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Instead of making your Gemini girlfriend jealous, why don’t you just work on your own jealousy issues? Laura,After reading your post, I can only reach one conclusion that I better NEVER get involved with a Gemini. Cancer man,So you want to make your flirtatious Gemini girlfriend jealous, then I suggest you do the same.
BUT I think you should not do that and just talk to her and see if she is doing it because she is a flirt or because she is looking for some attention that she might be lacking in your relationship. Hey people, I am a Gem girl dating a Cancer man, and all I can say is that our relationship is perfect!
Hi Gem Girl, maybe you think your relationship is perfect, you can flirt and he understands.
I am a gemini girl and i LOVE to flirt -it has nothing to do with the person that I am romantically involved with.
Well, geminis are not flirty, they just like to talk with different kind of people which includes both guys and girls, and if those people are guys then obviously you will feel insecure and jealous. The insecurity is so extreme on her part that she conjures up irrational ideas and reasons to be angry every time something doesn’t go her way, and then proceeds to manipulate and play guilt trips. She is a pretty dysfunctional person, to say the least… not that all Cancers are, but (and this goes for my kind too ?? ) there can be a tendency to let insecurities take you and your loved ones for an emotional roller coaster ride. That’s my 2 or 3 cents on the Can-Gem love dynamics, tho it goes for any relationship.
I don’t think you can stop your Gemini woman from flirting especially if the relationship had just begun coz her feeling is not yet progressing.
I have a Gemini stellium in the 12th house – Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mecury and the Ascendant. One thing you do not want to do is play emotional games with a Gemini, you have to be pretty adept at this and believe me, it is not easy to try and get one over on a Gem, no matter how smart and accomplished you think you are (Im a Gem and even I learned this the hard way). Breadtalk said it best “show CONSISTENT care, passion and love to her for she wants to see how true your feelings are to her. I dont think there is any other astrological sign that is as intuitive and ruthless as a Gemini except maybe Scorpio. I am a gemini girl, its not that we flirt, its that we are great conversationalist we love to share and hear other people view on every and anything.

One great match I’ve noticed a lot are Scorpio women and Cancer men, what a great team! So true that one must look upon his own problem and insecurities before focusing on other people’s issue.
Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity. Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter? And trying to make a Gem stop flirting is like telling a car it’s not supposed to drive. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. It still drives me a little crazy, but it’s also taught me self-sufficiency and the value of emotional flexibility. But if there’s enough maturity and tolerance, both Cancer and Gemini could very well learn to love and accept one another as very different people. He knows I like to flirt but he also knows that its very inocent and I don’t want to hurt him in any ways because I love him. Love her for her and don’t jump to negative conclusions or try to manipulate a desired response out of her to satiate your insecurity, or you surely will push her away. However, you should show CONSISTENT care, passion and love to her for she wants to see how true your feelings are to her. If a Gem has been hurt previously, they will be highly sensitive to it and they will know just where your games are coming from and how. Feeling emotions deeply is scary for them but once they develop trust for you and are able to trust your love for them, they can be the most loving and loyal people you could imagine and they will begin to be open with it – dont take advantage of it because they will detach from you in a heartbeat. But thats another story, my last long term relationship with a Scorpio was definitely my last relationship with a Scorpio!
If he does not voice his opinion on her constant flirting, he is waiting for a golden opportunity to strike back.
If your girlfriend flirts around and greatly affects you, you must assess yourself first and see why does it greatly affect you. If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.

When we flirt, we don’t go all the way, we just like flirty conversations with people because this is stimulating our brains.
And Lol i have seen what the people are saying that if shes doing this then you should do the same, i just want to tell you one thing that if you will do the same thing( i mean flirting) then believe you me she will SURELY leave you. Geminis indeed have excellent communication skills thats for sure.Lets analyse the real problem here. Flirting is a fancy for them, if they are serious about you then they look at flirting as a battle of wits (notice how bored they get when the person they are flirting with starts to get taken in by it).
He may try to get her jealous, manipulate a situation, sleep with one of her friends, or just simply terminate the relationship.
And im sorry to say atleast she is talking to guys or her freinds or whoever they are in front of YOU, i have seen so many Girls flirting with other guys when their boyfreinds leave them only for 15 minutes or cheat on them when they don’t see their guys for a week or so.
So if you plan on trying to make one jealous, be really sure you know what you’re doing because once the damage is done a Gem can walk away and not give you a second thought.
This Water sign desires security, and with your planets of needs and affection here, you want to be coddled. You don’t feel you belong, and this insecurity only fuels your desire to cling to your relationship.
However most men seems to be very attracted to gemini women since we are very intelligent, down to earth and we can be their best buddy. Being a long term guy, flirting to cancerian are like the initial stages of ultimately falling in love and perhaps getting married some day. If a Gemini female is flirting with a man she is either bored, trying out her latest new vocabulary addition, or playing with you or testing you (but only if you have played with or tested her). Thats what Geminis dont seem to understand why Cancerians are insecure of their partner flirting. To Cancer male, it means their partners are looking for new options and the relationship he is in, is terminal.

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