the west, Aquarius has long been established as the water carrier and those born between 20th of January and the 18th of February come under this star sign. Typical Aquarians are renowned for these calm and poise but many also have strong faith in God and an appreciation of the world around them. Letters and script tattoos are also popular choices with Aquarius tattoos for guys as these can be simple or complex depending on the style and size of font chosen. Aquarius woman brings new ideas to entertain Cancer man while cancer man shows his funny nature and entertains her.
While astrological signs are more commonly represented by women rather than men, Aquarius is actually the only sign depicted with a male character.
These traits can be portrayed with some great Aquarius tattoos for guys particularly in the traditional Aquarian colors of green and blue. These help the straight talking Aquarius get his point across but also look bang on trend too.

In each other’s company Cancer man learns to accept new things while Aquarius woman starts understanding the meaning of love.
He likes the intelligence of Aquarius woman but her carelessness in relationship hurts Cancer man. This may be why Aquarius tattoos for guys are one of the most popular zodiac images for any man who wants to choose his star sign to convey his inner characteristics.
However, these designs look good in other colors too and it is the image itself that should be of most importance to you. However, if this appeals to you it is important to find a skilled tattooist who has experience in various lettering designs. Cancer man often has tendency to recall his past memories which can irritate Aquarius woman. On its own, the glyph for Aquarius is quite an exquisite piece of artwork that looks good as a stand alone tattoo or accompanied by related imagery.
There are many options available for zodiac tattoos but it is important to do adequate research to ensure you find one that works well with your personality but also looks good.
She may not show much emotions as those are strictly reserved for special person in her life. Aquarius woman likes to discover new things while Cancer man is possessive about his things.
He has kind way of explaining his opinion to Aquarius woman but she may take it as an order and refuse to do so.
He will need to understand that Aquarius woman is not meant to follow any rules while she should try to concentrate on their relationship rather than other things.

It is perfect for those who love the ocean as it signifies two wavy horizontal lines parallel to each other conjuring tranquil and soothing images of the seashore. Selecting a design wisely will ensure you do not regret your tattoo somewhere down the line. She is never afraid of experimenting while Cancer man is careful while trying anything new.
It is well known that Aquarians love their environment, so it is therefore unsurprising that they have a special affinity with plants. Cancer man is fairly economical but Aquarius woman may not hesitate to spend money on her interests.
It is perhaps for this reason that many choose to combine elements of nature into the designs with flowers or floral plants like dandelions, orchids and the exotic bird of paradise. In relationship, she will be good supporter for her lover but committing may be the problem in front of her. All of these will liven up the original zodiac tattoo and make the design more unique to the individual.

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